April 2021

Mechanically Speaking ~ Erinn Deborah Larkin…..Say What..!

This is part of the transcript from episode 33 of the missing Maura Murray podcast with Tim and Lance and they are interviewing Erinn Deborah Larkin.

As far as the Saturn goes and the statements that are made by Erinn, it proves that she does not know a thing about cars or motors and the way they function. During this interview she states that her father was a big GM guy and that both of her brothers are mechanics. Well if she learned this information from her brothers then it is also noted that neither one of them have a clue about how an engine and its cooling system works. I wouldn’t let them look at a Matchbox car…..much less my own vehicle.

First of all the can of alumaseal was in the trunk as part of a emergency kit that Fred had made up for her. There are several items included in that kit including an old Hospital towel which Fred has stated was found in the tailpipe.

And I will also note that Fred Murray told me that he was instructed by the police to take the towel out of the tailpipe on Friday February 13th 2004 when he viewed the vehicle at lavoie’s personal garage.

Fred retrieved a hidden key on the Saturn and started the vehicle and drove it outside into the lot. The car started right up and was actually drivable

Okay so… If the Saturn was having an issue with a leaky heater core which is behind the dashboard on the firewall of the vehicle this would mean that small amount of fluid would probably leak out but more than likely it is going to be mostly Steam and you would never be able to drive the vehicle at all.

As far as the Saturn possibly having a blown head gasket and as stated by Erinn Deborah Larkin that that would cause the vehicle to be running on 3 cylinders is incorrect information.

If indeed the vehicle had a blown head gasket then fluids and steam would leak from that area and cause the coolant levels to drop and the vehicle to overheat. If you drive the vehicle long enough and the engine is not cooled it will Toast the motor.

But having a blown head gasket does not cause a vehicle to run on 3 cylinders. More than likely if the vehicle was running on just three cylinders it was caused by an electrical issue in the distributor / coil or the wires going to the spark plugs or fuel injection system.

The smoke from the tailpipe more than likely was caused by an issue with the engine oil mixing with the exhaust of the fuel and exiting through the tailpipe of the vehicle. This smoke would be darker and more noticeable.

Also we should note that if … and I am saying if there was a possible issue with the coolant system and it was a blown head gasket, it would be an internal breach that would allow Antifreeze to mix with the fuels exhaust and create a light colored steam vapor. Most likely not even noticeable.

If you think that you have a blown head gasket and it is exiting out the tailpipe of the exhaust system all you have to do is take a towel and hold it in the palm of your hand and put it over the end of the exhaust and you will be able to feel the pressure and when you take the towel off you might feel dampness and if you smell it you will smell antifreeze if there is indeed a leak.

If there is a problem with oil and it is entering the exhaust system and coming out the tailpipe it will be a darker smoke and you can do the same thing with a towel and when you take a white towel off after doing so it will be stained and almost black because of the oil being emitted through the exhaust system.

and when it comes to the soda bottle containing antifreeze and alumaseal… I’m not even going to address that. The statement is absolutely ridiculous and ludicrous.


Okay… I will say this about the soda bottle. The statement about putting the soda bottle under the hood to use as an overflow or exhaust for the fluids does not make any sense. An overflow tank is a reservoir to hold excess fluid if the car does have an issue. So you wouldn’t put a soda bottle or any type of bottle under the hood and add coolants to it because then it no longer becomes an overflow tank.

Actually General Motors did start using Dex-Cool as a coolant in their automobiles. Dex-cool is orange.

Dex-Cool is ORANGE…….NOT RED. ..!

The Smoking Man & The Blonde Girl Walking

In June of 2019 while out doing interviews along with Jeffrey Combs we spoke with members of the Woodsville fire department as well as Mike lavoie and Dick McKean the tow truck drivers on the evening of February 9th 2004.

Upon speaking with these people a few interesting tidbits were gained and added to the stack of craziness that surrounds this case. It was all compiled but really didn’t add anything to the big picture at the time. Just a few more pieces.

But now…..

Recently I have been speaking with First Responders * from the evening of February 9th 2004 as well as a few locals who passed by the scene within the next 2 to 3 days.

*Art Roderick & Maggie Freleng did not interview even 1 member of the FD..! They only spoke to Dick Guy, not the other EMT as well. (Interesting to say the least)

Did Oxygen and the Texas crew documentary team not receive permission from the New Hampshire attorney general Jeff strelzin to interview the fire department..?

Things that are coming to light at this point are opening up new avenues of investigation and thought.

I think the biggest question in this case is whether or not Maura Murray was actually driving the Saturn on February 9th 2004.

And the other huge question is where specifically the Saturn was located in the area of the Weathered Barn. There has been several different accounts of this. Although there are several different accounts of the location of the vehicle I don’t think it could be perfectly nailed down as to what the actual disposition of the Saturn was on February 9th 2004 unless we are able to see the pictures that were taken by Cecil Smith on that evening. That is if indeed he did take pictures that night or…

Is there a chance that pictures were not taken at the scene and the car was just photographed the next day at Lavoie’s garage.

Just more thinking outside the box.

This new information may not help solve the case but it certainly is going to put another person’s first hand perspective of the events of February 9th 2004 out into the public.

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