Maura did not wear leather gloves. There were 2 pair of black gloves found in the Saturn as shown here on the possessed property report, it has been stated in other sources that these gloves were leather. One (1) pair of these gloves were supposedly given to Maura at Xmas 2003. I do find it odd that Sharon gave these to Maura when one would  think she would be aware that Maura did not wear leather after all she loved her like a daughter.

Today I was supplied with info that speaks to a local rumor that the black gloves belonged to an Officer because they were police issue. I have not confirmed this rumor yet…..BUT at this point with what We know about this investigation and the fact that at least one witness has admitted to seeing the car door open with 2 bystanders and a Police officer there I am going to step out on a limb here and just throw the gloves into the wind and see where they fall, or should I say on whose hands they land.

Is it just possible that one at least one pair of those gloves could belong to a certain officer who had access to the Saturn on the night of Feb. 9th 2004. More than likely that would have occurred during the time the driver was at the car and there was indeed access to said vehicle. That time frame would be from the time the car crash was reported by Faith Westman the first 911 caller at 7:27 pm and the time just before Officer Smith arrived and found the car disabled, locked and NO driver.

Actual Officers on scene that night:

Sgt. Cecil Smith…..Haverhill NH PD….#002

Trooper John Monaghan lll…..NHSP

Suspected Officer /Chief on scene that night:

Chief Jeffrey Williams….Haverhill PD…..#001

So IF indeed the black police issue gloves belong to any officer on scene it would more than likely be Sgt. Smith as he was on scene with the door open when Witness Champy went by. This is the likely scenario but I don’t think it is the right one.

I think the gloves belong to the Officer driving the #001 B & W SUV seen 3 times, yes 3 times by witness “A” and one of those being at the WBC nose to nose with the black Saturn. I think that the driver was still there when #001 arrived to find the driver at the partially disabled car and the officer then spoke to the driver. At this point the car doors would have been unlocked and accessible and the gloves left there at this point.

But we have to remember that the doors were SUPPOSEDLY locked according to LE and the car was not opened until a warrant was issued. When was the warrant issued and who filed that warrant.? Where was the car located when it was first searched.? The cardoor was unlocked on Friday the 13th when Fred viewed the Saturn at Lavoie’s personal garage. Did the searh of the Saturn happen at the Lavoie property.?

Where oh where do these gloves FIT into the picture of this whole mystery.? Do they mean anything or is it just another waste of energy on some leather finger warmers.