This article backs up the 7:00 pm scanner call……The Witness backs up the 7:00 pm scanner call……The evidence supports the 7 pm timeline.

Time to see the TRUTH…………for what it really is.!

For some reason right around the 25th of Feb. 2004 the time changed to 7:30.

Something is rotten, something stinks, something needs to be done.

New Hampshire Union Leader (Manchester, NH)
February 12, 2004
Edition: State
Section: Local
Page: b1
Article Text:
Search under way
for missing woman
HAVERHILL — A search is under way for a Massachusetts woman who has not been
seen since a car accident Monday night in a remote area of Woodsville.
Haverhill Police Chief Jeff Williams said foul play is not suspected, but there is concern
about the whereabouts of Maura Murray, 21, of Hanson, Mass. She is described as
“possibly suicidal.”
Yesterday, local and state police, including the state police helicopter, as well as Fish and
Game conservation officers, searched the area in which Murray was last seen, but had not
located her.
Just before 7 p.m. Monday, Haverhill police responded to a report of a single-car accident
on the sparsely populated Wild Ammonoosuc Road, where Route 112 follows the Wild
Ammonoosuc River.
By the time an officer arrived, Murray’s 1996 black Saturn sedan with a Massachusetts
registration was abandoned.
Murray is 5-foot-7 and 120 pounds, with shoulder-length brown hair and blue eyes. She
was last seen wearing jeans and a dark coat.
Haverhill police are asking anyone who might have seen Murray at any time since about
7 p.m. on Monday to call 787-2222.
— Lorna Colquhoun, Union Leader correspondent —–


Witness “A” statement………

On Thu, 07 Apr 2005 22:39
> sent:   I visited Maura’s website for the first
> time tonight. I am so touched by the photo of her and
> her Dad hiking.  I have many like that of my daughter
> and my husband. I was haunted by her disappearance for a
> very long time.  I travel Rt 112 from Lincoln to
> Woodsville and back almost daily, often returning after
> dark.   I saw her car that night.  I
> arrived immediately after the police did. In fact the same
> police car that responded passed me twice that night – first
> on Goose Lane (
>  Swiftwater RD ) and then again on Rt 112.  I remember
> mentioning it to my Dad – he said “How did you know it
> was the same police car?”  Easy – it was car
> 001.  It appears as though it went the wrong way on Rt
> 112 and doubled back and then passed me. I am acutely aware
> of my surroundings when traveling that road since there is
> no cell phone service from farms on Swiftwater Rd to
> the Beaver Pond by Lost River .  When I saw the police
> car stopped I had a strong intuitive feeling I should stop
> to help  – but then I figured they are the police with
> radios, neighbors have phones and my cell service does
> not even work. I continued on toward Lincoln .  I
>  took note -as I always do- of how many cars pass me and
> where. I know I did NOT see anyone walking
> along the road that night.  I heard the
> police were questioning folks along the road mid
> morning a few days later. I was so surprised they
> did not have a road block during that time of
> night ESPECIALLY THE following week on the same
> night.  Since I did not see anything I figured I
> knew nothing.  Then I realized the fact that I saw
> nothing could be helpful.  I called the police and told
> them how many cars and where I saw them.  I no
> longer remember that info now – although I can tell you
> where and how many cars I passed tonight on my way
> home.  I was haunted for a very long time, wanted
> to help with the search, wanted to reach out to the
> family. Instead I have prayed, wished,  hoped and tried
> to intuitively know where to look.  I came up with no
>  answers, but always scouring the roadside and river with my
> eyes on my way to work and home again hoping for an
> answer.  I feel like I was so close to where she
> was but …….. I never saw her.  I am so sorry.
> I will continue to pray for her and her
> family.    Peace