In February of 2004 WMUR TV did a story about Maura Murray and her going missing. In April of 2004 after it was evident Maura was not going to show up and there were NO answers I became very intrigued as to what may have occurred. Being a former police officer from Littleton NH back in the early 80’s I have always been aware of what is happening in the community and the changes that have taken place over the years. The fact that this young college girl had gone missing in a matter of a blink of an eye was what drew Me into the 13 1/2 year mission to find the answer……..but it turns out I am in search of something totally different after all this time. I want to know WHO is behind the ‘Discredit Train’ that has been embedded in this case from pretty much the beginning.

About the middle of April 2004 I called the Murray family to offer my help on the case. The intention was to help be their guide to the local area and help break the ice with any locals as we were searching for clues into where Maura had gone. The family told me they would be happy to have any help they could get to aide them in finding answers.

Around the 1st week of May before I had even met the Murray family 2 detectives from NHSP Troop F, Det. Bob Bruno & Det. Russell Hubbard came to where I worked and asked what my interest was in the case. Explaining the intentions to the Detectives I was told to stay away from the Murray’s or I would be arrested for ‘interfering w/ an investigation’. I asked them to explain their reasoning but was told again there would be an arrest IF I persisted.

I adhered to the NHSP threat of arrest and kept my distance from the Murray family until Fred Murray tracked Me down and asked for help. It was at this point that I realized there was NO saying…….NO…! It was mid may that I joined the Murray team and here 13 1/2 years later I still stand ready and strong. What I find truly hard to comprehend is the fact that once I joined the mission to find Maura………the NHSP have NOT been back to see me or try to deter my interactions with the family. WHY did they change their tune..? Did the NHSP and other authorities have enough time to create the smoke screen needed to cloud the actual TRUTH.?

Another thing that is so absurd in this case is the ‘Damage to the Saturn’. It is inconsistent with what has been stated and portrayed by the police as well as several online anonymous personas. Why is there such an agenda to make people believe the Saturn hit a tree at the scene when it is so obvious that even a child can see the Saturn never hit any tree.

Why has there been such an agenda by the Haverhill PD, NHSP as well as so many online anonymous personas to discredit ‘witness A’ Karen McNamara and her account of what she saw that night. All of her info has been confirmed and documented……Yet they still deny her account of the evenings events. WHY is there such an agenda to discredit Karen and the FACT she saw #001 SUV, the Haverhill cruiser on the night of Feb 9th 2004. If the #001 was actually out of service as stated by LE and knowing that Karen’s account is CREDIBLE…….The HUGE question would be WHO was driving that #001 SUV……and WHY they are covering this info up. WHERE did the Haverhill PD have their police vehicles serviced back in 2004….? Did they have the vehicles serviced by Lavoie’s Auto-care.? Was the #001 SUV being test driven on the night of Feb. 9th 2004 around 7 pm.? IF so….WHO would have been driving that SUV…? Could the driver have been Mike Lavoie from lavoie Auto-Care…? Could this ALSO explain WHY Lavoie’s was called instead of Northland Auto to tow the Saturn….?

There are so many inaccuracies and inconsistencies in this case surrounding the night of Feb 9th 2004. Police report…..WRONG. 911 witness statements do not make sense or are changed. Hanover 911 log with Atwoods call not released in FOIA request. Saturn damage is obviously NOT determined correctly by Sgt. Cecil Smith…..EVEN after having 6 days to think about it before writing the report. ALL very interesting.

Next…………..I think it is time to insert James Renner into the picture, kinda like an unwanted enema.




James Renner approached Fred Murray about writing a book about Maura. Fred Murray told him to go away, a book was not going to help find Maura. James Renner took this as a personal attack and from that day on it was REVENGE for James, it had nothing to do with trying to find Maura, it was a vendetta, a manipulative mission to discredit Maura, Fred Murray and their family as well as anyone not willing to talk to him about Maura. Renner has been on a vengeful road since the day Fred Murray shut him down. He personally attacked me during this time and has been trying to discredit me for years. He has not accomplished that and never will, maybe a few of his anonymous followers has taken the bait but honestly they are nothing to this case, they are anonymous and therefore……irrelevant.


I think once the Texas Crew Documentary comes out on Oxygen this fall that there will be a lot more eyes opened and a more people seeing the other possibilities that can and DO exist. Here is the link for the trailer to the Doc coming out this fall.

I stand behind all My statements, thoughts and theories and have not wavered over the past 13 years. Trying to discredit me only makes me more persistent and stronger.

Some people just cannot handle the ‘Real Truth’

PEOPLE NEED TO GET THEIR FACTS STRAIGHT BECAUSE I HAVE NOT LIED IN ANY WAY ABOUT MY PAST OR PRIVATE DETECTIVE CREDENTIALS. I have been completely honest and all this info is able to be confirmed and documented IF indeed people took the time to do so. Most likely the info has been confirmed but it does not suit their agenda to confirm it………………..only to deny it.


John Smith @ Truth Seekers Investigations Group