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Interesting that the NH AG’s office refused to be interviewed on camera about this.

The NHSP is circling the wagons and doing some serious damage control.

This is only the beginning.

Hold on to your hats Chuck West, Jeff Strelzin, Governor Sununu.

You got lotta splainin to do Lucy…..!!!!!

The Wall of Silence Will Come Tumbling Down

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Father Believes Missing Daughter’s Remains Are Buried In Basement Of NH Home


Time to excavate this cellar location and find out exactly whose remains are located there.

It seems the NHSP CCU are dragging their feet, it’s like they are wearing lead shoes and wearing blinders. Ignornace is bliss………..At least for some.

Fred Murray and his family deserve answers NOW…………..No waiting til spring.

The Homeowners deserve answers NOW………….No waiting til spring.

How can the NHSP CCU say that they would have to wait til spring.? They have had our findings since Dec. 7th 2018 and knew the location was indoors. 

Why did the NHSP CCU want to wait til spring..?

The location could be and should be excavated immediately. There is NO REASON to put this off.

IF the NHSP truly looked at this place in 2004, just how thorough was the search.?

Were cadaver dogs used, did they perform a GPR scan.?

IF they did go that far and found nothing……..Then the new evidence uncovered and given to NHSP and the FBI should be looked at immediately to determine what is there. 

The excavation process is not that difficult. The area in question can be excavated for about $250.00. I have already looked into the equipment necessary to complete that process. Also I can more than likely get the required equipment at a discount or for FREE, my cousin owns the company.

If indeed the NHSP ignore this completely and Fred Murray ends up getting this done on his own, we have the necessary equipment to complete the process. 

Of course IF it comes to this it will be completely documented and will require the NHSP to be on scene. This was discussed with the homeowner back in Dec. 2018 and he was on board with this being done as long as it was completed correctly and create the least amount of disturbance in the process.

It is possible to just do small pilot holes and remove soil samples to send for testing. This is the least invasive and can provide forensic scientists with a more conclusive result. At this point, IF warranted by the test results the small area would have the concrete removed to expose the area in question and revealing what lies below the surface.

Once any remains are found the police will have to take over the scene and do a complete forensic recovery effort for the human remains and anything possibly connected to the victim or perp that might help secure more evidence and hopefully an arrest.

So……….What is going to happen next.?