NOTICE; They keep reiterating the Lone Officer scenario. This is a complete Crock o’ Shit and the GCSD logs show this is to be so.



Maura Murray’s Feb. 9, 2004 disappearance still a mystery

By Bernie Marvin, The Bridge Weekly

HAVERHILL-On Friday, February 7, 2007 it will have been three years since a young woman from Massachusetts was traveling east on Route 112 at about 7:15PM near the Haverhill to Benton town line and slid into a snow bank just east of the sharp turn at the Westman’s Red Barn.

Damage to the woman’s car was light. She spoke with a man who drove by the scene in a school bus. Apparently she was uninjured and asked the bus driver not to call police.

Another neighbor saw the activity on the road and called the Haverhill Police to report the accident. The cruiser and officer arrived a short time later, but the woman was gone from the scene.

She has not been seen or heard from since.

Maura Murray, 21 at the time, was enrolled as a student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Campus at the time she drove through the area that cold night of February 9, 2004. Prior to that, she had been appointed as a cadet at the US Military Academy at West Point, New York and spent three semesters there before dropping out and transferring to Umass.

On February 9, 2004, Murray packed her personal belongings, stored them in her dorm at Kennedy Hall, told college officials that she had to get home right away because there had been a family emergency and she left in her black 1996 Saturn.

Several local, county and state police agencies, volunteer search organizations, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department, The Attorney General’s office, Grafton County Superior Court and the New Hampshire Supreme Court have all been involved in the case at one time or another.

A website is being maintained by the family to receive any information on her disappearance. To date, the site has generated considerable information that is passed on to law enforcement, but no solid leads.

Administrator of the website is Helena Murray. She is a family relative and recently said that although the forum has created controversy in the past, it keeps Maura’s name out in the public and this is good for potential leads to solving the mystery.

The story of Maura’s vanishing has been told and retold since the event was first reported the day after the accident. The following are the latest highlights gathered recently from a variety of people connected to the case:

*No leads have turned up recently that would help police find Maura Murray.

*The investigation is being handled by the New Hampshire State Police. The metamorphosis of the chain of agencies and personnel looking at the mystery has involved the Haverhill Police Department, State Police Sergeant Tom Yorke, State Police Lieutenant John Scarinza, the Major Crime Unit, The Attorney General’s office and finally New Hampshire Governor John Lynch.

*Private investigators have come to Haverhill and made inquiries. They have come up with nothing solid for leads.

*Fred Murray’s legal fight for police investigation records continues, with the Supreme Court telling him that he must articulate what records he wants. They will consider his request. At the Haverhill Police Department, for instance, there are two volumes of investigation records they have completed. Each volume is five inches thick. Some, none or all of these records could be turned over to Maura’s father at some time in the future.

*As Haverhill Sergeant Cecil Smith, the lone officer on duty that night responded to the scene from the police department, radio communications records noted that there was a three-way conversation between Sergeant Smith, Grafton County Dispatch and a neighbor on Route 112 who was looking out her window and describing the minor accident as the cruiser rolled closer to the scene. When the final scene observation of Maura Murray was made by the caller to dispatch, Sergeant Smith was in the area of the Swiftwater Stage Store, about a minute or so away. When Sergeant Smith arrived at the scene, Murray was gone.

*Smith did a cursory search of the area, saw no evidence of personal injury, but did see evidence of a driver who could be intoxicated or who did not want to be questioned and probably had left the area to avoid detection.

*A short time later Sergeant Smith was called to a suicide attempt in Pike and as the lone officer on duty for that shift, left the scene. The oncoming midnight officer prepared a search warrant for the vehicle and in the morning police searched the vehicle and found that the operator was Maura.

*Haverhill Police determined that she was a Umass student, she had been in another accident the day prior to her trip to Route 112 and notified her family. Haverhill Police also called State Police and asked for detective assistance because as the case unfolded, it appeared that it was more than an incident of a woman having a slight accident.

On past anniversaries of Maura Murray’s disappearance, friends and family have gathered at the site of the accident on Route 112. Helena Murray told me this week that there will be no gathering on Friday because it takes too much out of the family.

She said there have been four full searches launched by state authorities, some using a helicopter, dogs and volunteers to assist in the effort.

She said for reasons unknown by the family, Maura’s car, personal effects, clothing, her computer and other items remain impounded by the State Police.

She said the intervening time has taken its toll on the family. She said Maura’s sisters, Kathleen and Julie, her brother Freddy and mother Laurie know that “Maura is out there somewhere.” She said that it has “been a rough three years, the possibilities for Maura are frightening, but somebody out there knows something.”