January 2019

Episode 94 – The Discredit Train Went Off-The-Rails

When I wrote this post I really did not realize just how much my own eyes would be opened by the Oxygen Doc and the events that have followed since its release.

Tim Pilleri stated in a text to me several months ago, back when we were still kinda talking….!

If you want to battle John, it’s not going to be pretty.

This is not the exact statement but the words “If you want to battle”….were specific to the text.

It seems that Tim is living up to that threat.

Having all your facts straight before posting such a video is very irresponsible.

talk to hand

NHSP Circling the Wagons for Almost 15 Years – Trying to Save Face for the Past 42 Days – What’s Your Next Move.?

circle the wagons

In 2004 the NHSP was given info by the Murray family about this location.

What did LE actually do at this location back in 2004 after they were alerted to its possible involvement.???

ball court 3

15 years LE had the info about this location and have produced nothing. Chuck West stated this in a phone conversation between him and myself. “We looked into this and there is nothing to it, there is nothing there”


That Apparently  seems to be the case..! 

The team looked into this location and came up with very viable possible evidence of a crime.

cadaver dog at work

The team did this in 4 weeks after acquiring professionals with cadaver dogs and a world renowned GPR Co. 

4 weeks

The info along with an official affadavit was sent to NHSP on Dec. 7th 2018.


The NHSP has not officially acknowledged this report after 42 days of having received it.


The Murray family has been aware of the info since Dec 1st. 

aware lightbulb

The NHSP has not contacted the Murray family to do any damage control.



The NHSP has not contacted the Murray family to do damage control.

embarassed face
Embarrassed and Sweating Bullets

GPR Scan Results Conclusive – Will The NHSP Investigate This Viable Evidence

On Dec 12th 2018 the following statement was released……

Below is an excerpt from that statement……

“Because of the information uncovered an undisclosed property is now a place of interest. This location has had two different cadaver dogs on the scene and hit in the same location. On the day that the second cadaver dog was brought to the location our team had arranged to have a ground-penetrating radar company on site and ready to test the area. Upon completion of the 2cd cadaver dog search and positive hit the scene was turned over the GPR specialist. The GPR testing was conducted and the preliminary analysis of the GPR scan indicates there is an anomaly in the area of where the (2) two cadaver dogs both had positive hits for human remains.”

gpr machine

The excerpt states the preliminary analysis of the GPR scan indicated their was an anomaly in the area where the 2 different cadaver dogs had positive hits for human remains.

cadaver dog at work

Once again it should be noted…….

“The professional Cadaver dog handlers and their canines are certified and well respected in the Law Enforcement community. They have been resourceful in aiding the police in previous cases and are leaders in their field in the Northeast with a history of success.

The GPR forensics anthropologist are #1 in their field and the developers of Ground Penetrating Radar science and sought after worldwide.”

forensic anthropology

********  “And we would like to make it perfectly clear that the property that is now under scrutiny was pointed out to the NHSP and the proper authorities way back in the early summer 2004 and the information was apparently ignored. This is an historical record and able to be confirmed.” ********

“The recent information supplied by the team to the NHSP Cold Case Unit and the FBI on Dec. 7th 2018 included documentation from professional Cadaver Dog handlers, videos taken during dog searches for human remains at location, initial analysis of the GPR testing done at the location (indicating an anomaly) and the official affadavit.

The NHSP were well aware of this location in mid 2004 because Fred Murray had shared reports from locals indicating involvement by the owner and the presence of new concrete being poured at the location. It is unclear if NHSP followed up on this lead at all.”

Today marks one month since the information and affadavit was officially submitted to the NHSP CCU and the FBI.

I personally spoke with Chuck West on the phone about 2 weeks ago and he indicated the location was looked into years ago and it was nothing, they had looked into it. His demeanor during our conversation as well as a few things he said lead me to believe they would not be looking into this information.

sand timer

So 1 month from receiving this information it is apparent that nothing is being done to look at this very viable evidence provided by the team. There has been NO ACTIVITY at the location. The Murray Family has NOT BEEN CONTACTED by police about the information to clarify to them that this recent information is credible or not. One would think that law enforcement would want the Murray family to be aware of this and try to clear up any issues created by the recent release of the statement. Neither the dog handlers or the GPR Co. has been contacted by LE.There has been NO RESPONSE from NHSP or the NH Attorney General’s office as to this viable documented information / evidence.


On Dec 1st the forensic anthropologist gave us a preliminary analysis based on his experience and that indicated there was indeed an anomaly in the area of where the cadaver dogs had hits for human remains. He did not elaborate any further at that time and said he needed a few weeks or so to complete a detailed report and documentation supporting that info.

Today, Jan. 7th 2019 the final analysis and documentation of the GPR scan done on Dec. 1st 2018 was received. 

GPR Results Positive

The documentation provided by the GPR Forensic Anthropologist is very detailed and confirms his original findings. 

The findings show an anomaly in the area where the cadaver dogs hit and that is inconsistent with the rest of the area that was GPR scanned at that location.

The findings are very definitive and the Forensic Anthropologist advised that area should be surgically excavated by professionals. This intricate process would be for search and recovery of Human Remains.  


The ball was and is still is in their court and the documentation received today about the GPR analysis should not only be of interest to Law Enforcement but it should be taken very seriously and the swift proper response initiated to uncover what is at that location.

  It is time for the Truth……..It is time for Justice…………It is time for Closure…….It is Time….!!

The new information provided to the NHSP and FBI by the team should raise a

HUGE-RED-FLAG and the location should be treated as crime scene.


This location needs to be investigated again.!

The location has an indication of human remains and an anomaly and therefore this location has what would appear to be viable evidence in a possible crime. And this evidence could point to the crime and the person or people involved.


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