SP 615 MONAGHAN gcsd LOG 2


WHY were Chief Jeff Williams and a NHSP Trooper at the WBC arguing over the JURISDICTION on the location of Maura’s black 1996 Saturn on the night of Feb. 9th 2004.

Within the first 2 weeks of the Murray family being in town and staying at the Wells River Motel they were approached by several locals with info about the case. Lots of stuff was just local chatter that did not seem important and was listened to but put to the side with little regard. The info just seemed useless in the search for Maura.

One case is the day that 2 AARP aged local ladies came to the Motel to speak with the Murray’s and give them some info. While speaking with them these ladies told them that lived very close to the scene, within earshot and heard 2 men arguing over the jurisdiction issue.

Just this past week I received some info that points in this direction…’Yes indeed there were 2 cops at the scene arguing and it identified them as a NHSP Trooper, possibly John Monaghan and Chief Jeff Williams.’

So the above statement does make sense because we know that #001 was spotted at the scene, per witness “A” and was being driven by Chief Williams, We also know that Trooper Monaghan was there as well at some point but when Smith showed up he was alone and has never stated there was any jurisdiction issue with any other dept. When Smith showed up on scene all he found was the Saturn and nobody else there. Smith argued with nobody that evening..!

So if there were no other officers on scene the choices are slim and it makes real sense that IF anybody was arguing over jurisdiction it would be the local cop and a NHSP Officer.

IF the Saturn was located just over the town line past Bradley Hill rd. and Butch Atwoods house (which is right on the town line) the jurisdiction would have changed to Bath PD but they are not a 24 hr on duty town and thus NHSP would be the LE having jurisdiction. Is there a possibility the Saturn was closer to the town line an there you would have the possible confusion over juris.? We know the Saturn NEVER hit the tree at the WBC so it is plausible that it could have been even further east and was driven to the final resting place where it became disabled.

Just another small note to add….IF the Saturn had been 2 or 3 miles east of the WBC it would have been in the National Forest which is the US Govt. thus making it a Federal case because of the location and the missing person. And then the FBI would have been called in from week one.


What makes it all the more interesting and mysterious and deceptive is the pure fact that ‘Faith Westman did not see the driver vanish from the scene.’ Another convenient circumstance surrounding the case.’

Why did Faith state ‘She saw a MAN smoking a cigarette.’ IF she could not see that well why would she have chosen to say a MAN unless she actually saw a male figure. Remember Faith never stated she saw Maura or a female at the Saturn. EVER.

Atwood was the first one to mention a female when he spoke to his wife and told her to call 911. Atwood gave a basic description to Officer Smith and thus the BOL was devised. The interesting part of this is that the 1st BOL was a correct description but the one put out the next day after speaking to family was not correct. This would make one wonder IF LE actually DID HAVE MAURA’S DRIVERS LICENSE IN THEIR POSSESSION AND WERE THUS ABLE TO PUT OUT THAT BOL FROM THAT DOCUMENT.

The other interesting thing is that when Atwood was shown the picture of Maura he said “Well. that could be her but I am not sure.” and then that was changed a few days later to “Yes, that is definitely her”

Butch Atwood and Faith and Tim Westman all saw what happened that night and have been coerced by certain forces.