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An intense look into the unsolved murders and missing persons of New England, the silence that is disturbing and the connection to Tourism.

Definitely not when $5 Billion is involved

“Tourism is New Hampshire’s second-largest industry, generating more than $5 billion of economic activity per year in the state”

 We can’t afford to live without your money

This is a very interesting article.



Great video found on YouTube…….


The partial remains of Pamela Webb were found by My brother Butch and a co-worker.



Here the area from which Pamela Webb was taken……See below.


“The Webbs have alleged the following: Haas was a Maine State Police Trooper assigned to patrol the Turnpike. On July 1, 1989, Haas went on duty at 11:00 p.m., entered the Turnpike in Gray, and drove south. At approximately 11:35 p.m., he observed a disabled pickup in the southbound breakdown lane near mile 30 in Biddeford. Haas did not see anyone around the vehicle and observed that the truck had a flat tire, a spare tire was on the pavement, and the truck’s tailgate was down. Haas did not stop but proceeded south to the York toll booth. He remained there for approximately an hour and fifteen minutes.

*1008 Thereafter, Haas drove north and again observed the disabled pickup. He did not observe anything different and again did not stop. Eventually, at 2:30 a.m., he stopped and conducted an inspection of the pickup. He filled out a patrol check card, which is used to mark and identify disabled vehicles. Haas did not order the vehicle towed because there was a dog in it.

On July 2, 1989, blood was found near the pickup and earrings were found ground into the gravel nearby. The State Police suspected that the driver may have been abducted. At a meeting with his night supervisor the next evening, Haas denied seeing the vehicle when he passed by the site at approximately 11:35 p.m. the previous night. The State Police subsequently opened an investigation into the disappearance of Pamela Webb, but Haas did not tell the investigators that he actually first saw her truck at 11:35 p.m. on the night of July 1.

On approximately July 18, 1989, the body of Pamela Webb was found in the woods of New Hampshire. It was determined that Webb had been the driver of the pickup and that she had been murdered.

In September 1989, Haas admitted that he first observed the pickup at 11:35 p.m. Haas was instructed to complete a report on the incident, and in the report Haas incorrectly stated that he had stopped, checked the pickup, and filled out a patrol check card at 11:35 p.m. He also gave the investigators a falsified patrol check card stating that he inspected the vehicle at 11:35 p.m.

On October 11, 1989, Haas admitted for the first time that he did not stop at 11:35 p.m. on the night of July 1 and that he did not inspect Webb’s truck until 2:30 a.m. on July 2. He also admitted that the patrol check card he submitted in September had been falsified. Haas was dismissed from the State Police effective November 20, 1989 for the falsification of official State Police records and for his untruthfulness during the investigation of the disappearance and murder of Pamela Webb.

From July 2, 1989 until February 7, 1992, the Webbs had continuing contact with the State Police. On February 7, 1992, a member of the State Police called Mrs. Webb to tell her about an article concerning Haas’s dismissal that was expected to be published the next day in the Kennebec Journal. This was the first time the Webbs learned that Haas had been fired or that he had been suspected of wrongdoing. Thereafter, the Webbs filed a formal notice of claim pursuant to the Act, and, on June 30, 1992, they filed this action against Haas, the State of Maine, and the Turnpike Authority. The trial court subsequently granted Haas’s motion for a stay of discovery.”

Please check out the links below to everything I can find on the Pamela Webb case.

This one is intriguing.

Lin Cor Environmental llc does business in NH. They do business with Jet Star Auto salvage on Rte 10 in Haverhill NH.

So thought I would toss the info below in as well. I am not saying there is any connection…….But I will say the place Pamelas body was found would have been on the rte used by Jet star trucking .

A former employee of Jet Star, Claude Moulton is a long haul trucker that delivered to Lin Cor in Sanford Maine. Both Jet Star & Lin Cor are Salvage / recycling yards (CAR CRUSHERS) and both have had environmental issues. Jet Star was run by Dan Marsh and the business has had several issues with the town and the employees there are sketchy to say the least.

“Because of past environmental indiscretions, Lin-Cor Environmental is required to notify the DEP when they set up to crush cars at a given junkyard.”






REMEMBER WHAT Sgt. Charles West of the NHSP Troop F stated to the Murray’s about Maura and Patric McCarthy. “Why do you people from Mass keep coming up here and getting lost.?” Talk about an insensitive unprofessional thing to say to a grieving family.

Rest in Peace

Pamela Webb

Patric McCarthy

and so many more that have been let down by the powers that be to bring justice to their cases. ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING & DISTURBING.

This is being worked on by several people and is concentrating on the Connecticut River valley Killers. The contents of this letter will be posted soon.




     It was 1985….. I was 25 years old and living in West Palm Beach working in the restaurant business as a line cook. While watching a local news station there was a small piece about this case and being from NH it immediately hit home, it was just so horrible and surreal. After the initial report there was not any coverage because they had no clues and nothing new to share. The case kind of faded away from the public eye and from My mind as well.


It was 2000…..I was 41 years old and living back in my hometown of Bethlehem when the news of the second set of barrels were found in Allenstown NH. It was surreal, it was like listening to it the first time, it was as if I was back in Florida sitting on the couch when hearing it, it was a flashback, it was not a happy memory.


So the news in 2000 was the reawakening of the case for Me and started the new fire in the brain bucket. Unfortunately there was not a lot of information about the case, even about the 1st set of barrels found, mostly just the approximate location they were found and that they were female but unidentified. The 2cd set of barrels revealed nothing more useful to Police to aid them in their investigation, they were basically at a standstill because of the lack of evidence. So this would mean an intense deep look into what they had…..what direction to proceed and make a strategic plan to help solve this case. Well from what We know now 16 years later it seems the case is no further advanced than it was back in 1985. Yes it is 31 years later and forensics has become more available and reliable but yet again they find them selves with NO real evidence to test. The person or persons responsible for this disgusting act are monsters, they are not human, they are Sub-human and the fact they walk the earth and breathe the same air as We do is infuriating.

Here is the Wiki page about the case.

In February of 2004,  Maura Murray’s Saturn SL2 was found at the WBC in Haverhill NH but there was NO driver at the scene upon arrival of police. I became involved  when I offered services to the Murray family to aide them in their personal look into the case, this was in April of 2004.


The Maura case was so intriguing and I found it hard to let it go, there has been something about this case that has been calling since the beginning. I answered the call and have not disconnected from trying to make the connection even clearer. At every turn there was something that lead down a path that somehow seemed connected, could it be possible this was the answer or maybe this could be it, so many paths, which one to follow. If I could recreate where this case has taken me over the years you would be amazed and shocked because I know I am. There have been so many things over the years that just keep coming back………….

    Coincidences…. NO……I don’t believe in coincidences, everything happens for a reason, our path is chosen even though like a tree it branches off in many directions, Yes we make choices in life but there is only one True path. Follow the path, don’t fear the unknown and in the end You will be where You are supposed to be, back to the roots.

During the investigation into Maura’s case I wandered all over the state of NH and Vt in search of clues, this even brought me to Allenstown NH but nothing seemed to fit. Someone very close to the Murray case used to live in Allenstown back in the day but to no avail my investigation again proved fruitless. I was hitting a brick wall and just could not seem to make it over that wall. There was something I was MISSING……WHAT WAS IS..?

Behold…….Along came a long awaited source of info, someone that has dug deep and uncovered some long sought info. A big Thank You to siblings Scott Maxwell and Ronda  Randall of Oak Hill Research for their work on the Allenstown NH case. They came up with a ton of great info and have been working diligently to bring more light to the case and in the hopes of helping to solve the Mysterious case of the ‘4 females in the barrels’…’The Allenstown Four’.


‘Oak Hill Research is in no way associated with or working in conjunction with Truth Seekers Investigations of Bethlehem NH. The links to their pages is to show the connections I have made as well as give credit to Oak Hill Research for their extensive work on this case. Oak Hill Research does not necessarily agree with or in any way have anything to do with the actual content of this blog post. This disclaimer is also meant to exhibit that Oak Hill Research does not want people to think they are in any way linking the Allenstown case to the Murray case .

^^^^^^^^Please do not contact Oak Hill Research about the Murray case^^^^^^^^


Here is their website below… well as Facebook page

Because of the research of Scott and Ronda combined with what I have accumulated over the past 13 years I believe there is a good chance the answer is very close….the puzzle is becoming more complete….. like it has been right there all along sitting on the table in plain sight. Is it possible the gathering of info into 2 different investigations by 2 separate groups  will shed some more light on what have become 2 mysterious cases engulfed by time, distanced by approximately 87 miles and 1 hr. and 45 minutes travel time. Maybe the parallel lines that surround these cases have finally become skewed enough so that they may intersect creating a new line of sight.


Could approximately 87 miles hold the answers for 2 cold cases.

Interestingly enough after going through Oak Hill’s  research I have come up with a few intriguing things that caught My attention. The things I came up with certainly should make one think and open their mind to the possibilities. I will now tell You what was found and it is up to You to decide if it is noteworthy…. at all worthwhile……or just a branch on the tree that holds no weight.

So to get started……Let’s begin with Rick Forcier who has a connection to the Maura Murray case because of what He states he saw on the night of Feb. 9th 2004 as well as the location of his residence which is within eyesight, approximately 200 ft. of where the Saturn was found. Also one must remember that Forcier did not come forward to police about seeing a person running down the road until April 29th 2004, two-and-a-half-months-later. Rick also stated upon different occasions when interviewed that He was “home sleeping on the couch and did not hear anything” and then that was later changed to “Oh now that I look at my work logs, I would have been just getting home about 8 pm after leaving a job site in Franconia.” Rick also told the neighbors, jokingly of course, “Maura is staying at my house, she is a great cook” All just interesting things that need to be analyzed.

Before Rick moved to NH in 2001 he was living in Chichester NH and as a child grew up in Goffstown and attended Goffstown High. After high school Rick lived in Allenstown and during this time actually went to ‘The Cape’ and lived in a tent somewhere close to Provincetown. Rick grew up hunting in NH and was know to even keep a kill book to compare with other hunters. One of Rick’s favorite places to hunt was ‘Bear Brook State Park’ area. This place is very close to Bear Brook Gardens in Allenstown and actually part of the property abuts the state park. Forcier it turns out is also and avid hunter, tracker and taxidermist. From what I gained from a close source when he would make a kill there was a ritual every time and one of the things involved smearing the animals blood on his body. He also owned a piece of property in PA that was sold approximately 5 years ago +/- a couple years.

The next person I would like to speak about is Normand Boisvert who resides in Easton NH on Hummingbird lane. I had never come across Normand until about 2008 when him and his wife Alma Jean were in court because of an incident with Gregory Floyd, the guy that killed Liko Kenney after Liko had killed Cpl. Bruce McKay. Greg Floyd and his family are another whole story. I was in court that day and Greg Floyd was out of his mind and even threatened to kill me on his way out of the courtroom. In the hallway to the courtroom is where he assaulted one NHSP trooper, 2 bailiffs GCSD Sheriffs. He also kicked the door window out of the cruiser. I could go on………

So Normand Boisvert and his wife Alma lived on Hummingbird lane back in 2004, there place is ‘The-Last-Place-on-the-Left’……a dead end road right on the edge of the White Mountain National Forest. They run an auto repair garage in Lincoln,  NH just about 12 miles or so east of their home, it is called AJ & Norms. Hummingbird lane is about 6 or 7 miles from the WBC in the easterly direction.

Before moving to NH the Boisvert’s lived in Allenstown, NH, they moved the approx. 90 miles north back around 1999 / 2000. They had also previously lived in Pemroke NH. When they lived in Allenstown their address was Bear Brook VillaAllenstown, NH 03275. Bear Brook Village is another trailer park located just a couple miles from Bear Brook Gardens. While living in Allenstown the Boisvert’s also lived at 142 Monroe AveAllenstown, NH 03275. Also at the time they owned and operated an Auto repair shop.

When they first opened their auto shop in Lincoln it was on Rte 3  @  Us Route 3Lincoln, NH 03251.


They moved from that location and are now located @


Well it turns out that Normand is a Sex Offender…

It also seems as though he is within mile of a School. What are the laws in NH about SO’s and how close they can work or live to a school. There is one in Littleton just down the street from me that is a stones throw from the school and within sight of it as well.


Another great resource is the link below created by Oak Hill Research.

One of the people on the above link also moved from Allenstown to Littleton NH with a stop in Biddeford Maine along the way. Warren Yeargle (deceased) also seems to have left the southern part of the state at around the same time as Forcier and Boisvert. And it just so happens that Warren had a peripheral connection to this case through relatives.


    After months of looking into this and trying to piece it all together this is what I have come up with. Maybe it is all just more static in the big picture but I refuse to give up until it becomes clearer.

Is it possible these 3 people know each other from living in the same area, very close proximity, could they have been friends when they all lived in southern NH, could they have been hunting buddies or is there no connection to them at all.?


PLEASE NOTE…….I AM NOT ACCUSING ANYONE OF ANYTHING. This is merely a gathering of information that would lead one to want to investigate it in depth to rule it out.

So…..PLEASE look at the info, do some digging of your own, tear into this info with an open mind and see if you can make the direct connection, if there is one.

Just thought I would throw this link in here as well…….

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