Is it possible that Maura Murray is being held captive in northern NH by  an unknown perpetrator or perpetrators.? 

What are the chances that IF this is true that it could have gone on for almost 12 years without being found out.

Who could be responsible for such a horrific crime that nobody would ever suspect.? A neighbor, co-worker, a loner, a relative, a recluse.?

Could Maura still be alive and held in NH or CT or MA or some other state and maybe even transported to different locations.?

The eerie silence that echoes into the darkness lives and breathes in every community whether large or small or in the middle.

That darkness can live right beside you, work right next to you, shop in the same store, go to the same gym, attend the same church, eat at the same restaurant, drive the same roads, go to the same theater, walk the same streets, a regular looking person just living what seems to be a perfectly normal life yet this person is a Devious Monster that lurks in the shadows on the edge of that Darkness.

I bet almost everyone in their life while looking at a certain person has made the statement “My word, that Guy could be a serial killer” or “That one really gives me the creeps” or “How long has it been since he’s been out of the woods”……….

But think about this, the ones that don’t match the above description, the ones that look normal, well dressed, hard workers, businessmen, lawyers, politician types, police officers,  and many others that portray the appearance of normalcy.

I am not stating for fact that Maura is being held captive but it is a viable theory and IF by chance that is what is occurring in this case this area is a perfect storm for this to happen. There are some very remote locations and properties that have hundreds and even thousands of acres. Some of these properties are all posted for NO TRESPASSING, some are completely fenced in and in a few case are under complete surveillance. There are properties that have several storage containers like those used by Nathaniel Kibby who kidnapped Abby Hernandez in Conway, NH and held her captive for months, torturing, sexually abusing and treating her like an animal.

There are sick sadistic, psychopathic monsters that walk this earth and do the evil things that nobody likes to imagine. WELL…..Guess what, this stuff does happen and it occurs right in little ole communities like Haverhill, NH and others. Don’t close Your eyes to the Darkness, open them to the Truth.