We are now approaching the 15th year, YES….15 years since Maura Murray mysteriously disappeared in Haverhill, NH. 15 years with NO REAL ANSWERS in what seems to be a ‘Wall of Silence’ in this case. The Murray family deserves closure in what must be absolute agony of not knowing what happened to Maura.

It is time for the Truth……..It is time for Justice…………It is time for Closure…….It is Time….!!

The recent information supplied by the team to the NHSP Cold Case Unit and the FBI on Dec. 7th 2018 included documentation from professional Cadaver Dog handlers, videos taken during dog searches for human remains at location, initial analysis of the GPR testing done at the location (indicating an anomaly) and the official affadavit.

The NHSP were well aware of this location in mid 2004 because Fred Murray had shared reports from locals indicating involvement by the owner and the presence of new concrete being poured at the location. It is unclear if NHSP followed up on this lead at all.

On Oct. 2cd. 2018 I received a tip about a location that could be possibly connected to the disappearance of Maura. After a bit more research to verify the tip I shared it with the team on Oct. 3rd. 2018. The tip was thoroughly investigated revealing this was indeed the same property that NHSP were alerted to back in 2004. A plan was made to gain entry to the property to further look into this location and any connection to the disappearance of Maura.

The land owners were approached and granted us access to the location to do the searches with Cadaver dogs and GPR testing. Because the land owners granted us access we did not have to go thru the legalities of obtaining a probable cause warrant like Law Enforcement would be required to do. What was accomplished by this small group of citizens provided to LE a paved way for an easy transition onto the property with a warrant in hand.

The first cadaver dog and handler was brought in on Nov. 25th 2018 and a positive hit was indicated and video recorded.

The second cadaver dog and handler was brought in on Dec. 1st 2018 and a positive hit in the same location was indicated and video recorded.

The GPR specialist was then given the scene to conduct a Ground Penetrating Radar scan of the suspected location and the immediate area. That scan was conducted and lasted about 2 hrs.

Once all documentation was obtained an evidence package was put together.

The Affadavit was drafted and submitted on Dec. 7th. 2018.

On Dec. 10th 2018 I posted a statement on Reddit about the information and removed it about an hour later.

On Dec. 12th 2018 I re-posted the edited version of the statement to Reddit and Twitter.

Screenshot (28)
Actually Maggie…..I am very involved in the new info

So sometime after the statement was posted Maggie Freleng called and spoke to someone at NHSP, best guess, Chuck West. Her tweet would indicate that whomever she spoke with revealed some sort of information to her. Are the words in the Tweet hers….or those of the officer she spoke with.?

Someone seems to be steering the discredit train.!

What exactly was relayed to Maggie Freleng during that phone call.?


The NHSP Major Crimes and FBI have had this viable information for 16 days.

To our knowledge there has been nothing done by NHSP to check this location to confirm or rule out the recent results obtained by the professionals acquired by the team.

What is known is that the location was a place of interest back around 2004, the NHSP were alerted and later indicated they had looked into it.

What exactly did the NHSP do at the time to investigate this location.?

Did they bring in cadaver dogs or GPR scanning equipment.?

How was this location ruled out way back around 2004..?


The new investigative information uncovered by the team and turned over to NHSP and the FBI on Dec. 7th 2018 is viable and certainly evidential in a crime. What crime occurred, if any is still up for debate but the results from the recent cadaver and GPR scan indicate human remains at that location. Are the remains those of Maura Murray, that is unclear but the investigation lead us here.

IF indeed the location that the NHSP looked into back around 2004 and the one the team recently investigated are the same property (which I have now confirmed from NHSP), how is it possible that the NHSP work turned up nothing.?

Is it possible that nothing was ever disclosed about their findings, if there was anything conclusive.? Or is it possible nothing at all was ever done at this location.?


It has been 16 days since the new information was turned over to NHSP and the FBI.

The new information is credible and evidential in a possible crime. There are positive hits for human remains at said location.

Why does it seem the authorities are ignoring this new information and putting up a ‘Wall of Silence” after receiving this credible information.?

Could the reasoning behind the actions of NHSP all be based upon their previous findings from back around 2004.?

If their reasoning is based upon their earlier findings or lack of….. then wouldn’t the new evidential findings by professionals be a vital tool in the (an) investigation.?

If indeed the original search by NHSP turned up nothing at this location……………



The new information provided to the NHSP and FBI by the team should raise a

HUGE-RED-FLAG and the location should be treated as crime scene.

This location needs to be investigated again.!

The location has an indication of human remains and an anomaly and therefore this location has what would appear to be viable evidence in a possible crime. And this evidence could point to the crime and the person or people involved.



We know for a fact that the NHSP and the FBI were notified of the new information and the affadavit was filed on Dec. 7th 2018.

Who else is aware of the information that was turned over to these entities..?

Is the NH Attorney General’s office or the Governor in the know..?

This has become a very high profile case, especially in the last couple years and the online community as well as national media is just sitting in the corner waiting for the answers to come out.


One would think that the authorities would want to be as transparent as possible in light of the fact that the attention factor on this case grows exponentially by the day.




The professional Cadaver dog handlers and their canines are certified and well respected in the Law Enforcement community. They have been resourceful in aiding the police in previous cases and are leaders in their field in the Northeast with a history of success.

The GPR forensics anthropologist are #1 in their field and the developers of Ground Penetrating Radar science and sought after worldwide.

**** This post is stating undeniable facts that must not be dismissed. I am not speaking for the family. This post is an update as to what has happened since we turned over ‘Our Information’ over to the proper authorities. ****