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On Feb 20th 2019 Cecil Smith committed suicide by shooting himself. RIP

There were 2 guns found.

There was no note.


Cecil Smith

Condolences to the Smith Family and friends

On Feb 20th 2019 the NHSP and a cadaver dog was at the location where Fred and his professionals came up with 2 positive cadaver dog hits and a conclusive GPR scan.

cadaver dog at work

gpr machine

Cecil Smith was visited by someone from the NHSP on Feb 20th 2019. It is unknown WHY or what was discussed.


According to locals from the area on Tuesday March 5th 2019 the New Hampshire State Police and the FBI were at the location. *Verified*


What was the actual Catalyst for the FBI to finally step into the picture.?


Has the FBI take over the investigation Into The Disappearance and murder of Maura Murray..?

Does the post below have anything to do with the recent events and the FBI entering the case.?


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