I am working on this blog post and hopefully it will be out later tomorrow or Wednesday. We need to refocus our energies on Umass and the days leading up to the Disappearance of Maura.

Almost everyone looking into this case is trapped in the Vortex, unfortunately that is the case. The answers are outside the Vortex and unable to grasp. You need to dive deep and swim under the force and reach the calm outside the Vortex….Here you will find the answers and eventually the Whirlpool that has become this case should subside.

Some of the things in this blog post are going to cause some ripples, some will cause waves and others will create a Tsunami of sorts but it is time to …..Again ‘Question Everything’ and ask the tough questions that others have avoided. This will be an in depth look into the Murray family, Friends of the Murray’s, Friends of Maura and all the people involved in helping to investigate this case including the Haverhill police, NHSP, Attorney General Jeffrey Strelzin & the FBI. This will probably be the hardest post I have ever written over the past 16 years and will ask the hardest question of all…….

Have We all been lied to, duped and bamboozled in an effort to create a narrative so complex and with very vital missing pieces that there is ‘NO CHANCE IN HELL’ for this case to be solved.?

After being involved since April of 2004 and dealing with all the players, I have come to the conclusion that something much more elaborate and possibly even sinister is at play in this case.

Stay tuned…….I will not be holding back on this blog post.

Nobody is off limits……NOBODY..!

Prepare for some stormy weather…..!

Man w Umbrella in storm

I am still working on this blog post……But still have 4 items that need to be vetted and verified.

The release of this blog post will also be contingent on and upcoming Sit-Down with the FBI. Some of the content may be too sensitive to share, but I will post as much as possible without compromising the information and those people connected to it.

Please be patient

Thank You