In June of 2019 while out doing interviews along with Jeffrey Combs we spoke with members of the Woodsville fire department as well as Mike lavoie and Dick McKean the tow truck drivers on the evening of February 9th 2004.

Upon speaking with these people a few interesting tidbits were gained and added to the stack of craziness that surrounds this case. It was all compiled but really didn’t add anything to the big picture at the time. Just a few more pieces.

But now…..

Recently I have been speaking with First Responders * from the evening of February 9th 2004 as well as a few locals who passed by the scene within the next 2 to 3 days.

*Art Roderick & Maggie Freleng did not interview even 1 member of the FD..! They only spoke to Dick Guy, not the other EMT as well. (Interesting to say the least)

Did Oxygen and the Texas crew documentary team not receive permission from the New Hampshire attorney general Jeff strelzin to interview the fire department..?

Things that are coming to light at this point are opening up new avenues of investigation and thought.

I think the biggest question in this case is whether or not Maura Murray was actually driving the Saturn on February 9th 2004.

And the other huge question is where specifically the Saturn was located in the area of the Weathered Barn. There has been several different accounts of this. Although there are several different accounts of the location of the vehicle I don’t think it could be perfectly nailed down as to what the actual disposition of the Saturn was on February 9th 2004 unless we are able to see the pictures that were taken by Cecil Smith on that evening. That is if indeed he did take pictures that night or…

Is there a chance that pictures were not taken at the scene and the car was just photographed the next day at Lavoie’s garage.

Just more thinking outside the box.

This new information may not help solve the case but it certainly is going to put another person’s first hand perspective of the events of February 9th 2004 out into the public.