The following information just came in today and is being looked into deeper.

I am going to put this out there and see what happens, it is not accusatory in any way about any wrongdoing by the Westman’s or witness Champy, it just does not jive with info that came in almost 12 years ago.

So the info is as follows……’It was stated that John & Virginia Marrotte actually saw Tim and Faith Westman go outside to the scene when LE was there.’

Now…..this is not a big deal really because we know that Susan Champy said she saw two (2) bystanders at the scene and 1 officer. This is in the SOCO article and documented so I am taking it as fact for now to proceed with this post and further investigation.

But actually it is important and relevant because the Westmans have stated they never went outside that evening. So this would mean that someone is not telling the truth and we need to nail that down before it is lost in the mix.

Did they exit the house and go out to the scene after Faith got off the phone with 911…?

Think about it……..