April 2016


Here is My interview w/ Jordan from the ‘Nighttime Podcast’


Thinking the loud THUD heard by Tim and Faith was more than likely the AIRBAG DEPLOYMENT. Please watch the video below found by Alex and listen to the sound this thing makes. It is unbelievably loud. And the FACT that the trees were not damaged at the scene correspond and fit into the big picture pretty well.

Tim Westman stated there was…..”an acceleration and a thud” or “A thud and an acceleration”

Also the FACT that Alex’s comment keeps getting removed from the podcast episode is surely a sign that someone does not like this theory……NOT AT ALL. Interesting for sure.


Comment below by Alex………….Thank You Sir.

I have posted the following comment on Episode 23 of the podcast at least 4 times now, in regard to the airbag itself possibly being the reason for the “spider crack”. The comment gets reported and deleted, and I have no idea why. This has happened at least 3 times and I have been assured it was not by Tim and Lance. Again, no idea who this comment would offend enough to continuously report. I will repost it there every time it’s taken down.
I will post it here too, in case you don’t read the comments over there. This isn’t hard proof of anything, just stuff to consider.
“I looked into this before as I read a quote from an accident investigator that the crack in the windshield was “100% from an airbag deploying”, though admittedly I was unable to again find this quote.
I did find a couple videos that interested me however.
This video shows a Saturn of the same year and model as Maura’s. In the video’s description it is stated that the vehicle was stationary at a traffic light and another driver ran into him. In this scenario I would think the driver of the Saturn would NOT have hit their head on the windshield. If you pause the video at 27 seconds you’ll see a “spider crack” nearly identical to the one in Maura’s windshield. I can’t say this wasn’t caused by other forces from the impact (or from damage at a later date) as I’m not qualified. I tried contacting the poster of the video for more information, but to no avail.
I also noted this video.
This shows a Saturn airbag being deployed. I had honestly no idea they were that loud. To me, this could be a possible explanation for the sound heard by the witness(es) that claim to have heard the vehicle hit a tree.”

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