Here are some of the comments on the FBI petition. They really speak volumes of the true feelings of those that have followed this case. Lots of locals have a voice that needs to be heard and they have no problem saying so.

To The Federal Bureau of Investigation: As you can see by the amount of signatures and time it took for hundreds of people from across the globe to start, share, and sign this petition, there are so many people who actively follow this case- the main reason being, they want answers for Maura and the Murray family. It has now been almost 12 years since Maura disappeared from the side of the road in a tiny town in New Hampshire…in plain view of 3 houses and families who were watching the scene unfold after her car accident. Maura was here one moment, and gone the next in INCREDIBLY suspicious (and downright bizarre) circumstances. In these 12, long, grueling years, no one has been able to provide an answer to where Maura may be. An incredible group of individuals (including the creator of this petition) have taken it upon themselves to search for the answers that investigators have not been able to provide. For Maura. For her family. For justice. For truth. While the police have stated they have done everything they can, and believe this may be a criminal case, there are more windows left open than closed. While they very well may have worked hard to try to get to the bottom of this case, small town police units are generally unable to fully delve into cases of this nature due to lack of resources and experience. If you take a moment to look into what happened after Maura’s car accident, you will see that (sadly) some crucial mistakes were made from the get-go: delaying any type of search, lack of basic chain-of-custody for key pieces of evidence including the car itself (which was stored un-locked in a personal garage), and many, many more. As you may be aware Maura’s story has recently received a massive amount of renewed interest thanks to various blogs and a podcast. Thousands follow the investigation, and want nothing more than a resolution of some sort, or at least a starting point. After 12 years and not a step closer to where they started, it is time for the NH police to hand Maura’s case over to the FBI. We urge you to look into this, and help provide a fresh perspective and experienced sets of eyes in hopes of getting long overdue answers for the Murray family. Thank you.     Laura Domineau, Weston, MA

Its necessary at this point.    joel bartlett, Barnet, VT

This case is in desperate need of a whole new set of eyes and minds. The FBI can provide this and hopefully the answers that the Murray family deserve.    Elizabeth Yardley, Shirley, United Kingdom

it needs to be investigated thoroughly.  Ronda Randall, Brunswick, ME

Her family needs closure. Sounds to me the police handling the case didn’t care enough to do a decent job!!     Karen Pringle, Meredith, NH

My best friend was murdered and her case is still in the cold case files of nh. More needs to be done for these sweet girls.    Truna Halverson, Concord, NH

Inadequate investigation.      John Ridgway, Frederick, MD

Deserve answers and if he should have been handled much better where is that state trooper now why has he not been question seriously come on….  jaime foster, laconia, NH

I’m signing this because the FBI needs to get involved because of the gross investigatory negligence of the NH state police, and now they’re playing cover up. People don’t just vanish into thin air…    Rob Clark, Winchester, VA

I have followed this case for 3 years and I’m not even from America I’d love to see this case solved I’m glued I search for information everyday the FBI needs to be involved to find out what the NH police are hiding.  gemma mckenna, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

She deserves peace as does her family.     Michelle Renzi, meredith, NH

The family deserves closure         ROSA MICHAUD, Belmont, NH

I believe there is a cover up and her family deserve justice and so does she.          Tina Ray, Bradford, VT

At the time we lived very close to where this happened. It is so sad and heartbreaking. This family needs closure.   Loretta Start, Stantonville, TN

The Murray family has the right to know what happened to their daughter.         Kirsten Champagne, Woodsville, NH

I believe the FBI can get to the bottom of what happened to Maura AND the cover up!       Janet Runyon, Apache Junction, AZ

It’s about time!        Bryan Flagg, Warren, NH

There are too many discrepancies in this case. Sometimes has gone awry …the locals are not doing enough. They may be hiding something. Please help this family with closure.         Carmela Quail, Littleton, NH

we need to find out what has happened to her.      Tracey Cassidy, North Woodstock, NH

Its time we investigated this in the way it should be investigated. Lets find out!          Donna Piazza, Niles, MI

We need this solved. It’s been eating us alive for years. This is what I want for Christmas. We want the truth for the Murray Family.     kristin rosati, Manchester, NH

I want closure for this family – what a terrible thing to not know for all this time what really happened to your child and where she is.   Maryanne Chartier, Lyman, NH

This case needs to be solved.         Joseph Doucette, Wells River, VT

Please help us find out what happened to Maura!!!! Please, Please, Please!!!!       Angel Allard, Bath, ME

I am signing this because I feel so badly for Fred and his family. I certainly am not in any position to point fingers at anybody. I was not there when Maura Murray vanished, and there is NO proof that anyone did anything wrong.. IMO. The only reason that I am signing this is because John is promoting this petition, and John is trusted by Fred and his family. Rhonda Zambernardi, Groton, MA

Police work hasn’t been able to solve the crime, it has lots of strange blanks in the plot. Family deserves clarity and closure   Diana Kimura, Surbiton, United Kingdom

This poor girl went missing on a cold winter night and is someone’s child! Everyone deserves to know what happened to their child! I am from Littleton NH and this story has touched home for me! For many other reasons I believe there is a serial killer that uses the highway that runs through VT! I wish with my heart that the FBI would look into this case!    Allison Barr, Littleton, NH

I believe that this family needs some answers I lived 10 mins from there when it happened and when I seen a video of her father asking for help I was shocked to see how long it has been and there are still no answers for that poor family please help them        Erica Coutu, warren, NH