Haverhill Cruiser #001 after it was sold to Ed O’Brien of Lincoln NH. The odometer reading to Me is the most interesting part because if Mr. O’Brien drove the SUV about 8 to 10,000 miles a year and owned it for 3 or 4 years that means when Haverhill sold this cruiser it only had;

avg. 9k miles times 3 yrs. = 27,000 miles

avg. 9k miles times 4 yrs. = 36,000 miles

110,000 – 27,000 = 83,000 miles


110,000 – 36,000 = 74,000miles

Avg. to 78,500 miles

This seems like low mileage for a cruiser to be sold at auction for $2500.00.

Why did Haverhill, NH dispose of SUV cruiser #001 with such low mileage..?

Also on a side note……Chief Williams was driving #002 the sedan at approximately 4 pm on rte 10 when he slid off the road and needed a tow. Cecil Smith arrived in #001 the SUV and traded with Williams because the Chief was drunk behind the wheel. Williams left that scene and Sgt. Smith remained behind for the tow truck to cover the fact that Williams was shitfaced drunk behind the wheel.

This is how Williams became the driver of #001 and at 7 pm He was still on the roads in the area of the WBC. Witness “A” has confirmed this and the info was given to NHSP the week of Feb. 9th 2004. So…NHSP was completely aware of #001 the SUV cruiser being there that night BUT it has never been brought to light. NHSP also from day one of meeting the Murray’s stated that NHSP were not there and had no idea about the missing girl. That is ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT……!

Hence….#001 Chief Williams was at the scene of the WBC crash and with Trooper Monaghan before Sgt. Smith arrived. But when Smith arrived on scene they were not there and ‘neither was Maura Murray’

Oh Yeah…..’Just one more thing’ words often spoken by Det. Columbo.

…….just about one month after the Feb. 9th incident the #001 was sent to the body shop for repairs. This is public knowledge and right in the annual report for the town of Haverhill, NH in 2004.