This is an interesting listen.

Please listen to this podcast….It’s not too bad. And then put it all together and it just does not fit the picture that has been painted for the past 15 years.

Karen sees #001 nose to nose with Saturn at approx 7:35.

Karen calls police a few days later after seeing it on the news.

Karen speaks to LE 2 times and told it is not possible to have seen what she is stating.

Karen does interview with T & L and then is visited by NHSP and told her accusations were very serious.

Karen states she is just stating what she saw, not making any accusations.

Susan Champy has stated through the 2011 SOCO article that she drove by and saw the passenger side door open and a Police Officer and 2 Bystanders by the Saturn. Read the article here….

“North Haverhill resident Susan Champy, who drove by the scene of Maura’s accident, also recalled the road conditions that night. “The weather was cold , 15-20 degrees and maybe light flurries, but I do not remember it snowing that night. Her car did not have any snow on it,” Champy said.

When she drove by, Champy remembered noticing that police officers had one of the doors of Maura’s car open. She recalled reading in the newspaper afterward that they’d obtained a search warrant the next day to search the vehicle, which made her wonder whether they should have had the door open without first getting a search warrant.

Champy was scheduled to finish work at 7 p.m. at the Loon Mountain Club the evening of Feb. 9, but she left late, at 7:20 p.m., and had a 30- to 35-minure commute home. She drove by the scene of Maura’s accident around 7:50 p.m., she recalled, where she saw police and a couple of bystanders near the car.

After learning about Maura’s disappearance in the news, Champy said she has always wondered if she may have seen Maura and perhaps been able to give her a ride somewhere or help her, had she only left work on time.”

I think the most important part of this whole podcast is when they state they had spoken to T & L and that they stated they have spoken to Susan Champy and got her story. The intriguing part is when they say that Susan saw a police officer and 2 bystanders and that the cruiser she saw was…….#002 (Crown Vic Sedan).

So….Think about it…..Because what does fit and makes the most sense is that the 2 witnesses stories are accurate and it fits perfectly into the timeline (The Real Timeline).

NOW……The next big question….!

IF indeed T & L spoke to Susan Champy and she stated that she saw the #002 Crown Vic at the scene at approximately 7:50 pm. This was about 7 minutes before FD & EMS arrive on scene.

Also……Don’t forget that Trooper John Monaghan stated in his Oxygen transcript that he believes that Sgt. Cecil Smith was in the Crown Vic (002)

SO……………How come the Dynamic Duo has not addressed this very pertinent information by a credible witness.

An explanation is definitely warranted about this statement about #002 and more importantly WHY the Dynamic Duo has not put this info out there or discussed this before now. How long have they had this info…?

Will the Dynamic Duo address this or will it be swept under the carpet bc it does not fit the narrative that has been put forth since the release of the Oxygen Doc.?


WILL WE GET IT…..??raise-red-flag