Just looking closer into the GCSD logs and fitting the timeline into certain scenarios that are plausible and or possible.


Could the damage to the Saturn have been done in Lebanon at the truckstop which was back then called Fort Lou’s. Could Maura have left there with the damaged car and drove it to the WBC location. Could LE have been looking for the Saturn already.? Could that explain why the #001 SUV was seen with the blues engaged when noticed on Swiftwater rd by Witness “A” and then again nose to nose with the Saturn at the WBC at approximately 7:30 pm Feb 9th 2004.? Could any of this explain the reasons why LE has been fabricating and enhancing this case with its own script. Could this also explain WHY NHSP Trooper John Monagahan has never commented on the night of Monday Feb. 9th 2004.? Could this also explain WHY NHSP Commander John Scarinza stated on Wed. Feb 11th 2004 that He knew nothing of the case until that day and denied that there was even ever a NHSP Trooper on scene on the 9th. It was only later on that NHSP Scarinza finally admitted that ‘Yes Indeed, there was a Trooper there that night and He did in fact aid in the search that night.’ Interesting for sure….!!!!!

I sure would like to know more about the circumstances behind this call below (04-4744) which fits pretty nicely into the timeline and certainly adds some more mystery.

WHY were the Lebanon / Hanover GCSD logs not released as part of the FOIA documents.? Do they contain some other info which would solidify My above theory.

Thinking out of the Box………….


This is another SUICIDE attempt according to the un-redacted report. WHY so many suicides in such a short time. Coincidences..!..?