“PART # 002”

    It is now 7:46 and the first officer on scene is Officer Cecil Smith driving the #002 cruiser……a sedan, which I might add looks nothing like an SUV and this sedan is obviously marked with police and the #002 for identification. The officer steps out of his B & W chariot of safety expecting to find a female at the scene awaiting the arrival of the Man in Blue, only to be confronted with a sharp corner, a slightly damaged vehicle, a chill in the air and NO FEMALE. Pretty sure this is where I need to insert a “Huh….that’s odd, where could she have gone in such short time span”

It took Officer smith 17 minutes to arrive on scene….17 minutes.!

I will address the last Bold statement just made in the neat future and why it is relevant…..Pay Attention..!

    At this time Officer Smith must be thinking in his mind that the driver must be close by and more than likely at a nearby residence. This means there is the Westman’s (the closest) and then the Marrotte’s and then Atwood’s house as well as Forciers on the corner of Bradley Hill rd. Smith’s first choice is to drive his cruiser the few hundred feet down the road to the Atwood residence to speak with Butch. It is unclear at this point whether or not the FD and EMS units had arrived when Smith chose to go to Atwoods. This is because they arrived at 7:56/7:57 about 9 minutes after officer Smith. Smith checks in with the Westman’s next asking them if they saw the girl, had she come to their door for help. “NOPE..!”

FD and EMS were not dispatched at the same time as police, they were not toned out til 7:42….13 minutes after Police. This has always been troubling because of the dangerous location of the vehicle, unknown fluid leakage and Faiths statement, “Unknown if any personal injury.” Usual procedure is to call out LE, EMS & FD in that order to ensure all units arrive on scene in a timely manner. I will also not it takes FD and EMS a few more minutes to arrive because they have to get dressed and into their vehicles as well as the vehicles are not as road worthy for speed as a police cruiser. FD was having a meeting at the station in Woodsville that evening and 8 or 9 members responded on the fire unit. EMS runs out of the same station and arrived with 2 EMT on board right before the FD unit. On the way to the scene FD and EMS passed “Red Truck” witness Robinson Ordway as she was walking to the Stage Stop store.

EMT Dick Guy stated…..when questioned “the scene looked pretty odd to me” 

      His partner when interviewed declined to comment on the events of that evening, other than to say “I would help if I could”

EMS is dismissed within 6 minutes of being on scene and sent back to the station. FD and LE remain on at the scene for a good period of time but the members of the FD were told to stay away from the vehicle by Officer Smith. FD cleared the scene at 8:49 and headed west back to the station in Woodsville. Smith remained at the scene for another 37 minutes and cleared at 9:26. Lavoie’s towing had the vehicle and cleared the scene at 9:39…..so does this mean that Lavoie’s was there another 13 minutes after LE left, another thing that is odd timing in my opinion. One would think he would have left the scene with the Saturn before LE did. Just another nagging unanswered question.!

NHSP Trooper John Monaghan did stop by the scene for a minute but apparently did not officially sign off for that incident.

So the only people talked to on that evening about the vanishing act of a young female driver possibly injured and wandering in the dark were the Westman’s and Butch Atwood.

Atwood took his personal vehicle, an older 2 tone Ford Bronco and went to the area of French Pond rd. and Mountain Lakes to do a quick cursory search thinking possibly the driver was walking to a home in that area which has lots of out of staters.

When Smith left the scene he was responding to a call on Lime Kiln road involving a young kid from Beckett School trying to commit suicide by climbing the power lines.

UNFORTUNATELY the events of Feb. 9th 2004 from 7:27 til 9:26 pm the time of the accident and when LE  cleared the scene has created a convoluted case of more questions than answers. We are here to ask the questions again, sort through the clues, do the research over and try and shed some light on the darkness that overwhelms us all.