Tropper John Monaghan was on patrol that evening and was coming from Littleton hospital at the time because of a suicide attempt and guns were involved. He was traveling on rte. 302 in Lisbon when the call came in so that would put him about 8 minutes or so away at regular speeds. It is not known why He chose to go to the scene or how long he was there. We do know that he did not sign off there at the scene as it is not on the GCSD logs or in any records that have been obtained. It is said when he left there he headed back to the west towards rte 302 and his patrol route.

One point that needs to be stressed about this last paragraph is that according to John Scarinza there was “NO” NHSP presence there at all that evening. We have never been able to clarify his statement and what it could possibly mean. Unless Scarinza knew the scene was a mess and wanted no connection to it.

Just a quick thought

Now Chief John Monaghan of Franconia NH……A great fit for the community.