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Because of recently obtained information pertaining to this case and the future path this investigation will take…… I will NO LONGER be adding to this blog post as I had stated.

Thank You for Your understanding on this matter.

John @ Truth Seekers Investigations



I am working on this blog post today and will set it free to the world tomorrow. It is time to open the Pandora’s Box and see what develops.

Just the quick post I made about this on Facebook brought out the reinforcements to try and stop this story before it is even written.!!!!


PREPARE FOR & BEWARE OF THE PERFECT STORM THAT IS AT THE HORIZON. All the factors are there to create a swell that will wash ashore the hidden truth.



We are going back to UMASS and the beginning, Lot 12 and the mysterious actions by all those involved in this case, both closely and on the peripheral. The edges of this case are rough and they must be planed down to show the growth rings as well as the knots and the imperfections that plague this proverbial Redwood that has grown in so many different directions only to make the climb that much more difficult.




The-Not-So-Confidential-Informant. What Happened to Maura Murray.?


SO……………….Is it possible that Maura Murray was in more trouble than ANYONE knew about. And when I say ANYONE…..I mean EVEN her family was not privy to this info because it was never brought to the light of day by Law Enforcement, AND for a very good reason.

Well, We do know Maura had an issue at West Point, although in My book this was a mere infraction IF indeed the story WP is telling is the EXACT TRUTH.

So let’s just say that the WP story is the pure truth then that is not a BIG DEAL at all in the big picture, a tube of lipstick.

NOW……Let’s move to UMASS and the credit card issues, this is a bit more of an issue and I guess this would show some sort of pattern. And….seeing that it was more than just one occasion the stolen CC was used to purchase food it is possible there is ‘more-than-meets-the-eye’ as to what was really going on in her life.

Also……We are pretty sure because of the recent info Renner received from Mass. that the Saturn was NOT involved in the Vasi incident. Maybe this is true or just another fabrication by the cops. I will talk about that later.



The security shift Maura was working on the just before VASI was struck at the intersection of Triangle and Mattoon……ended at MIDNIGHT and she was done her shift. During the time that Vasi was hit is almost the exact time that Maura was on the phone with Billy Rausch. Did the Saturn actually hit Vasi while Maura and Billy were on the phone together.? This could explain the frantic calls from Billy starting on Sunday the 8th and continuing thru the 11th. Was Billy trying to cover for Maura in some way or did he end it all because of this incident and told her so much.?

It seems like Maura Murray would have left work around midnight, then talked to Billy Rausch in Oklahoma between 12:07 AM and 12:14 AM.


Then there is the Corolla accident on early Sunday am and the $10,000 in damage. Maura had been drinking earlier in the evening and when Fred left her she was going to a party, supposedly at the dorm room of Sarah Alfieri, although this has never actually been confirmed by anyone.

Why was Maura NOT arrested and booked for DUI over this accident. Who besides the UMASS PD was there and WHO had the power to let her go w/o an arrest, of course that is IF she was indeed ‘drunk-or-legally-under-the-influence’. Does Skinner of the UMASS PD know more than he is saying. Did Maura have a ‘Get-Out-of-Jail-Free-Card’ because of her connection to UMASS Security..?



So……………….WHO was the UMASS PD officer on the scene of the Corolla crash.? Was this officer on duty or off duty. Was this officer someone very familiar with Maura Murray because he worked with her at UMASS in the security dept.?

Also………….If the Saturn was seen by the Body Shop Garage / Reliance Auto for some reason and We know there was a call made to this garage on Sat. afternoon from Maura’s cell what does this say..?

Apparently the Corolla was also seen by the same garage or at least shown pictures of the damaged Corolla. WHY would this be done?

Why did the UMASS PD personally go to Alden Olson’s house and serve him a NO-TRESPASS order after asking a simple question of Off. Jeffrey Skinner. That basic simple question being…..’What are the stickers for UMASS campus and how do they work.’ Please see the link to Alden’s blog post below as well as the video.

From Alden’s blog…….

Who are the UMASS PD and what are their backgrounds.? Who rules over them and their actions.? What are the UMASS cops actually involved in and what are they into.?


Why did Maura leave town in such a hurry on that Monday Feb. 9th 2004.? Why would she drive a car that was said to be running on 3 cylinders all the way to NH when it was not even being driven around the UMASS campus.? What caused Maura to make such a split decision, IF that is the case and it was not a plan, to be so irrational.?

Is it possible Maura was in much bigger trouble and the decision was made out of fear from SOMEONE………..Who could that have been. There are a few different options here.

WHAT IF…………………….Maura had gotten into so much trouble she was taken on as a Confidential InformantĀ  by the UMASS PD or even Amherst or Hadley PD.


Was Maura possibly running from the whole Confidential Informant thing or is it possible she was running from the actual people she had informed upon.? WHO could it be..????

Was Maura running from those who threatened her with jail time as well as other things IF she did not cooperate.?


Or could she have been running from the people that were ‘Snitched-Upon’ and IF so did they follow her to NH…………………OR………Did Maura never leave Massachusetts..?


UMASS Amhesrt has used C I’s before and it did not go well.

Here is another horror story I found about LE using C I’s to do undercover operations.

Also………………WHY on earth did NHSP detectives come to be back in April of 2004 and tell me to stay away from the Murray’s and this case. They accused Me of interfering in an ongoing investigation. That was the furthest thing from the truth and 1 month later I was involved YET…..NHSP has not confronted Me since then. INTERESTING, VERY VERY INTERESTING FOR SURE.

WHAT……Actually occurred at the WBC on Feb. 9th 2004 and WHY did NHSP lie about Trooper John Monaghan being there and WHY the lies about the Haverhill NH #001 B & W SUV being in the area that evening.? Why did Both the Haverhill PD as well as NHSP tell witness “A” that there was NO….. #001 B & W Haverhill SUV on duty that night.?

Why will the FBI not investigate this case further and actually take it over. The petition I started is almost to 5,000 signatures and soon enough will be forwarded to the FBI along with copies to the NHSP CCU, The NHSP Troop F and Haverhill PD as well as UMASS PD. What they need to read beside My words in the petition……is the COMMENTS FROM THE SIGNERS. Those tell the real story and the feelings of many locals who feel the need for the FBI to ‘TAKE OVER THE CASE COMPLETELY.

Something is rotten…..something smells bad and the only way to get rid to the stench is to dig deeper and filter out all the possibilities.

WHY WHY WHY…………………..Answers are out there someplace.




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