******************CHAIN OF EVIDENCE*********************

  • The “sequencing” of the chain of evidence follows this order: identification and collection; analysis; storage; preservation; transportation; presentation in court; return to owner.
  • The chain of evidence shows: who obtained the evidence; where and when the evidence was obtained; who secured the evidence; who had control or possession of the evidence.
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  • It would be nice to see the chain of custody for the Saturn and the contents of the car as well as all the evidence obtained at the scene.
  • This investigation was treated with little concern by LE within the first 5 days and My guess would be by the time any evidence was obtained it was tainted.
  • And the possessed property report of the Saturn contents was not complete upon return of those contents on June 28th 2004 from the home of Tim and Kathleen Carpenter.
  • Could this be one reason that they cannot bring charges forward is    because the evidence is not worth a plug nickel….???