LE gave the Murrays the car items / evidence within the first couple of weeks, so lets say on or about the 18th of Feb.  The picture below depicts Kathleen, Maura’s older sister sitting on the floor of the Wells River Motel among the items from the Saturn. The NHSP even offered to let Fred Murray take the car back at the same time but Fred did not want the crashed car that was not worth any money. If only He would have taken that car things might be different. I offered a space for the Saturn at My house to have it for my personal investigation. That never came to fruition. Damn..!

All these items were given to the family before any fingerprints were taken, any testing was done and any of the items had been inventoried. This was done in the period of time where LE knew at this point they had more than a walk-away from a very minor car accident. They new there was much more to it than what was first thought but really did not handle it quite right, they tossed the puck around the ice and never hit the net. They ignored that evidence for 4 1/2 months………..Interesting right…!

Oh Yeah…..and whatever happened to the diamond necklace and Monkey.????

The Saturn sat uncovered, unprotected from the elements behind Lavoie’s Auto on Rte 10 after it was moved from his personal garage where it was enclosed. For all those months it sat there until it was FINALLY retrieved by NHSP and brought to the NHSP Troop F Troop Barracks…….also known as “Camp Courage.” Once it arrived there it was also not covered, protected or stored in a secure facility / not even in the fenced area. The Saturn sat in this location for 11 yrs under the same conditions until just about 4 months ago when the Saturn was no longer there. It is assumed that the car was taken to NH CCU on Hazen Drive in Concord NH.

Was the rag in the tailpipe EVER REALLY treated as evidence and tested..? I doubt that considering that it was still in the tailpipe when Fred saw the car on the 13th of Feb. 2004 @ Mike Lavoie’s personal home garage. As well as the fact they had Fred remove the rag from the tailpipe before starting the Saturn. Also the car did start up and no fule cut off switch was reset to accomplish that.

And of course all the items which turned into evidence is not worth much as far as legally viable in a court of law. The items which became evidence were by this time tainted and only possibly useful as a tool in obtaining clues. Of course this should have been done week one but was ignored and this shows the complete lack of a professional investigation in what the NHSP describe as ‘A POSSIBLE HOMICIDE.’

How many cases has this occurred in…………….I know of a few but that is for My next Blog I will be creating soon.

The name of the new blog will be called……”LIVE PLEA or LIE”

Below there are documents that show the EVIDENCE / ITEMS that were FINALLY RETRIEVED by the NHSP on June 28th 2004…..Yup here are the 4 1/2 months that this evidence was COMPLETELY IGNORED  by NHSP as part of a POSSIBLE HOMICIDE INVESTIGATION.

SO…..WHY all of a sudden on June 25th, going by the Possessed Property Report, did all these just plain items back in Feb. of 04…..BECOME EVIDENCE that was NOW IMPORTANT to the investigation. And then it took them 3 days from the date of the report to make the drive to Hanover, Ma. to obtain the items / evidence on the 28th.

The dorm room was checked on the 10th of Feb. by LE.  Her belongings were left in her dorm until Saturday, May 29, 2004. The items were then taken to Tim n Kat Carpenters house in Hanover Mass.

Below is evidence that NHSP was involved on Feb. 11th of 2004 and reconfirmed on the 19th. This is interesting because IF NHSP were really that involved and treating it as a ‘possible homicide’ then why would they not want the items / evidence found in the Saturn that were given to the Murray family in the first week of the so-called investigation.

One would think these items would be a MAJOR part of the investigation into the disappearance / possible homicide.

1. The senior assistant attorney general, Strelzin stated that the Attorney General’s office has been involved in Maura Murray’s case since February 19, 2004 AND
2. That “we don’t typically do missing person’s cases unless it looks like it’s an obvious homicide or it has those overtones”

3. Detective Todd Landry testified that he was involved in the case since 2/11/2004 and when asked if certain categories of info would harm this case if released his answer is always the same “Yes”