Temperature’s Rising Lyrics………….Just found them after naming this blog post.

Word up, son, I heard they got you on the run
for a body – now it’s time to stash the guns
They probably got the phones tapped so I won’t speak long
Gimme a hot second, and I’ma put you on
It’s all messed up somebody snitchin on the crew
And word is on the street is they got pictures of you
Homicide came to the crib last night, six deep
Axin on your whereabouts and where d’you sleep
They said they just wanna question you, but me and you know
that once they catch you, all they do is just arrest you
then arraign you, hang you, I don’t think so
It’s a good thing you bounced for now just stay low
Once in a blue I check to see how you’re doin
I know you need loot, so I send it through Western Union
They probably knock down the door
in the middle of the night, sometimes around four
Hopin to find who they lookin for but they want the seed
All they gonna find is mad empty bags of weed
But word son, you got the projects hotter than hell
Harder for brothers, to get they thug on but oh well
Son they know too much, even the hoodrat chicks
Oh you heard who did what, no I don’t who did shit!
So stop askin, then I know I’m not goin crazy
From windows, I see lights flashin and maybe
somebody’s takin pictures – and you know who that be
Police lovers, and neighborhood snitches
They put up your sheet so everybody’s pointin fingers
and lyin, aiyyo son, the temp is risin

The temperature’s risin, no there’s nothin surprisin
The temperature’s risin, huh and ain’t nothin surprisin
The temperature’s risin, huh and ain’t nothin surprisin
The temperature’s risin (There’s nothin surprisin)

What up black? Hold your head wherever you at
On the flow from the cops with wings on your back
That snitch nigga – gave police your location
We’ll chop his body up in six degrees of separation
Killer listen, shit ain’t the same without you at home
Phony niggas walk around tryin to be your clone
They really fear you, when you was at home they was pale
That’s why they wanna see you either dead or in jail
By the time you hear this rhyme you’ll probably be locked up
Tried to hide somewhere along the lines your plans slipped up
Got caught up in a crime that you can’t take back
Reminisce on how I used to pick you up in the Ac
Years ago when we was younger seemed the hood took us under very deep
Wonderin who snitched it got me losin lots of sleep
at night, you know my mouth is tight
I never sang to the cops cause that shit ain’t right
Sometimes I stroll past the scene of the crime and backtrack
Damn – why the situation go down like dat?
It’ll be a long time before the heat dies down
And a – couple of years ‘fore we see you around
But ’til then maintain and keep your story the same
The cops is grabbin wrong niggas, lookin for someone to blame
They harrassin, strugglin to find the truth
There’s a chance ya case’ll get thrown out, cause they ain’t got no proof
to say you’re guilty, your fingerprints filthy
Deliver – me the gun, I’ll tie it to a brick and throw it in the river
Make sure it sinks to the bottom
Outsmart police, snuck you out the projects, we got ’em
But still, but still, but still…


Recently my mind has been concentrating on the events during the days preceding Maura’s vanishing. Having never ventured to UMASS Amherst during this entire 13 year period of the investigation I never really got to do anything but except the info as it was given to me and accept it as fact. Also something that should be known is the amount of info about UMASS and those mysterious days is very minimal, unfortunately. Working with that minimal info and noting nothing really of significance I was thinking the investigation needed to be totally concentrated and focused on the location of the Saturn as well as the supposed last known sighting of Maura. This decision to put UMASS on the peripheral I believe caused me to lose very valuable info that could have been gained by speaking personally with the players.

What was ignored back then has not gone away, it has just become more obstructed over the years, still there and waiting to be unearthed.


I really started thinking about the fact that Kate and Sarah, Maura’s so-called-Friends never even came to NH to help in the search. It has always bothered me that a Friend, someone you had just spent the weekend with in Massachusetts had gone missing in NH and you never came up to help……..Never…..Ever..!


Was Maura deserted by her friends from UMASS or were they privy to, in the know of or part of a devised plan.? Was the party in the dorm room actually a meeting to discuss the last minute plans for Monday’s escape. Perhaps the reason the Corolla crash occurred was NOT because of alcohol but because Maura was upset and crying. BUT who was the unknown UMASS Cadet at the scene of the Corolla crash, is that who dialed 911.?


Did Maura have a plan to go away for a bit to clear her head or some other reason. Were Maura’s friends part of that plan……but in all actuality had their own plans, ones that did not include Maura, or at least did when the plan began.


13 years later one would have to admit after looking into all the info that is out there that there indeed was a plan, whether it be a loan mission, 2 people (tandem) or a group effort. If you are to believe the Butson’s sighting then one would think their plan had succeeded up til this point. Remember the sighting was of 2 Brunette’s and 1 Blonde. BUT after this stop at Butson’s and within approximately 8 to 10 miles the whole plan went wrong and the Saturn was left apparently disabled at the Weathered Barn corner. Did a good plan go bad, did a mere spin-out cause the whole plan to dissolve or is there something much more sinister that lurks in the darkness that engulfs this mystery. IF the 3 girls, Maura and ? and ? were together and something went wrong, then where did ? and ? go. If we are to assume it was Kate and Sarah, then the answer is clear, but that cannot be proven as fact because neither one of them has ever admitted to being with Maura or coming to NH. IF indeed Maura was in NH, also not a fact, and she was with a brunette and a blonde and it was NOT Kate or Sarah then we need to factor 2 more unknowns into the puzzle.


Personally I don’t think the Butson’s sighting holds much weight, especially considering this was almost 12 years later that this Butson’s employee witness came forward. Another case of some very odd timing, after all this time this witness comes out of the woodwork with an account that places Maura in Woodsville with 2 other young females. An event that took place 12 years earlier with tons of talk going on about the disappearance of Maura and this witness all of a sudden remembers such a trivial event as someone going thru their checkout lane. This account places Maura in NH even though that has not been proven.

Speaking of coming out of the woodwork, remember Clint Harting showing up out of nowhere and becoming a major contributor to the online conversations. Clint basically believes Maura came up here to NH to commit suicide and him doing so places Maura in NH which has NEVER been proven. Clint stuck around quite a while pushing that theory until…….Poof……He was gone, vanished, disappeared as quickly as he had arrived and not a word since.

On September 21st 2016 approximately 12 1/2 years after Maura disappeared a new blog was launched to look at and clear up some issues in the case.


The mission of this blog is as follows… “The goals of this blog are twofold. The first to explore, analyze, and critique the evidence, clues, and theories (both past and present). It was my opinion that many of the “clues” in this case have not been adequately challenged. As a result, a lot of these clues have come to be accepted as fact. So the first goal is to help clear up some the past misconceptions and hopefully prevent or minimize future ones.

The second purpose is to analyze the paper trail that currently exists and look for avenues to expand the repository of “hard evidence” through means that include but are not limited to initiatives such as FOIA requests.  This is not to say that the motivations, intentions, and personalities of the individuals involved in the case are unimportant (or 100% avoidable). But they are arguably far less relevant when it comes to developing a composite of hard evidence that can be handed over to the Murrays to bolster their case for an FBI intervention.”                                                                                        http://www.the107degree.com/single-post/2016/08/07/Inaugural-Blog-Post

The person writing the above blog made 4 blog posts before doing a podcast on Nov. 15th 2016 with Tim and lance from the Maura Murray Podcast Documentary. It was at this time that we finally became aware that the writer of the blog was Erinn Deborah Larkin and that she had attended UMASS Amherst at the same time as Maura. This podcast went on with Erinn talking about and trying to clear up some of the issues with the case and the online perceptions. You can listen to the podcast at this link and I strongly suggest you do.

Episode 33 MM Podcast       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFE6cn01zyc

What I find truly interesting is that Erinn attended UMASS at the same time as Maura, Erinn worked the same security job as Maura, Erinn was on the same track team as Maura, Erinn’s mentor was Kate Markopolous who was friends with Maura and Maura went missing from UMASS and Erinn overheard a conversation between Kate and Coach Julie about Maura but was not part of it. So Erinn was certainly aware there was an issue and that Maura was missing at least by Wed. Feb 11th 2004. Also Erinn’s brother Raymond was attending Umass in 2003.

James Renner started looking into the case in 2011 and started a blog which was well viewed. He was writing a book about the case and the book was published in May of 2016.  That is 5 years of his blog being online and him stating he was writing a book.

OK………SO the big question is WHY did it take Erinn soooooo long to come out of the woodwork to try clear all this up.? It would seem there has been plenty of opportunity over the years and especially since the online social media attention has become so intense. Was Renner’s book the catalyst for Erinn’s sudden verbal expulsion.?


I myself find the 107 degree blog to one sided and point to NH and If one looks close there is NO info about UMASS. One would think being a student and having a connection to UMASS Erinn would have concentrated more on that aspect of the case. Just the opposite is what one finds though.

I will get into the podcast and what myself and a couple others have pulled from the content but first I would like to share what we found interesting surrounding the 107 degrees blog. First of all what we found are these interesting lyrics by Citizen Cope.

107 degrees

Wanted by the minister
Wanted by the dean
Wanted by the old folks
Wanted by the teens
Wanted by the dealers
Wanted by the fiends
Wanted by the girls in them tight, tight jeans
And wanted by the lawyers
Wanted by the ballers
Wanted by the governor who watches people suffer
Wanted by the princess
Wanted by the kings
Wanted by that driver of their limousine

Your love, your love is 7 feet deep
It’s 107 degrees
And I’m walking cause my life ain’t free
Cause it’s 107 degrees
And your pain is, is killing me
Cause it’s 107 degrees
And I’m walking cause my life ain’t free
Cause it’s 107 degrees

Wanted by the judges
Wanted by the lawyers
Wanted by the dons
Wanted by the cons
Wanted by the mission
Wanted for the cause
Wanted by the people who have to pay the cost
Wanted by the lawyer
Wanted by his daughters
Wanted by the victim who’s waiting on an offer
And you’re wanted by the princess
And you’re wanted by the kings
And you’re wanted by that driver of their limousine

Cause your love, your love is 7 feet deep
It’s 107 degrees
And I’m walking cause my life ain’t free
Cause it’s 107 degrees
And your pain is, is killing me
Cause it’s 107 degrees
And I’m walking cause my life ain’t free
Cause it’s 107 degrees
This is also very interesting…….A Metaphor
“107º” is a metaphor for the deadly heat you take when you’ve committed a wrong in the eyes of your community. The subject has harmed a specific, high-profile person (“wanted by the victim, who’s waiting on an offer”), presumably in some sort of accident – probably a traffic collision – involving their limousine. In the process, he’s alienated himself from his community and loved one(s) (“your love is 7 feet deep [i.e. dead]”). He recognizes the damage he’s caused, that others will have to pay the cost of his mistake, but resents the weight of shame heaped on his back, especially by “the cons”, and a hypocritically indolent authority figure who “watches people suffer”. When you’re from a rough enough neighborhood (“wanted by the dealers… wanted by the dons”), this kind of “heat” can take on a deadly significance. That’s why Cope specifically chooses 107 ºF: it’s the internal temperature that few human beings can endure for long.”

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