PART # 001″

The 1996 Saturn and driver are now in a predicament at the edge of the road,  a chilly evening on Rte 112 a major paved path through the White Mountains. About 7:30 or thereabouts a full size school bus driven by Butch Atwood, a hefty man of over 300 big ones sporting a large belly, balding head and a Handlebar Moustache pulls up alongside the disabled Saturn so the vehicles are now parallel with each other and the large bus is now in the westbound lane facing east thus blocking the view the Westman’s were privy to until that time. But let us not forget that Faith is still on the phone with 911, just to keep things clear this time, so that is the mission here now, TO CLEAR THINGS UP.!

Atwood now offers the driver assistance, He does this while standing on the last step down of the bus looking across the top of the Saturn at the driver. Atwood’s account of this according to media reports as well as interviews by this writer indicate that the driver was shook up and disheveled but uninjured. Also noting that the female was standing outside the car with the driver side door open into the snowbank at the edge of the road. It appeared to him that the female was just getting out of her vehicle because of her location. She refuses the offer Atwood makes assuring him she had called AAA. Butch then leaves the scene to go to his house a short distance away thus re-opening the perfect view of the area that the Westman’s had since the incident took place.

So now Faith is still on the phone with 911 and after Butch pulls away, we know because of interviews with Faith, that the driver, or at least a person is near the car still. *Remember the BIG YELLOW BUS was obstructing the view of the Saturn for a small period of time. This is merely pointing out the facts, not insinuating anything. Also a good thing to remind you of while I am in that mode….Faith Westman NEVER, NOT EVER states to 911 that there is a female at the Saturn. Her statements first indicate a MAN SMOKING A CIGARETTE and then that she sees activity around the car and the trunk area never giving any more info that it was a female, which at this time you would think she would have clarified, just because when first calling 911 she  said a man inside and now this person is outside the car in an unobstructed line of sight.

Atwood has arrived home, walked inside and instructed the lady of the house to call 911, this is at 7:43. Upon talking to Barbara they are given this info; accident Wild Ammonoosuc rd. advised a FEMALE, no injury but shook up, husband saw the crash and came here to call…..BUT NO IDEA WHERE THE FEMALE IS. So this is the actual first time that LE knows that it is a female driver. About 3 minutes later at 7:46 Officer Cecil Smith arrives on scene in #002 the B & W sedan and starts to investigate the accident scene.


Next we explore the beginnings of what I like to describe as

“You’ve Gotta Be Fucking kidding Me”