December 12 2018 @ 8 PM

This is an updated version of a statement I released a few days ago. I apologize for having to remove the post. The statement has been discussed thoroughly by the team over the past couple days and the necessary changes were made. This version is not much different from the first release but does contain new info.

And we would like to make it perfectly clear that the property that is now under scrutiny was pointed out to the NHSP and the proper authorities way back in the early summer 2004 and the information was apparently ignored. This is an historical record and able to be confirmed.

“For the past almost fifteen years Fred Murray and his family have been looking for answers into what happened to his daughter Maura on February 9th 2004.

Since that time there have been several entities involved in the investigation and the search for Maura Murray. Over the past 15 years a lot of information has been gathered by these entities but nothing has brought us to a conclusion and closure in this case.

Recently a very small dedicated group working on the case have uncovered viable information Into The Disappearance of Maura Murray.

Because of the information uncovered an undisclosed property is now a place of interest. This location has had two different cadaver dogs on the scene and hit in the same location. On the day that the second cadaver dog was brought to the location our team had arranged to have a ground-penetrating radar company on site and ready to test the area. Upon completion of the 2cd cadaver dog search and positive hit the scene was turned over the GPR specialist. The GPR testing was conducted and the preliminary analysis of the GPR scan indicates there is an anomaly in the area of where the (2) two cadaver dogs both had positive hits for human remains.

NOTE ; This has nothing to do with the A frame, Rick Forcier’s property or any other location that has been looked at before. This is all new information that was recently obtained by the team in the last few months.

Because of this investigation and the results that were obtained an affidavit was drafted and submitted to the New Hampshire State Police as well as the office of the FBI.

After submission of this affidavit to the proper authorities the New Hampshire State Police should be contacting the owners and conducting a search of the said location with a different cadaver dog to confirm with the first two dogs had Positive Hits.

Ultimately the information gained by the team is enough to get a search warrant and enter the property. After contacting the new owners we were graciously invited to do what needs to be done to rule in or rule out whether or not there are human remains located on their property.

Once the New Hampshire State Police go to this location with the new cadaver dog and get a positive hit in that location that will be the catalyst for them to create the warrant needed to bring in the New Hampshire Major Crimes and Cold Case unit.

This is now in the hands of NHSP and We the People hope the FBI will be brought in. Lest we not forget this is possibly an interstate crime. Maura left Massachusetts, traveled thru VT and into NH where she ultimately disappeared and met her demise.

Let’s bring Maura Murray home today to rest in peace. This is what Maura and her family deserves.

****************PLEASE READ ALL THE  ITEMS BELOW**************************

*New leads in the investigation brought us to this location….But let me clear when I say…This does not necessarily mean this is the remains of Maura Murray*

*The detailed part of the teams investigation has been turned over to the proper authorities.*

*This statement merely clarifies what was accomplished to merit the affadavit to the NHSP and the FBI*

*This statement also puts light on the NHSP Major Crimes and any entity involved in the case from this day forward. This is being done in an attempt to keep the authorities involved in the spotlight and held to accountability and that just because the ball is in their court does not mean we are going to just walk away, we will be paying attention.* This was a decision made between the team to release the info.

*All rude comments will be deleted and reported to Reddit*…… NO EXCEPTIONS…PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL

*The information has been given to the NHSP and FBI and the ball is in their court now. The team that found the info is no longer in control of anything so any forthcoming information should be coming from NHSP CCU, NH AG Jeffrey Strelzin and any media sources that are given the info.*

*The information posted here is not jeopardizing the case in any way nor does it endanger anyone.*

*The information in this post is correct and has been discussed by the team before reposting it.*


*Fred Murray is not part of the team……He is Maura’s father*

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