April 2022

Joseph Anderson – Excuses are a Sign of Weakness

Joseph Anderson stated months ago that he was going to subpoena information from Twitter about certain accounts. He also stated that he had filed the subpoena through the Grafton County Superior Court. He also stated that that was rejected because it had to be filed in person.

So after this Joseph stated that he had to drive to Grafton County Superior Court in Haverhill New Hampshire to file the document. He also stated that he did indeed drive to the Grafton County Superior Court to file said document and was told that he could not do that. He had to have it served to Twitter himself and then it would be added into the documents pertaining to the civil lawsuit he is pursuing against me in the Grafton County Superior Court. He also stated that he had the document notarized in a building next to the courthouse.

Joseph has been promising to produce this notarized subpoena to prove that it was actually executed but to this day that document has not been produced and every time he says he will produce it there is an excuse of why he cannot put forth the document which he States has been notarized.

So……. What is the deal with this document and why is he playing this game about showing myself and the community the notarized subpoena to Twitter…?

And another question that should be asked of Joseph Anderson is why he is ignoring the fact that my counterclaim has been dismissed because of his motion to dismiss my counterclaim…?

if you notice in the document from the court it states that the motion was granted.

Why is Joseph denying the fact that my counterclaim has been dismissed…?

And considering that Joe Anderson believes that he has won the summary judgment because of the fact that I defaulted on answering the summary judgment. Does that not mean that he has actually won the suit and that this case should be judged upon by the court and the lawsuit would then be over.

A default judgment does not constitute a guilty verdict….. It just means that the summary judgment was not answered. But it has no bearing on guilt.

It sure seems like this is being drawn out a long time and as we will know Joe likes to prolong things, so what is his actual motive behind his actions.

Below is an email from Joe on April 18th

On Mon, Apr 18, 2022 at 11:04 AM Fulk Stop <fulkstop0000@> wrote:
File my motion to compel, Bron. Everything is on my older laptop and believe it or not John’s case isn’t my top priority. I DO have other things going on in my life. You will see it when it you see it. I gave myself a self-imposed deadline of tomorrow, if that doesn’t work for you, I’ll push it back tl Wednesday. I’m not going to be pressured into rushing the motion. Sorry. 
Let’s not forget, I already won Summary Judgment. 
I filed my Motion to Dismiss John’s Counterclaim right after I won Summary Judgment, and the Court hasn’t ruled on that yet. So I have a Motion that I filed months ago that hasn’t been decided. 
Every step along the way in this process, there’s been pressure on me. I already won the case, so the ips are just EXTRA  evidence I’m gathering to show people it’s John. 
So you’ll get it when you get it. I have other things going on right now. I said tomorrow I will file my Motion, but where the Court hasn’t even acted on my Motion to Dismiss yet — after MONTHS — it may be months to hear anything on this. 
John can verify I filed my Motion to Dismiss months ago. 
So be patient, or don’t. I’ll still continue with it, and you will get the ips, whether or not you keep pressuring me. 
These things take time. 

There is a lot more than meets the eye behind the whole Joseph Anderson and Jourdan Foust aka Bonnie and Clyde duo.

And now it seems as though Joseph Anderson has jumped in the ring with Jim Connolly on Reddit as a tag team against me.

This Speaks For Itself ~ Letter to FBI from Deez aka Jourdan F.

Dear FBI- attention George Alvarez and the Agent I spoke with in the Akron FBI office (I cannot remember his name):

 The man responsible for sending multiple threats, John Everett Smith, birthdate July 3rd whatever year he’s like 63, 64 of, Union St., Littleton, NH. Is at it again, or more appropriately, hasn’t stopped, appears to be escalating.

 He is a former Littleton Police Officer from 1981-1981, when he was allowed to resign for use of excessive force (if I recall correctly.)

 Also if you have trouble locating him, he became a New Hampshire League of Investigator PI, at the behest of Fred Murray circa 04-06? To investigate his daughter, Maura Murray’s, abnormal disappearance, 18 years ago 2/9/04 from Woodville, NH (Haverhill PD).

 John, although being a licensed PI, worked the Murray case solely, free of charge. And, although letting his license lapse in 2010ish? And going on disability for unknown reasons, he remains a daily active poster, as he has since 2004, on multiple social media platforms. 

 He is John TruthSeeker on reddit. He is Detective Columbo on Websleuths or topix or tapatalk or all of them.

 Most recently on Twitter as BizArtZamySt1 formerly @Truth Seeker Investigations oh that’s his email, his former Twitter @jwolfman53..

 Another way you can find him, is by searching the NH Superior Civil Court records. He recently lost a defamation lawsuit brought by Joseph Anderson of Massachusetts, long story short John impersonated Anderson and amongst other disturbing emails, THIS IS WHERE THE ST. JOHNS BOMB THREAT COMES IN!! Detailed his murder of Maura Murray. John did not contest any allegations in the 100 allegations he could have contested.

 Now. If John Smith aliases, TrollAssassin and Dan Weidmann (@protonmail) had ceased his threats and harassment of targeted members of the community, I would not be writing you, the FBI, about the fear for my safety.

 I am the one who submitted an anonymous tip concerning John’s threats to murder every police officer in St. John’s NB Canada, blowing up the police department there, before he decapitates a youtuber’s (Armchair Detective, real name Eric Collins) son and rape Eric’s ex-wife with said decapitated head, I think he said he’d kill Eric at the end, it’s hard to keep track.

Eric lives in the same city as the targeted PD and John has been tormenting him for 6 years.

 Now, the Akron FBI agent I spoke with multiple times assured me if I received threats to report them and they’d be addressed. Surprisingly I have received threats! I have reported said threats! I see the FBI tagged on these email chains and yet nothing.

 I am forwarding you a seemingly innocuous interaction between Joseph Anderson and John Smith, where Joe is explaining I need a break, but he will keep John updated on the IP addresses he has subpoenaed through winning the lawsuit.

 What I see in John’s response concerns me greatly.

 I believe he is responsible or at the very very least aware of the reason behind so many missing people in New England, not to mention the ones who have been discovered, usually off the highway, in the woods, in ponds, almost always dismembered, deaths usually determined stabbing/strangulation/blunt force trauma.

 John’s brother discovered the decomposed dismembered body of missing women Pamela Webb, off the side of a highway in Franconia, NH.

 John also has a blog, he’s taken it down, it’s archived. He’s stated he believes whoever killed Molly Bish is most likely responsible for the murder of Holly Piirainen and he connected these to a third, Abigail Hernandez, Maura Murray, Brianna Maitland.. TRISH HAYNES I recall now there’s SO many. 

 Trish Haynes missing woman found dismembered in a washer/dryer combo at the bottom of a pond I get it shit happens, sickos, what I DON’T GET is, according to a newspaper article where her family was interviewed, they were asked by the New Hampshire State Police, when her body was eventually identified.. “Can you keep a secret?” 

 I feel that is so absurd is has to be made up, but I don’t see any denials, so..


CHIEF WILLIAMS WHO TF EVER, Haverhill ’04 can get reassigned and make his way to DC and it’s all well and good, EXCEPT.. this is the important part, these cases, they’re unsolved, they’re attempted to kept secret and, here’s the kicker,  PEOPLE KEEP DISAPPEARING.. weird.

 I’m no FBI agent or anything, but when Hannah Hubbard disappears under suspicious circumstances from Littleton, NH and is labeled a “runaway,” when Brianna Beams skeletal remains are discovered in a quote SERIAL KILLER DUMPING GROUND and I see the same cases in clusters in different parts of the country example PA FL TN LA and I know as fact that although John Smith calls himself a “lifelong New Hampshire native” he had lived in Florida and Louisiana and doesn’t denied when asked, I know something MAY BE OFF HERE.

 I have also read the NYT article from 2006 about the million dollar trafficking ring run through the St. Regis Mohawk Reservation, straddling NY-Canada border at the Vermont line. That a man named John Oakes indicated and imprisoned on trafficking charges, was mentioned in correspondence between Helena Murray and Beth Larson in 2004 that he needed looked into. I am SURE it’s coincidence he resided in Woodsville in ’04. John Oakes has a very sick brother Paul Oakes, known to upduct women stranded on the highway, Vermont NH border mainly, cops used to set up bait cars try and catch him.

 If you haven’t stopped reading by now, then what I am attempting to express that the reason anyone, be they journalist, or random poster, is run off from the Maura Murray case and in fear for there lives, with good reason, people have been stalked, suspicious deaths linked, as well as suicides. I believe Beth Larson was blackmailed, she committed suicide, there is a favorite troll account John Smith uses called “Pomkik” he makes disturbing videos, just made another one couple days ago, I don’t have time to find it, you already have it, look at Eric Collins 10 emails a day he includes you on, anyways RayKelv is an alias just Google the fucking blog.

 There is a video, I believe of Beth Larson, singing karaoke. There is another video, I believe of Beth Larson, participating in a BDSM electroshock session. 

 John Smith is not capable of creating all the disinformation, no one person is. It’s what you people refer to as an organized criminal enterprise specializing in intercontinental trafficking. 

 I call them motorcycle gangs, specializing in intimidation and doing the dirty work of others, for example the Mafia, mix in some sick perverts and a copycat killer or two add LE incompetence and corruption stir in the Indians autonomous land and paid disinformation trolls and you have a formula that shows Money over Justice. For shame.

 Sarah Alfieri a friend of Maura’s one of the last people to see Maura alive, doesn’t talk, people think she’s scared, I know her daddy is in the Mafia, there’s an article written about him. I know John Smith talks about NH being a dumping ground for mob victims, I know John Smiths brother owned an excavation company?? Something to do with the mountains. I know John Smith was a snow plower in 2004, I know John Smiths alibi for 2/9/04, according to him is “I dunno think I was home, sleeping probably, don’t remember..” as a layman even I know that means he has no alibi. I know Fred Murray has multiple reports of abusing his daughters, from different unrelated sources, different years. I also know that Fred Murray stopped at 8 different ATMs on his way to UMASS to visit Maura the weekend before the Monday she disappeared. TECHNICALLY Fred, was the last confirmed person to see Maura Alive.

I KNOW KATHLEEN MURRAY KNEW MORE AND HER SECRETS DIED WITH HER IN VERMONT AT THE CANADIAN BORDER. premature death, cancer, drug and alcohol addict. I know she lived with Saint Francis, that’s a person, not a church..

Maura said her Saturn didn’t drive well, Fred came to town with a brand new car. Maura totaled it. On purpose imo. If you talk to former track teammate, Podcaster, and the only person Fred will allow to interview him, has said privately (as she is very protective of Fred) that the night Maura totaled his car (Sunday morning) when Maura went back to his motel “He [Fred] really, Really yelled at her, he feels bad and blames himself for Maura leaving.”

What I know hear is “I don’t wanna go on this run my Saturn doesn’t work,”

No problem use this new car,

“oops I totaled it,”

 *punch in the eye, get your fucking ass in that Saturn it drives I’ll show you.

The last known ping on Maura’s cell phone was Londonderry, NH. I assume this was after the ATM stills that took 15 years to release, but I don’t know as fact. 

People say the scene was staged, people get very angry, the locals, the eye witnesses changed their documented original statements after being interviewed by Fred Murray, John Smith and Scott Wahl. Scott another suspicious intimidating person, federally indicted for masturbating to pictures of Maura on the anniversary of her disappearance, no not for that that’s sick not illegal, it was interspersed with viewing child pornography, read the indictment titles such as “gang bang of 13 year old” “vaginal insertation of object into prepubescent girl.” Now, naturally Scott’s charges were dropped, as the FBI failed to get to his laptop on route from Florida before him, Scott was then able to take the hardware out of computer and fuck with the ports so NOTHING could be recovered. Oh and an FBI agent who was part of the Wahl raid ended up committing suicide as he had child pornography on HIS computer. Truth is stranger than fiction amirite guys??

This will be the last correspondence to you from me. Do you know how to use the wayback machine? It’s a website that archives posts. I ask because although you are the FBI, the Agent who called me frantically trying to find the tip I sent him, had to be told to clear his cache and refresh.. still nothing? OK did you CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Spoiler, spam folder. I have pictures of art John Smith posted on Twitter during the search for Trish Haynes. I believe he put a photo of her standing next to him in the center of this art. Followed by cryptic “tick tock running out of time” tweets accompanied by gifs of the game operation. @BizArtZamySt1 its archived, find it. I’ll look for it and send it to Trish Haynes family. What LE did to them was disgusting and when LE acts more inappropriately than the criminals, it’s time to say something. 

You already have all of this information read Eric Collins emails.. read the screenshots he posts, that’s the key.

It’s my belief John is tired, whether he gets his hands dirty or is just a cog, he’s more brilliant than you and he is telling on himself. 



I do not care if you read this and think it’s another crazy email from one of those looney toons. 

I do not care if I am wrong about my assumptions or what you think of me.

What I’ve stated is factual and can be verified. 

I will be expecting a call from either the Akron FBI or Agent George Alvarez out of NY, directly handling this case, by Monday addressing that this has been received, being taken seriously and reassurance I am protected as was promised by you, the FBI.

I will be forwarding this email to the Department of Homeland Security as they became involved since it was a threat to Canada. I will also be forwarding this to other state FBI and state agencies I believe have connected cases. Not surprising Florida and Pennsylvania are top of the list. Followed by the Carolinas and Tennessee. 

I considered Vermont, but as they seem as complicit as NH I don’t feel safe. Maine will be receiving this email. Not Massachusetts I don’t feel safe the Boston FBI knowing about this, considering their questionable ties to notable gangsters, but Rhode Island and Connecticut as well. Fuck it I’d send it to the US Marshalls and ATF, but again not greatest track record with keeping business and pleasure separate. 

As I am not anti-government nor am I a conspiracy theorist. So I am well aware it is possible for you to root out the cancer that’s infested your agencies.

Lastly, and unfortunately I am not the first person, probably not last either to say these words from someone involved in the Maura Murray case: 


There’s another, Daniel Jackson II of Lydon, VT. He is known John associate. Goes by BootlegPass on reddit. You guys actually already have the emails containing not so veiled threats of sending someone for me, I better prepare myself for forced sodomy.. but I’m sure it was a joke. Ha. Ha. Daniel Jackson junior claims state troopers raided his house on Mauras birthday last year, accuses myself and Joseph Anderson of calling 911 and reporting something. We have no idea what he’s talking about. I wouldn’t snooze on Scott Wahl either.

I am immediately forwarding this email to two trusted friends of mine, familiar with the case, with written instructions to keep this email confidential, unless something happens to me or I see more covered up kidnappings and murders. Then they have my permission to forward this to the New York Times and any other news organizations they deem necessary, Associated Press and New York Times will at least be receiving this.

I wonder if they are aware the responding officer to the Saturn’s accident, Cecil Smith, killed himself a couple years back. The Department of Justice visited Cecil a few hours prior to his death. It’s been reported he was in the early stages of dementia. He loaded two guns sat at his kitchen table held one to each temple. We also know Cecil experienced years of targeted harassment, mostly I believe originating from John Smith. Eric Collins received a lucid well written brief response from Cecil via email the night before. I believe Eric asked him an innocuos clarifying question about the police cruisers.

The reason we know Cecil used two guns to kill himself is because former US Marshall Art Roderick, who worked on the Maura Murray Oxygen series with Maggie Frelang, called Scott Wahl either the day it happened or the next day to tell him what happened. Scott Wahl knew before the news. That’s weird, or not who gives a fuck.

I give a fuck about myself my family and friends. I give a fuck about people trying to help the Murray’s committing suicides. 

To be very clear. I do not give a fuck if you EVER find Maura and / or figure out what happened, let alone actually get her justice. 

She was added to ViCap couple months ago, probably placation. I started wanting to find answers for Maura. I no longer care about that.

I care about me and my loved ones.

I care about the related victims, finding them justice, bringing this sickness down, if Maura gets solved in that process cool whatever. 

I fear John Smith, Daniel Jackson II, Scott Wahl and Fred and Julie Murray.

If something happens to me, they are involved.

Thank you so very much Akron Bro (my nickname for you cause I don’t remember your name and you don’t bother to follow up on my reported threats.) And George Alvarez, for keeping your word and my faith in our government, by assuring my safety and arresting the guilty parties. I’ll be expecting your call by Monday.


Currently alive and unraped targeted victim

Jourdan F

(Deez phone # removed)

p.s. The use of Confidential Informants is a serious problem. I’m not stating this as fact, call it intuition plus being well-educated, or at least literate, it’s all over the news. CI’s are either low level drug addicts targeted by LE or worse than the ones they inform on and could quite possibly be the single biggest reason the Maura Murray et al case hasn’t been solved, food for thought.

If my tone comes off as terse I promise it is pure frustration, so instead of waiting around to be the latest fileted meal de jour of this ring I decided to do something about.

Have a good weekend. 

This is another email written by Jourdan on April 17th 2022.

I thought this needed recognition as well considering she is supposedly trying to stay away from all of this drama and the case.

But yet here she is in all her glory…!

On Apr 17, 2022, at 6:55 AM, Deez Nuts wrote:

Oh my it finally learned how to put the punctuation inside the inverted commas, brava.


 I think Styd L, whomever they may be, is correct, the person who penned that email definitely has latent sexual feelings for Billy.

IMO that leaves 2 possibly 3 suspects:

 1. Butch Atwood

 2. John Smith

 3. Maybe Tim Carpenter 

As 1.5 of those people have passed (TC had a stroke?? idk) then the author of those disgusting emails and possessor of erotic Rausch feels is undoubtedly, John Smith; like who else 😀 C’mon man!


 ARE you the current NH chief of the “not connecting the decapitated dots” department?

Isn’t it weird, for decades all these people go missing, or end up in household appliances and NH is all, “No Danger to the public.”

You’re doing a terrific job if the Trish Haynes NHSP motto “Can you keep a secret” is a real thing.




Hey is that Littleton girl un-runaway yet, Hannah Hubbard? What about Meghan Marohn, has she been located? I’ve heard the usual LE tripes, it’s fucking strange at best.

Try and like have a good day and catch a serial killer, or 10. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 

Thank you,


p.s. Jellybean, u know it’s weird to accuse someone of the most heinous acts thinkable, on a daily basis, publicly, and then wish them, although a “soulless goblin,” a “Happy Easter!” 



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