GCSD police call log  04-4742  ‘MISSING’

GCSD police call log   04-4747  ‘MISSING’

GCSD police call log   04-4755 ‘MISSING’

GCSD police call log   04-4767  ‘MISSING’

04-4742 MISSING between 6:02 pm and 6:08 pm = 6 minutes

04-4747 MISSING between 6:37 pm and 7:00 pm = 23 minutes

04-4755 MISSING between 7:49 pm and 8:07 pm = 18 minutes

04-4767 MISSING between 11:03 pm and 11:37 pm = 34 minutes

So what does all this mean…?

It is a HUGE INDICATION that incidents on the GCSD police logs were omitted from a time starting at 6:02 pm until 8:07 pm with 3 calls and again from 11:03 pm til 11:37 pm for one more call. I have documents that prove this claim.

The important part of these 2 hrs. and 5 minutes is that they surround the time of the sighting of SUV #001 on Swiftwater rd. and the Saturn accident at the WBC and the observation by witness “A” of that same SUV #001 at the scene nose to nose with the Saturn. 

Another interesting thing with the 34 minutes missing just before midnight is that it is just after the 10:41 pm call for H2 Cecil Smith, Texas truck K69-LFC (RED FLAGGED by the DEA) subject making a cell call. But H-2 never clears from that call..!

Also of note is the fact that the above call at 10:41 is odd because H-2 Cecil Smith was still at Cottage hospital according to the log. HE DID NOT CLEAR THE HOSPITAL UNTIL 11:07..!!

The next call is at 11:38 for a suspicious person on Central st. by Riverview Mkt. and the calling party was “X”….Interesting, NO NAME of calling party here, simply an “X”, No name redacted. VERY INTERESTING. Cleared in 5 minutes.

So Officer Smith left the hospital without signing back on, checked a vehicle in a parking lot, the Texas truck and then says he was headed back en route to the hospital. I am having trouble with this information..!

The information on these logs is definitely cause to dig deeper into all the events surrounding the hours from 6:03 pm until 11:37 pm.

Here are the records…….




It goes deeper than this and the first accident may have been a bit further away than Swiftwater rd.

Figuring the info out……awesome

Having the documents to back it up……PRICELESS….!