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MAURA MURRAY WENT MISSING UNDER YOUR WATCH – Who is to Guard the Guards Themselves.?

Just thinking out loud here ……. Some things for You to Ponder

What do Attorney General Jeffrey Strelzin, Rick Forcier and 1 other classmate Thomas U. and his brother Scott U. from Goffstown High School class of 1980, former Haverhill Chief Jeff Williams, (Chief) Sgt. Cecil Smith, NHSP Trooper John Monaghan and a couple other unnamed local law enforcement officers have in common.?

Important note…..Cecil Smith committed suicide last night (2/20/19) at approximately 8pm. RIP….. This is all that is known at this time.

All but 1 (one) of the above was in the Haverhill / Woodsville on Feb. 9th 2004, at least to the best of our knowledge one of them was absent. We have not been able to confirm the whereabouts of that one person as of yet.

What do these people have in common with Maura Murray.?

All but one of them was in Haverhill / Woodsville area to the best of our knowledge.

Maura Murray was last seen in Haverhill / Woodsville NH on Feb 9th. 2004 at the Weathered barn Corner on Rte 112.

At least 3 of the people named above were at the scene of the Saturn accident or very close to the scene. BUT let’s NOT forget about the 2 bystanders, still unidentified to this day.

What do these people have in common with the property now under heavy scrutiny after 2 positive Cadaver dog hits as well as a conclusive GPR scan indicating human remains was found.?

What do all these people and this property very close to the accident scene have to do with 1 local Fireman on scene that night.

Why did this Fireman adamantly state that he was not on duty that night.?

When I contacted this fireman in 2004 and 2005 by phone for an interview he insisted he was not on duty. I stated that I had in my hand and was looking at his signature on the Woodsville FD log for the night of Feb. 9th 2004. He said that was not possible.

Again it was stated to him that his signature was on the log and he hung up on me.

The second call to him for an interview was very short. I identified myself and just wanted to ask him why his name was on the log if he was not there and he did not sign it. His response was…….”I was not working that night, end of story”….and then he hung up.

What happened on Feb. 9th. 2004 at around 7 pm close to the Weathered Barn Corner and the Westman’s house.?

Who was at the scene that night and in what capacity.?

How many witnesses are there to the events of Feb. 9th 2004 at the WBC.?

I personally feel we are closer to the answers than ever and everything is tying together the longer and deeper we dig.

The connections are surprising and what is behind it all certainly explains The Silence in a Small Town.

But one fact that can be stated without pause is………That…….

Maura Murray went missing on Feb. 9th 2004……AND IS STILL MISSING.

The rest of the people above are all well and accounted for……But Not Maura..!


Fred Murray and his family and the thousands of supporters will not stop until they have answers.






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This is Cecil Smith transcript from the Oxygen Doc

Click to access ecfcd6_2c1e7ef0843142aab5183a0ae46ef1c0.pdf

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15 Years – New Evidence – NO ACTION – Just Damage Control by NHSP CCU and the Attorney General’s Office.

Fred n Maura Mtn top.jpg

Interesting that the NH AG’s office refused to be interviewed on camera about this.

The NHSP is circling the wagons and doing some serious damage control.

This is only the beginning.

Hold on to your hats Chuck West, Jeff Strelzin, Governor Sununu.

You got lotta splainin to do Lucy…..!!!!!

The Wall of Silence Will Come Tumbling Down

cadaver dog at work

Father Believes Missing Daughter’s Remains Are Buried In Basement Of NH Home


Time to excavate this cellar location and find out exactly whose remains are located there.

It seems the NHSP CCU are dragging their feet, it’s like they are wearing lead shoes and wearing blinders. Ignornace is bliss………..At least for some.

Fred Murray and his family deserve answers NOW…………..No waiting til spring.

The Homeowners deserve answers NOW………….No waiting til spring.

How can the NHSP CCU say that they would have to wait til spring.? They have had our findings since Dec. 7th 2018 and knew the location was indoors. 

Why did the NHSP CCU want to wait til spring..?

The location could be and should be excavated immediately. There is NO REASON to put this off.

IF the NHSP truly looked at this place in 2004, just how thorough was the search.?

Were cadaver dogs used, did they perform a GPR scan.?

IF they did go that far and found nothing……..Then the new evidence uncovered and given to NHSP and the FBI should be looked at immediately to determine what is there. 

The excavation process is not that difficult. The area in question can be excavated for about $250.00. I have already looked into the equipment necessary to complete that process. Also I can more than likely get the required equipment at a discount or for FREE, my cousin owns the company.

If indeed the NHSP ignore this completely and Fred Murray ends up getting this done on his own, we have the necessary equipment to complete the process. 

Of course IF it comes to this it will be completely documented and will require the NHSP to be on scene. This was discussed with the homeowner back in Dec. 2018 and he was on board with this being done as long as it was completed correctly and create the least amount of disturbance in the process.

It is possible to just do small pilot holes and remove soil samples to send for testing. This is the least invasive and can provide forensic scientists with a more conclusive result. At this point, IF warranted by the test results the small area would have the concrete removed to expose the area in question and revealing what lies below the surface.

Once any remains are found the police will have to take over the scene and do a complete forensic recovery effort for the human remains and anything possibly connected to the victim or perp that might help secure more evidence and hopefully an arrest.

So……….What is going to happen next.?



2 Witnesses – 001 vs 002 – It Doesn’t Add Up – Round Holes vs Square Pegs -They Just Don’t Fit

This is an interesting listen.

Please listen to this podcast….It’s not too bad. And then put it all together and it just does not fit the picture that has been painted for the past 15 years.

Karen sees #001 nose to nose with Saturn at approx 7:35.

Karen calls police a few days later after seeing it on the news.

Karen speaks to LE 2 times and told it is not possible to have seen what she is stating.

Karen does interview with T & L and then is visited by NHSP and told her accusations were very serious.

Karen states she is just stating what she saw, not making any accusations.

Susan Champy has stated through the 2011 SOCO article that she drove by and saw the passenger side door open and a Police Officer and 2 Bystanders by the Saturn. Read the article here….

“North Haverhill resident Susan Champy, who drove by the scene of Maura’s accident, also recalled the road conditions that night. “The weather was cold , 15-20 degrees and maybe light flurries, but I do not remember it snowing that night. Her car did not have any snow on it,” Champy said.

When she drove by, Champy remembered noticing that police officers had one of the doors of Maura’s car open. She recalled reading in the newspaper afterward that they’d obtained a search warrant the next day to search the vehicle, which made her wonder whether they should have had the door open without first getting a search warrant.

Champy was scheduled to finish work at 7 p.m. at the Loon Mountain Club the evening of Feb. 9, but she left late, at 7:20 p.m., and had a 30- to 35-minure commute home. She drove by the scene of Maura’s accident around 7:50 p.m., she recalled, where she saw police and a couple of bystanders near the car.

After learning about Maura’s disappearance in the news, Champy said she has always wondered if she may have seen Maura and perhaps been able to give her a ride somewhere or help her, had she only left work on time.”

I think the most important part of this whole podcast is when they state they had spoken to T & L and that they stated they have spoken to Susan Champy and got her story. The intriguing part is when they say that Susan saw a police officer and 2 bystanders and that the cruiser she saw was…….#002 (Crown Vic Sedan).

So….Think about it…..Because what does fit and makes the most sense is that the 2 witnesses stories are accurate and it fits perfectly into the timeline (The Real Timeline).

NOW……The next big question….!

IF indeed T & L spoke to Susan Champy and she stated that she saw the #002 Crown Vic at the scene at approximately 7:50 pm. This was about 7 minutes before FD & EMS arrive on scene.

Also……Don’t forget that Trooper John Monaghan stated in his Oxygen transcript that he believes that Sgt. Cecil Smith was in the Crown Vic (002)

SO……………How come the Dynamic Duo has not addressed this very pertinent information by a credible witness.

An explanation is definitely warranted about this statement about #002 and more importantly WHY the Dynamic Duo has not put this info out there or discussed this before now. How long have they had this info…?

Will the Dynamic Duo address this or will it be swept under the carpet bc it does not fit the narrative that has been put forth since the release of the Oxygen Doc.?


WILL WE GET IT…..??raise-red-flag

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