What difference does it really make whether the Saturn hit a tree or a Giraffe…!

Is this going to solve the case…?

Will conclusively determining this factor actually lead to any further clues which would supply information to bring a resolution to this case…?

Will the contents of the gas tank in the Saturn provide further information that would lead to a resolution in the case…?

Feb 9th will be 19 years since the disappearance and if and when the 2 above issues are answered it is my personal belief that neither one will produce one iota of usable content in determining anything that we don’t already know and definitely will not bring forth any great revelations.

But Joe Anderson continues on Reddit pushing the tree and fuel tank issues.

The continuous regurgitating of this info only feeds the newbies to the case.

If you read my blog post I think you will get my take on the tree issue.