in October of 2006 the NHLI was using the Mountain Lakes Lodge as a command post. This was set up for the whole weekend and this was being used as our centralized location for everyone to meet up. There were many people involved in the events of that weekend, this included members of the team as well as two different cadaver dog teams, searchers, family members and locals.

At this point I cannot remember if it was a Saturday or a Sunday but there were several of us standing around a buffet table and Tim and Kathleen were sitting around talking to people. There were probably about five or six of us in the conversation. And I am not sure exactly what we were talking about other than trying to figure out what had happened. During the conversation Kathleen made a statement… “We are part of the reason she was up here”

Of course we were all taken aback by the comment that had just been blurted out by Kathleen. Immediately as we were trying to comprehend what we had just heard, Tim abruptly grabbed Kathleen by the arm and said let’s go we are going out to the truck.

This was definitely a strange comment by Kathleen and even a weirder response by Tim Carpenter.

The upstairs of the large is a meeting Hall with a small kitchen area. The downstairs contains a craft area room which is where the radio communications and actual Command Center was set up. The only other thing downstairs was the bathrooms. The men’s room was comprised of four urinals and three stalls.

At one point in time I was upstairs speaking to people that were attending the meeting and I had to use the bathroom. I walked down the stairs and Tim Carpenter was standing outside of the entry door into the command post which was partially open. He did not make eye contact with me. It seemed as though he was waiting to use the bathroom at first glance. I entered the men’s room and found out that there was no one in there. When I came back out Tim was back upstairs. My gut feeling tells me that he was listening into what was going on in the command post. Why he was doing that is beyond me. At least at that point it really didn’t stick out to me as something nefarious. He was just concerned and wondering what was going on.

But……IF we combine the 2 events it certainly seems much more suspicious.

Also……the “We” part of her statement can be taken a couple different ways. Her & Tim, The Murray Family or something else. ..!

And the word “part” in the statement would indicate more people were involved or in the know.

The link below is from Umass amherst,3%3A00%20AM%20on%20weekends.

This scenario below was posted by someone (EDL)(?) on Reddit in 2017