Go read this article about Maura Murray, there is lots of info and witness Susan Champy statements are on pgs. 78 & 80. This is a great article that brings to light several things.

Susan mentions seeing LE there as well as a couple Bystanders..! FD & EMS had not arrived YET.

So who were the Bystanders…?

Tim Westman said he did not leave his house that night, Atwood was at his house bc that is where Smith found him in the bus, John Marrotte did not go out. There were no other vehicles there besides the #002 sedan cruiser and We know for fact that Smith was alone on that evening.

FD and EMS were told to back away from the car and EMS was dismissed in 6 minutes, this is only 16 minutes after Smith arrives. Why did Smith make the decision to let EMS go so quickly. Why did Smith allow the other bystanders to be at the scene if He was trying not to compromise the scene, even for a couple minutes, long enough for Champy to see them there. Where did these bystanders go.?

NEW MISSION:  Find the innocent bystanders and see what they know.