The #001 Haverhill cruiser, Ford Explorer B & W displaying the word ‘POLICE’ and ‘001’. This is still very visible even after the decals have been removed and the vehicle had been driven by the new owner Ed O’Brien for 4 years. I took these pictures at Hunts Auto on Easton Rd. in Franconia.


Haverhill NH #001 SUV cruiser after sale to Ed O’Brien

Chief Jeff Williams chariot #001 B & W SUV on the night of Feb. 9th 2004 although Haverhill PD and NHSP stated to witness “A” that this vehicle was out of commission on that evening.?

So witness “A” was passed/ overtaken by a B & W Police SUV with the #001 on the back right corner and this Cruiser then disappeared from her view. Witness “A” gets to the rte. 112 intersection and takes a right onto rte. 112 EAST. Shortly thereafter witness “A” is passed / overtaken by the same B & W Police SUV with the #001 on the back right corner. Witness “A” proceeds EAST on rte. 112 and arrives at the WBC and notices a B & W SUV Police Cruiser with the #001 on the back right corner. The SUV is nose to nose with a dark colored sedan type car and witness “A” does not see anyone around the vehicles. Witness “A” continues to drive east and pauses in front of Atwoods thinking maybe she could help but figured LE was there so proceeded east on Rte 112 and calls her Father from the Beaver Pond pull-off area as she always does on her ride home.

Press conference at the WBC

Witness “A” called Haverhill PD a few days later around the 13th after hearing that a young female was missing from the scene to report what she had observed. Upon speaking with the Officer and giving her version of the events the offiicer adamantly stated ‘You could not have seen the #001 SUV bc it was out of commission that week, We appreciate the call but what you saw did not happen’. Very interesting phrasing of the last part of the LE statement.!!

Witness “A” calls NHSP 2 years later to tell them what she had seen on that night in hopes of helping. When “A” tells them the story and what she had witnessed NHSP stated to “A” that ‘We appreciate the call but it is impossible for You to have seen the #001 Haverhill cruiser there that night because it was out of ‘COMMISSION.’ They also made mention of ‘perhaps you have the numbers mixed up bc the officers go by numbers so maybe You are mistaken’.  Another interesting comment by the powers that be..!

The Haverhill SUV was in working order earlier in the day when the #002 sedan cruiser slid off the road while driven by Chief Williams on rte. 10 in Haverhill. Officer Cecil Smith arrived on scene to find Chief Williams and noticed it was obvious he had been drinking…’AGAIN’ and decided to send him away before the tow truck arrived. So, they stuffed him into the #001 B &W SUV cruiser and sent him on his way. This occurred at approximately 4:30 pm and the #001 was still on the roads according to witness “A”…. And according to Tim Westman the roads were as clear as on a sunny day when describing the night of Feb. 9th 2004. It had not snowed that day so how did Chief Williams slide off the road in #002…………..Hmmmmmm..let me thinks..!

So We know the B & W #001 was still on the road at the 7pm timeline and was witnessed at the scene of the WBC.

We also know the timing was BEFORE the 7:27 Faith Westman to 911 and therefore it is needed to know WHERE this cruiser was headed with lights activated, possibly in pursuit when there was NO CALL on the GCSD log.

Next on the need to know list is WHO WAS DRIVING THE #001 B & W SUV on the night of Feb. 9th 2004.

Best guess would be Chief Jeff Williams and the fact he had been drinking earlier in the day could mean he was still drinking, still presumably drunk or possibly not drinking and maybe sobering up before going home to the his house on Country Land rd. 

Jeff Williams life seems to have spiraled downhill since the night of Feb. 9th 2004.

‘His troubles began in April of 2009, when he wrecked his Harley when he collided with a pick up truck in Woodsville. And then, on July 24, a Haverhill cop spotted a car speeding along Rt. 10. The car tried to get away. The cop gave chase. Eventually, the car pulled over near the Bath line on Swiftwater Rd. The driver was Jeff Williams. He was charged with DWI and disobeying a police officer and that was the end of his career.’ ………From Renners blog.

It is also ironic that where he was stopped for DUI is on the same exact road that the 7:05 pm  Feb. 9th 2004 scanner call was for. What a strange turn of events.

Thinking about that night back in 2004, could Chief Williams in the #001 B & W SUV have stopped the Saturn on Swiftwater rd. and the car sped off and when witness “A” saw said cruiser it was in pursuit of the Saturn. This would explain the lost cruiser and why it would have its blue lights on before there even was a 911 call at 7:27 pm. Thus when witness “A” came upon the WBC scene she observed the #001 SUV nose to nose with the Saturn and the officer had found its subject.

How IRONIC that Jeff Williams now works as a counselor in Plymouth NH. Maybe he has turned the corner for a better life since the events of Feb. 9th 2004 that completely changed his life or maybe he is making penance for his actions. jmho

Jeff williams in court

The tangled web that has been woven around the case of Maura Murray’s disappearance has weak strands and they are wearing and pulling and starting to shred under the pressure of time. The web will soon be dismantled and all that will be left are the defenseless creators of the lies and deception that was perpetrated upon a Family, The Murray’s, a community, Haverhill NH and ultimately anyone who has been hoodwinked by this whole charade. Your days of freedom are becoming shorter………………………………………………………….

web of lies

The ‘Other side of Truth……….is called the Lies.!


Tell the Truth all the time and there is NO question.

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