February 9th 2004 was just another regular day for most people, more than likely nothing out of the ordinary occurred that will make you remember that day for the rest of your life. But for some February 9th 2004 changed their lives forever and that day from the past will be forever etched in their memory banks.

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At 7:27 pm on a Monday night in February of 2004 a call came into the GCSD 911 dispatch center to report 

Narrative………02/09/2004 – 7:40 Marsh, Ronda

“to adv. of a vehicle in the ditch right on the sharp turn after the Weathered Barn, unkown if personal injury, but can see a man in veh. smoking a cigarette, was E/B on Rte. 112 but ended up in W/B ditch facing W/B.”

GCSD dispatcher Ronda Marsh tones out Haverhill PD to the scene at 7:29. *Police only

School bus driver Butch Atwood passes the scene and offers help to a female but she declines assistance and the bus driver continues East 200 yds to his house where he pulls nose first into the driveway facing away from the road. he goes into his house to call 911.

Narrative……….02/09/2004 7:48 Marsh, Ronda (5 min time delay)

“At 7:43 Hanover dispatch called to adv. got a 911 call for us. 911 advised all circuits busy; is for 10-25. Caller at 2 Wild Ammonoosuc rd. Butch Atwood residence 747-2664. They adv. one female, NO PI (personal injury), but shook up. (Called the Atwood res. Woman adv. husband saw the crash and came here to call, but NO IDEA where the female is).”

GCSD printed Feb 10

SO………WHY WITH THE ABOVE INFO DID THEY WAIT 13 MINUTES TO DISPATCH FD & EMS UNITS TO THE SCENE. Faith Westman stated UNKNOWN INJURY & car in the ditch.  Protocol is to send FD & EMS when there are unknowns.

Did Atwood actually tell Hanover dispatch something that changed the decision to tone out FD & EMS.? There is NO indication in the  Hanover / Atwood narrative from the log above that would warrant them to call out FD & EMS after it was not done originally. INTERESTING FOR SURE.!!



IF there truly is evidence that there was another 911 caller reporting the accident then it fits right in with the SCANNER CALL overheard by 2 people at approx 7 pm on the night of Feb. 9th 2004. These people listening to the scanner heard the call for “a vehicle slid off the road on Swiftwater rd. driver left in private vehicle, FD & EMS called back.


The 1st GCSD log ever given to the family…..TAKE NOTICE OF BLANK AREA B4 SATURN ACC.

Did the actual 1st 911 caller (not Faith) a passerby witness the accident on Rte 112 ( which some people call Swiftwater rd.) somewhere before or at the WBC and give them info about the Saturn. (This could acct. for the ROGUE #001 Haverhill cruiser)

Atwood leaves the scene and Faith says she sees activity in and around the car, lights going on and off and then a flurry of activity around the trunk. So Faith is still watching the scene AFTER Atwood pulls away and there is activity and Faith is still on the phone with 911, so what is being told to Ronda Marsh, was Ronda told about the bus.? It would seem at this point that with LE on the way that 911 would be questioning the caller even more to assess the scene and give the responding officer more info.

SO…….If Faith was still on the phone with 911 why did she just go back to what she was doing b4 she made the call. If she was not relaying info to 911 why keep her on the phone.? Faith has stated she was on the phone w/ 911 for 17 minutes, the time it took for Sgt. Cecil Smith to arrive. Faith never sees the driver leave the scene…..Yet she is surprised when Officer Smith comes to her door asking her where the female is. Perfect timing or intentional timing…? This just does not make sense..!


Haverhill PD #002 sedan. Sgt Smith cruiser 2/9/04

7:46 pm Sgt. Cecil Smith arrives on scene to find the Saturn abandoned with NO driver in sight. Smith, a retired Army Intelligence Officer examines the scene and at some point speaks to Atwood and the Westman’s and determines it was a female after talking to Atwood. FD & EMS arrive on scene at 7:56 & 7:57, the FD unit had 8 people on board, the EMS unit had 2 EMT’s.

7:54 BOL put out…….”H-2 request all FD units BOL for female about 5′ 7″ on foot, victim of crash.

8:02 pm……EMS released from scene after only 6 minutes.

8:49……FD clears the scene, enroute back to station. 8:59 back at quarters but unavailable. Back in service at 9:41. So they were out of service for 42 minutes after arriving back at station.

8:50…..Lavoies has the Saturn…..H-2 clears the scene, but not the actual call (where did he go).? Was he searching the area and IF so….WHERE..?

9:26…..Sgt Smith is clear of Maura call and dispatched to Suicide call on Lime Kiln rd.


Now let’s pick this apart because there is so much surrounding the incident at the Weathered Barn scene as well as the days after that leave so many unanswered questions.

#1. When was the actual 1st call to 911….and who made that call.?

#2. Why when Faith called 911 at 7:27 and reported a 10-25 with unknown personal injury    did they only tone out Police and not FD & EMS. There was a 13 minute delay in toning out FD & EMS. WHY..?

#3. Why did it take Sgt. Cecil Smith 17 minutes to reach the scene.? Where was He responding from.?

#4. Why IF Faith was on the phone for 17 minutes was it not mentioned to dispatch that there was a 40 foot big yellow school bus on scene.?

#5. Why was the BOL only put out to the West to the FD units.?

#6. Why did they not go any further East than the intersection of Bradley Hill rd. and Rte 112 that night.?

#7. Why did they only talk to Atwood and the Westman’s and NOT go to any of the local residences that night.? Some of those people were not spoken to until a week later OR more.

#8. Why did the accident report state that the officer was responding to the report of a car into a tree when that was never mentioned in the narrative by Faith.?

#9. Why did the officer state that the Saturn had hit a tree when writing the report 6 days later.? It was obvious that it had not hit a tree and one would think an ‘Army Intelligence Officer’ now Sgt. of a police dept. would know that is NOT the TRUTH.

#10. Why was lavoie’s auto called for the tow service that night when Northland Towing was on the call list rotation for that night and had actually been called earlier in the day around 4:30 to pull a Haverhill cruiser out of a snowbank.

#11. Why was there a conversation overheard by neighbors of people arguing about jurisdiction.? (info recd. while the family was staying at the Wells River Motel. Lady named Ginny)

#12. Why did they not put out a BOL to all the surrounding areas that evening.?

#13. Why was the Saturn towed to and placed in the personal garage of Mike lavoie.? The Saturn was not brought to the business garage owned by Lavoie.

#14. Why when Mr. Murray saw the Saturn on Friday the 13th at Lavoies PRIVATE garage was the RAG still stuffed in the tailpipe.?

#15. Why did the police INSTRUCT Fred Murray to remove the RAG from the tailpipe before trying to start the car on 2/13/04.

#17. Why was the RAG in the tailpipe not treated as evidence at the scene and treated as such.? Why was the rag not put into evidence.?

#18. Was the Rag EVER treated as evidence and IF so was it EVER actually FORENSICALLY tested.?

#19. What happened to the bag with 3 or 4….2 liter soda bottles witnessed by Abbey Kennedy from the FD unit.?

#20. How did Susan Champy witness the passenger side door open when she passed the scene at approx. 7:55 pm.? How can that be possible when LE says the doors were locked and it was not entered until they obtained a warrant.?

#21. Who were the 2 bystanders with Sgt. Smith that were witnessed by Susan Champy when she went by the scene at about 7:55.?

#22. What was the acceleration and thud that was heard by the Westman’s.? Since We know now that the Saturn NEVER hit the tree there has to be another explanation for those noises. Remember the Westman’s heard this from inside the house with closed windows and doors……It had to be a significant noise for sure.

#23. How did the Marrotte’s actually see anything that night considering the vantage point from the kitchen window.? The view is directly thru the dense forest so at best, Mr Marrotte would have most likely seen the reverse lights but as for any other activity that is questionable.

#24. The Westman’s stated that NO other cars passed the scene that night…..although Atwood contradicts that statement by saying he saw at least 3 or 4 pass by but could not identify any of them. I find this interesting because Mr. Westman is adamant that the Saturn was heading EAST and He knows that because of the way the headlights shine in their windows. So…..IF Atwood is not lying about seeing the cars go by and Faith was on the phone with 911 either watching the scene and Tim was back in the office, how on earth could they have missed 3 or 4 vehicles go by…..AND most likely SLOW DOWN because there is a disabled car in the wrong lane. NONE of those cars stopped to offer assistance.? Did one of those cars stop and Faith saw something..? Did Faith turn away because she saw something..?

#25. Why did Atwood give 2 different scenarios of what he witnessed to the cops.?

A. He came upon the scene and witnessed the driver from the face up with the airbag deployed, he shone a flashlight on her and spoke to her from the steps of the bus.

B. He came upon the scene and witnessed Maura getting out of the car on the drivers side and struggling a bit bc the car was close to the snowbank. He said he got off the bus this time and talked to her over the car.

#26. Why did NHSP Commander John Scarinza lie about having a trooper on scene that night.? Why did it take almost 4 days for Scarinza to admit there was a NHSP Trooper there that night. Why did John Monaghan NOT sign off at the scene in an official capacity.

#27. Why did a police officer employed by Franconia Chief John Monaghan recently state and I quote “My Chief was the 1st person on scene of the Maura Murray accident.”

#29. Why was there a rogue Haverhill PD cruiser, the #001 B & W SUV seen by Karen McNamara on Swiftwater rd. where she was passed by said SUV going in the same direction with blue lights on. Again this SUV was seen by KM when she reached the intersection of Rte 112 and Goose lane. The SUV was headed East towards Lincoln. KM headed East to Lincoln and could see the blue lights off and on as it went around the corners and over the small hills but eventually lost sight of the SUV. KM reached the WBC on Rte 112 and when turning the corner noticed the #001 SUV nose-to-nose with the Black Saturn in the eastbound lane. She drove past the scene, did not see anyone and continued on her way home.

#30. Why did the Haverhill PD and the NHSP lie about the #001 Haverhill SUV being in service that night.? They insist that the #001 was OUT OF SERVICE. It was being used earlier in the day and the last cop known to be driving it was Chief Jeff Williams.

#31. Why did Chief Jeff Williams call the GCSD dispatch the next morning at 7 am and request to speak with the head of dispatch ASAP.? Why did Williams need to speak to Tommy Andross ASAP. Was he frantic about something.?

#32. Why was the 1st copy of the GCSD log given to the family an edited and manipulated version.? Why were there 3 different versions of the GCSD log for the event of the same evening.?

#33. Why was the box of Franzia wine crushed and broken (leaking).? It was NOT caused during the spin-out. These boxes are very solid and contain an inner plastic bladder, it is very hard to make one leak.

#34. Why did Sgt. Smith tell the Westman’s about the rag in the tailpipe..?

#35. Why did NHSP CCU Chuck ‘Asshole’ West say “Oh, You people from Mass. that keep coming up here and getting lost”

#36. Why when KM came fwd again about the #001 Haverhill cruiser being seen at the WBC on Feb 9th 2004 did Chuck West come out of the woodwork and adamantly state that “Whatever you think you saw did not happen” & “What you are stating is a very serious accusation and is criminal” WOWZA…..! That sounds like a threat to Me.

#37. Why in April of 2004 did Det. Bruno and Hubbard from the NHSP come to My work and threaten to arrest me for interfering with an investigation if I offered to and or helped the Murray’s in their quest for answers. A very veiled threat by the NHSP.

#38. Why did the NHSP never come back to see me again after their 1st visit.? I was fully involved in the case by the end of April 2004 and working closely with the Murray’s. I find it odd that they never came back……13 years later and NOT 1 visit.

#39. Why was there 2 pair of black leather gloves in the Saturn.? Maura did not like leather although she did receive a pair from Sharon Rausch for Xmas 2003.

#40. Why did the NHSP choose to use one of the pair of leather gloves for the dogs doing the scent search.? There were other clothes in the car which would have had more of her scent , fresh laundry, recently folded, recently packed and in a duffle bag used by Maura all the time.

#41. Why did the NHSP turn over all the stuff from the car to the family on Feb 19th 2004.? Whys did they also offer the Saturn back to Mr. Murray within the first 2 months.?

#42. When the NHSP offered the Saturn back to Mr Murray and he did not want it, I offered to take the car. Mr Murray relayed this info to NHSP and they then took the car into evidence. INTERESTING FOR SURE.

#43. Why when the Saturn was taken by the NHSP as evidence was it never treated as such.? The car was left outside in the elements and NOT in a fenced in area.!!

#44. Why did it take 13 years and a bunch of pressure before Fred Murray was ever shown the ATM video.? Why when this did occur was He only shown still photos of the girl at the ATM. Fred did say it was Maura at the ATM after viewing the stills…..BUT why did it take 13 years..?

#45. Why did Maura not get arrested for the Corolla accident in Hadley.? Who had the power to make that go away.? Officer Mark Ruddock or Sgt. Jeffrey Skinner perhaps.

#46.  Who called 911 for the Corolla crash in Hadley.? Maura did not have her phone, she had left it with Sarah. Not sure Why.

#47. Why was Billy Rausch so frantic in the couple days before Maura disappeared.? His cell phone bill indicates that he had knowledge of an issue. I think some things were said during the early morning hours during those calls from Fred’s phone. I sometimes wonder IF it was Maura calling Billy…..or perhaps it was Fred. Did Maura tell Her father something about Billy..?

#48. Why did Kate Markopolous & Sarah Alfieri never come to NH to help look for their friend Maura.

#49. Why in 13 years of looking into this case have I found so many connections to ROCKWOOD TENNESSEE. This is NOT a coincidence.

I am sure there are many more but My brain is starting to hurt……!

*****************BUT THIS IS ENOUGH*******************