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GCSD police call log  04-4742  ‘MISSING’

GCSD police call log   04-4747  ‘MISSING’

GCSD police call log   04-4755 ‘MISSING’

GCSD police call log   04-4767  ‘MISSING’

04-4742 MISSING between 6:02 pm and 6:08 pm = 6 minutes

04-4747 MISSING between 6:37 pm and 7:00 pm = 23 minutes

04-4755 MISSING between 7:49 pm and 8:07 pm = 18 minutes

04-4767 MISSING between 11:03 pm and 11:37 pm = 34 minutes

So what does all this mean…?

It is a HUGE INDICATION that incidents on the GCSD police logs were omitted from a time starting at 6:02 pm until 8:07 pm with 3 calls and again from 11:03 pm til 11:37 pm for one more call. I have documents that prove this claim.

The important part of these 2 hrs. and 5 minutes is that they surround the time of the sighting of SUV #001 on Swiftwater rd. and the Saturn accident at the WBC and the observation by witness “A” of that same SUV #001 at the scene nose to nose with the Saturn. 

Another interesting thing with the 34 minutes missing just before midnight is that it is just after the 10:41 pm call for H2 Cecil Smith, Texas truck K69-LFC (RED FLAGGED by the DEA) subject making a cell call. But H-2 never clears from that call..!

Also of note is the fact that the above call at 10:41 is odd because H-2 Cecil Smith was still at Cottage hospital according to the log. HE DID NOT CLEAR THE HOSPITAL UNTIL 11:07..!!

The next call is at 11:38 for a suspicious person on Central st. by Riverview Mkt. and the calling party was “X”….Interesting, NO NAME of calling party here, simply an “X”, No name redacted. VERY INTERESTING. Cleared in 5 minutes.

So Officer Smith left the hospital without signing back on, checked a vehicle in a parking lot, the Texas truck and then says he was headed back en route to the hospital. I am having trouble with this information..!

The information on these logs is definitely cause to dig deeper into all the events surrounding the hours from 6:03 pm until 11:37 pm.

Here are the records…….

It goes deeper than this and the first accident may have been a bit further away than Swiftwater rd.

Figuring the info out……awesome

Having the documents to back it up……PRICELESS….!


‘Speech is of Time, Silence is of Eternity.’

Law Enforcement seems to be silent……………………………

Petition seeks action on Murray mystery


It’s tough completing the puzzle when the clues are misleading, when the players keep changing and the mystery just keeps getting more and more convoluted. The answers are out there and people are starting to squirm because of the new pressures.


You forgot to shred a few documents though and now they are being stored and  protected.

GOOGLE is such a good friend and the internet and social media is proving to be a great asset in this case.

Sharpen the pencils and put on the thinking caps Sleuths and help solve this case.



LE gave the Murrays the car items / evidence within the first couple of weeks, so lets say on or about the 18th of Feb.  The picture below depicts Kathleen, Maura’s older sister sitting on the floor of the Wells River Motel among the items from the Saturn. The NHSP even offered to let Fred Murray take the car back at the same time but Fred did not want the crashed car that was not worth any money. If only He would have taken that car things might be different. I offered a space for the Saturn at My house to have it for my personal investigation. That never came to fruition. Damn..!

All these items were given to the family before any fingerprints were taken, any testing was done and any of the items had been inventoried. This was done in the period of time where LE knew at this point they had more than a walk-away from a very minor car accident. They new there was much more to it than what was first thought but really did not handle it quite right, they tossed the puck around the ice and never hit the net. They ignored that evidence for 4 1/2 months………..Interesting right…!

Oh Yeah…..and whatever happened to the diamond necklace and Monkey.????

The Saturn sat uncovered, unprotected from the elements behind Lavoie’s Auto on Rte 10 after it was moved from his personal garage where it was enclosed. For all those months it sat there until it was FINALLY retrieved by NHSP and brought to the NHSP Troop F Troop Barracks…….also known as “Camp Courage.” Once it arrived there it was also not covered, protected or stored in a secure facility / not even in the fenced area. The Saturn sat in this location for 11 yrs under the same conditions until just about 4 months ago when the Saturn was no longer there. It is assumed that the car was taken to NH CCU on Hazen Drive in Concord NH.

Was the rag in the tailpipe EVER REALLY treated as evidence and tested..? I doubt that considering that it was still in the tailpipe when Fred saw the car on the 13th of Feb. 2004 @ Mike Lavoie’s personal home garage. As well as the fact they had Fred remove the rag from the tailpipe before starting the Saturn. Also the car did start up and no fule cut off switch was reset to accomplish that.

And of course all the items which turned into evidence is not worth much as far as legally viable in a court of law. The items which became evidence were by this time tainted and only possibly useful as a tool in obtaining clues. Of course this should have been done week one but was ignored and this shows the complete lack of a professional investigation in what the NHSP describe as ‘A POSSIBLE HOMICIDE.’

How many cases has this occurred in…………….I know of a few but that is for My next Blog I will be creating soon.

The name of the new blog will be called……”LIVE PLEA or LIE”

Below there are documents that show the EVIDENCE / ITEMS that were FINALLY RETRIEVED by the NHSP on June 28th 2004…..Yup here are the 4 1/2 months that this evidence was COMPLETELY IGNORED  by NHSP as part of a POSSIBLE HOMICIDE INVESTIGATION.

SO…..WHY all of a sudden on June 25th, going by the Possessed Property Report, did all these just plain items back in Feb. of 04…..BECOME EVIDENCE that was NOW IMPORTANT to the investigation. And then it took them 3 days from the date of the report to make the drive to Hanover, Ma. to obtain the items / evidence on the 28th.

The dorm room was checked on the 10th of Feb. by LE.  Her belongings were left in her dorm until Saturday, May 29, 2004. The items were then taken to Tim n Kat Carpenters house in Hanover Mass.

Below is evidence that NHSP was involved on Feb. 11th of 2004 and reconfirmed on the 19th. This is interesting because IF NHSP were really that involved and treating it as a ‘possible homicide’ then why would they not want the items / evidence found in the Saturn that were given to the Murray family in the first week of the so-called investigation.

One would think these items would be a MAJOR part of the investigation into the disappearance / possible homicide.

1. The senior assistant attorney general, Strelzin stated that the Attorney General’s office has been involved in Maura Murray’s case since February 19, 2004 AND
2. That “we don’t typically do missing person’s cases unless it looks like it’s an obvious homicide or it has those overtones”

3. Detective Todd Landry testified that he was involved in the case since 2/11/2004 and when asked if certain categories of info would harm this case if released his answer is always the same “Yes”


Maura did not wear leather gloves. There were 2 pair of black gloves found in the Saturn as shown here on the possessed property report, it has been stated in other sources that these gloves were leather. One (1) pair of these gloves were supposedly given to Maura at Xmas 2003. I do find it odd that Sharon gave these to Maura when one would  think she would be aware that Maura did not wear leather after all she loved her like a daughter.

Today I was supplied with info that speaks to a local rumor that the black gloves belonged to an Officer because they were police issue. I have not confirmed this rumor yet…..BUT at this point with what We know about this investigation and the fact that at least one witness has admitted to seeing the car door open with 2 bystanders and a Police officer there I am going to step out on a limb here and just throw the gloves into the wind and see where they fall, or should I say on whose hands they land.

Is it just possible that one at least one pair of those gloves could belong to a certain officer who had access to the Saturn on the night of Feb. 9th 2004. More than likely that would have occurred during the time the driver was at the car and there was indeed access to said vehicle. That time frame would be from the time the car crash was reported by Faith Westman the first 911 caller at 7:27 pm and the time just before Officer Smith arrived and found the car disabled, locked and NO driver.

Actual Officers on scene that night:

Sgt. Cecil Smith…..Haverhill NH PD….#002

Trooper John Monaghan lll…..NHSP

Suspected Officer /Chief on scene that night:

Chief Jeffrey Williams….Haverhill PD…..#001

So IF indeed the black police issue gloves belong to any officer on scene it would more than likely be Sgt. Smith as he was on scene with the door open when Witness Champy went by. This is the likely scenario but I don’t think it is the right one.

I think the gloves belong to the Officer driving the #001 B & W SUV seen 3 times, yes 3 times by witness “A” and one of those being at the WBC nose to nose with the black Saturn. I think that the driver was still there when #001 arrived to find the driver at the partially disabled car and the officer then spoke to the driver. At this point the car doors would have been unlocked and accessible and the gloves left there at this point.

But we have to remember that the doors were SUPPOSEDLY locked according to LE and the car was not opened until a warrant was issued. When was the warrant issued and who filed that warrant.? Where was the car located when it was first searched.? The cardoor was unlocked on Friday the 13th when Fred viewed the Saturn at Lavoie’s personal garage. Did the searh of the Saturn happen at the Lavoie property.?

Where oh where do these gloves FIT into the picture of this whole mystery.? Do they mean anything or is it just another waste of energy on some leather finger warmers.






The #001 Haverhill cruiser, Ford Explorer B & W displaying the word ‘POLICE’ and ‘001’. This is still very visible even after the decals have been removed and the vehicle had been driven by the new owner Ed O’Brien for 4 years. I took these pictures at Hunts Auto on Easton Rd. in Franconia.


Haverhill NH #001 SUV cruiser after sale to Ed O’Brien

Chief Jeff Williams chariot #001 B & W SUV on the night of Feb. 9th 2004 although Haverhill PD and NHSP stated to witness “A” that this vehicle was out of commission on that evening.?

So witness “A” was passed/ overtaken by a B & W Police SUV with the #001 on the back right corner and this Cruiser then disappeared from her view. Witness “A” gets to the rte. 112 intersection and takes a right onto rte. 112 EAST. Shortly thereafter witness “A” is passed / overtaken by the same B & W Police SUV with the #001 on the back right corner. Witness “A” proceeds EAST on rte. 112 and arrives at the WBC and notices a B & W SUV Police Cruiser with the #001 on the back right corner. The SUV is nose to nose with a dark colored sedan type car and witness “A” does not see anyone around the vehicles. Witness “A” continues to drive east and pauses in front of Atwoods thinking maybe she could help but figured LE was there so proceeded east on Rte 112 and calls her Father from the Beaver Pond pull-off area as she always does on her ride home.

Press conference at the WBC

Witness “A” called Haverhill PD a few days later around the 13th after hearing that a young female was missing from the scene to report what she had observed. Upon speaking with the Officer and giving her version of the events the offiicer adamantly stated ‘You could not have seen the #001 SUV bc it was out of commission that week, We appreciate the call but what you saw did not happen’. Very interesting phrasing of the last part of the LE statement.!!

Witness “A” calls NHSP 2 years later to tell them what she had seen on that night in hopes of helping. When “A” tells them the story and what she had witnessed NHSP stated to “A” that ‘We appreciate the call but it is impossible for You to have seen the #001 Haverhill cruiser there that night because it was out of ‘COMMISSION.’ They also made mention of ‘perhaps you have the numbers mixed up bc the officers go by numbers so maybe You are mistaken’.  Another interesting comment by the powers that be..!

The Haverhill SUV was in working order earlier in the day when the #002 sedan cruiser slid off the road while driven by Chief Williams on rte. 10 in Haverhill. Officer Cecil Smith arrived on scene to find Chief Williams and noticed it was obvious he had been drinking…’AGAIN’ and decided to send him away before the tow truck arrived. So, they stuffed him into the #001 B &W SUV cruiser and sent him on his way. This occurred at approximately 4:30 pm and the #001 was still on the roads according to witness “A”…. And according to Tim Westman the roads were as clear as on a sunny day when describing the night of Feb. 9th 2004. It had not snowed that day so how did Chief Williams slide off the road in #002…………..Hmmmmmm..let me thinks..!

So We know the B & W #001 was still on the road at the 7pm timeline and was witnessed at the scene of the WBC.

We also know the timing was BEFORE the 7:27 Faith Westman to 911 and therefore it is needed to know WHERE this cruiser was headed with lights activated, possibly in pursuit when there was NO CALL on the GCSD log.

Next on the need to know list is WHO WAS DRIVING THE #001 B & W SUV on the night of Feb. 9th 2004.

Best guess would be Chief Jeff Williams and the fact he had been drinking earlier in the day could mean he was still drinking, still presumably drunk or possibly not drinking and maybe sobering up before going home to the his house on Country Land rd. 

Jeff Williams life seems to have spiraled downhill since the night of Feb. 9th 2004.

‘His troubles began in April of 2009, when he wrecked his Harley when he collided with a pick up truck in Woodsville. And then, on July 24, a Haverhill cop spotted a car speeding along Rt. 10. The car tried to get away. The cop gave chase. Eventually, the car pulled over near the Bath line on Swiftwater Rd. The driver was Jeff Williams. He was charged with DWI and disobeying a police officer and that was the end of his career.’ ………From Renners blog.

It is also ironic that where he was stopped for DUI is on the same exact road that the 7:05 pm  Feb. 9th 2004 scanner call was for. What a strange turn of events.

Thinking about that night back in 2004, could Chief Williams in the #001 B & W SUV have stopped the Saturn on Swiftwater rd. and the car sped off and when witness “A” saw said cruiser it was in pursuit of the Saturn. This would explain the lost cruiser and why it would have its blue lights on before there even was a 911 call at 7:27 pm. Thus when witness “A” came upon the WBC scene she observed the #001 SUV nose to nose with the Saturn and the officer had found its subject.

How IRONIC that Jeff Williams now works as a counselor in Plymouth NH. Maybe he has turned the corner for a better life since the events of Feb. 9th 2004 that completely changed his life or maybe he is making penance for his actions. jmho

Jeff williams in court

The tangled web that has been woven around the case of Maura Murray’s disappearance has weak strands and they are wearing and pulling and starting to shred under the pressure of time. The web will soon be dismantled and all that will be left are the defenseless creators of the lies and deception that was perpetrated upon a Family, The Murray’s, a community, Haverhill NH and ultimately anyone who has been hoodwinked by this whole charade. Your days of freedom are becoming shorter………………………………………………………….

web of lies

The ‘Other side of Truth……….is called the Lies.!


Tell the Truth all the time and there is NO question.

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Please click on the link below to read the Seventeen magazine article. There are several things in here that do  not add up. See what You find here and we will discuss those things. Thank You.

I am creating a short list now so we can compare.

17 Article

past tense: imputed; past participle: imputed
  1. represent (something, especially something undesirable) as being done, caused, or possessed by someone; attribute.
    “the crimes imputed to Richard”
    synonyms: attribute to, ascribe to, assign to, credit to; More

    connect with, associate with
    “the worst of these mistakes have been unfairly imputed to him”
    • Finance
      assign (a value) to something by inference from the value of the products or processes to which it contributes.
      “recovering the initial outlay plus imputed interest”
    • Theology
      ascribe (righteousness, guilt, etc.) to someone by virtue of a similar quality in another.
      “Christ’s righteousness has been imputed to us”


The following information just came in today and is being looked into deeper.

I am going to put this out there and see what happens, it is not accusatory in any way about any wrongdoing by the Westman’s or witness Champy, it just does not jive with info that came in almost 12 years ago.

So the info is as follows……’It was stated that John & Virginia Marrotte actually saw Tim and Faith Westman go outside to the scene when LE was there.’

Now…..this is not a big deal really because we know that Susan Champy said she saw two (2) bystanders at the scene and 1 officer. This is in the SOCO article and documented so I am taking it as fact for now to proceed with this post and further investigation.

But actually it is important and relevant because the Westmans have stated they never went outside that evening. So this would mean that someone is not telling the truth and we need to nail that down before it is lost in the mix.

Did they exit the house and go out to the scene after Faith got off the phone with 911…?

Think about it……..



During this investigation the Murray family and the Investigators received three (3) copies of the GCSD Police logs for the time surrounding the night of Feb. 9th 2004.

Yes….3 copies and GUESS WHAT……..they were all different and manipulated in some way. These were not redacted……THERE WERE OMISSIONS and INCONSISTENCIES.

Notice the differences and inconsistencies and the most telling is the amount of each call on the page and how they differ and where they are cut off to be the next page. These logs should not change..!

To the best of My knowledge the one below in blue is the first that was ever received by the family and was given to them by Sheriff Charles Barry of the GCSD.


“During a career that spanned three decades, northern New Hampshire native Charles Barry lived on the “wild” side, first as a longtime conservation officer for the Granite State’s Fish and Game Department, and then later as the state agency’s executive director. In Behind Badge 32, the author recounts many of his most memorable moments while working as a game warden in New Hampshire’s remote North Country and along the state’s scenic Connecticut River valley and beautiful White Mountains region. These tales cover everything from nighttime stakeouts of deer poachers and dangerous mountain rescues, to wildlife encounters and tramping the high peaks with former New Hampshire governor Meldrim Thomson.”


GCSD printed Feb 10



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