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Why Was Maura Murray Really in NH……

in October of 2006 the NHLI was using the Mountain Lakes Lodge as a command post. This was set up for the whole weekend and this was being used as our centralized location for everyone to meet up. There were many people involved in the events of that weekend, this included members of the team as well as two different cadaver dog teams, searchers, family members and locals.

At this point I cannot remember if it was a Saturday or a Sunday but there were several of us standing around a buffet table and Tim and Kathleen were sitting around talking to people. There were probably about five or six of us in the conversation. And I am not sure exactly what we were talking about other than trying to figure out what had happened. During the conversation Kathleen made a statement… “We are part of the reason she was up here”

Of course we were all taken aback by the comment that had just been blurted out by Kathleen. Immediately as we were trying to comprehend what we had just heard, Tim abruptly grabbed Kathleen by the arm and said let’s go we are going out to the truck.

This was definitely a strange comment by Kathleen and even a weirder response by Tim Carpenter.

The upstairs of the large is a meeting Hall with a small kitchen area. The downstairs contains a craft area room which is where the radio communications and actual Command Center was set up. The only other thing downstairs was the bathrooms. The men’s room was comprised of four urinals and three stalls.

At one point in time I was upstairs speaking to people that were attending the meeting and I had to use the bathroom. I walked down the stairs and Tim Carpenter was standing outside of the entry door into the command post which was partially open. He did not make eye contact with me. It seemed as though he was waiting to use the bathroom at first glance. I entered the men’s room and found out that there was no one in there. When I came back out Tim was back upstairs. My gut feeling tells me that he was listening into what was going on in the command post. Why he was doing that is beyond me. At least at that point it really didn’t stick out to me as something nefarious. He was just concerned and wondering what was going on.

But……IF we combine the 2 events it certainly seems much more suspicious.

Also……the “We” part of her statement can be taken a couple different ways. Her & Tim, The Murray Family or something else. ..!

And the word “part” in the statement would indicate more people were involved or in the know.

The link below is from Umass amherst,3%3A00%20AM%20on%20weekends.

This scenario below was posted by someone (EDL)(?) on Reddit in 2017

Was Maura Murray Really Ever at the WBC on Feb 9th 2004..?

As the years go by and little tidbits of information and Bombshells that are released by certain people connected to this case have made me believe that Maura Murray was never at the Weathered Barn corner on February 9th 2004 .

Who was really driving the Saturn on Feb 9th 2004..?

FD 1st Responder Abby Kennedy Drops a Bombshell or 2

This case never ceases to amaze me. ……

Working on this blog post…..STAY TUNED.

Thinking Outside the Black Box Report

This is a commissioned accident reconstruction report on the Saturn completed by Daniel Parkka. The report has been circulating in the background for more than a year now. This release of this document is not in any way detrimental to the case. This report has been shared with the Murray family as well as Erinn Deborah Larkin and at this point several others in the MM community, up to at least 28 people at this point.

The reason for the release of this document is to be transparent with the community and give them a chance to use this resource to further the investigation into the disappearance of Maura Murray. The more analytical minds, the better.

The cover page has been removed from the Google Doc I created, this is a private email between O’connell and Parkka.

Also pg. 18 was not in the file sent to me. Brett from Prosecutors Pod received a complete copy of the doc from Erinn Larkin (Confirmed) and I kindly asked Brett if he would share pg. 18 with me so the report would be complete. The decision was made to share pg. 18 with me. I did not insert pg. 18 into my Google Doc because I wanted to keep it separated and true to the way I received the documents.

Now…….Let’s discuss the Black Box report and draw our own conclusions as to it’s content. Think Outside the Box..!

Here is the link to the Document……

Below is page 18 that I received from Brett today 3/14/21

And it should be noted that pg. 18 this ‘mysterious part” page was being circulated online long ago, specifically on Facebook. So certain aspects of this report have indeed been around and circulating for better than a year now.

Disclaimer; None of the documents in this report are marked Private and Confidential and there is nothing else in these documents stating that to be the case. When I received these documents I was not asked to keep them private and in no way am I obligated to do so.

Top Secret O’Connell Report ~ Not So Top Secret

It’s going to take a little while to put this blog post together because I am still trying to fit all the pieces together . But it would seem that the ‘Top Secret’ O’Connell report is in the hands of at least 22 people as of my last count. 9:30 am 3/12/21

UPDATE… of 8:25 am 3/13/21 it is up to 25 people that have the report.

Who is actually responsible for this breach of privacy..?

It is very difficult to try and understand why this document has not been released out into the actual Maura Murray Community when it is not part of the official police investigation. The report was given to Erinn Deborah Larkin by the author. We know EDL shared it with Brett from the Prosecutor Pod. This is confirmed by Brett and Erinn. Just to be clear… I do not believe that Brett is the one who shared this with anyone.

Did Erinn have permission to share this document with Brett…..or anyone for that matter..?

Who else did Terry O’Connell share these documents with. .?

How many people actually have this document at this time..?

What is so special about this document that it was not supposed to be shared..?

Now that it is apparent that it is no longer a secret and people have been caught and outed as breaching that secrecy.

Already they are circling the wagons

More to come

What a tangled web …….

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