So…….WHY if the ‘Rag in the tailpipe’ was all so important to Sgt. Smith on the night of Feb. 9th 2004, so important as to tell the Westman’s about it when he went to their door to ask ‘If they had seen the girl driving the Saturn.’

WHY did Sgt. Smith not notice the RAG IN THE TAILPIPE when doing his cursory external examination of the Saturn.?

How come the RAG IN THE TAILPIPE had to be pointed out to Sgt. Smith by one of the EMT’s..?

When the BOL was put out on Tuesday at 12:21 pm it was stated in the narrative; ‘Upon officers arrival, found the car, no driver w/ a rag stuffed in the tailpipe.’


On the arrival of the Murray family on Wed. the 11th one of the 1st things said to them was about the RAG IN THE TAILPIPE..!

But……and there is a Big BUT here.

Why when the accident report was filled out 6 days later by Sgt. Cecil Smith WHY was the RAG IN THE TAILPIPE………..Never even mentioned…?

The RAG IN THE TAILPIPE was not even mentioned in the accident report filled out by Sgt. Smith and this is very odd to Me. The Rag is part of the investigation and was all so important for the first few days of the investigation but somehow it was omitted from the accident report.

And the RAG IN THE TAILPIPE………was still there on Friday the 13th when Fred Murray viewed the Saturn at the PERSONAL GARAGE of Michael Lavoie the Tow Truck driver.