I know there has not been much new info posted lately on this blog. Although there has been nothing posted here does not mean there is not a lot happening. There is actually tons of things going on ‘Behind-the-Scenes’ that will actually bring forth some answers to some big questions. 

The professional individuals that have recently become intertwined in this investigation bring forth years of experience and a new set of Eyes to See, Ears to Listen and Noses to put to the Grindstone in a concerted attempt to unravel the mystery that is “The Disappearance of Maura Murray”

nose to grind

PLEASE be patient while the group digs even deeper into what seems like ‘The-Never-Ending-Maura-Story’

I will not be posting on the blog unless there is something that can be shared and of substance that I wish to have here as a reference source. Other than that I may be posting occasionally on the Facebook and Twitter pages associated with the case to a do a quick update or as a response to someone.

Thank You

John @ Truth Seekers Investigations Group