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In 2004 the NHSP was given info by the Murray family about this location.

What did LE actually do at this location back in 2004 after they were alerted to its possible involvement.???

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15 years LE had the info about this location and have produced nothing. Chuck West stated this in a phone conversation between him and myself. “We looked into this and there is nothing to it, there is nothing there”


That Apparently  seems to be the case..! 

The team looked into this location and came up with very viable possible evidence of a crime.

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The team did this in 4 weeks after acquiring professionals with cadaver dogs and a world renowned GPR Co. 

4 weeks

The info along with an official affadavit was sent to NHSP on Dec. 7th 2018.


The NHSP has not officially acknowledged this report after 42 days of having received it.


The Murray family has been aware of the info since Dec 1st. 

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The NHSP has not contacted the Murray family to do any damage control.



The NHSP has not contacted the Murray family to do damage control.

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Embarrassed and Sweating Bullets