How do you perceive life in the small rural towns of America surrounded by beautiful streams, majestic mountains, awesome wildlife and the serenity of an absolute feeling of calm? Do you feel the heartbeat of the earth underfoot that emits a pulse of pleasure that tickles the arches and soothes the soul? Does the imagination swirling inside you bring a solitude that has never been gifted upon you before?

That is awesome and it is a great pleasure to be able to enjoy such luxuries!

So I would like to take you on a short journey into the White Mountains of NH and a small town called Haverhill. Haverhill is located in Grafton county and is home to about 4800 residents and is comprised of 6 small communities within that town. There are 3 volunteer fire departments, one police department and it also includes Grafton County Sheriffs Department, Superior Courthouse and the Grafton County House of Corrections. Haverhill sounds like a nice enough place to stop off at on the way through to some other destination or maybe even buy a home, have some children and feel at ease thinking you have found heaven on earth.

Stay tuned for a real life story, a true crime saga, a mystery that has been teasing the North Country of NH with crazy rumors, silent witnesses, inconsistencies, inaccuracies and deception at so many levels. It is time to shed some new light on the darkness and better focus on the real facts that have been concealed for almost 12 years now. Prepare to learn the reasons why the case of Maura Murray has not been solved.

I have to start the story here as there really is not much of a backstory to the events that took place in Amherst Mass. that should have influenced the way the investigation was conducted on February 9th 2004 at approximately 7 pm on Rte. 112 at or around the area of the Weathered barn corner in Haverhill, NH. The scene is within line sight view of the town line for Bath, NH just past the intersection of Bradley Hill rd. I like to refer to this area as “The Great Unknown” or “Just-Around-the-Cornerville”  because of reasons to be brought forth in the following pages.

It was a cold dark night back in Feb. of 2004 about 7 pm when a black 1996 Saturn Sl2 bearing Mass plates 115 *** believed to be headed in an easterly direction on Rte. 112 spun out and crashed hitting one tree in a stand of 3 large pine trees according to witness Tim Westman that lives on the corner at the scene and Officer Cecil Smith of the Haverhill pd per his accident report filed 6 days later. The reason I stated “believed to be headed” was because nobody can actually say without a doubt that this was the truth having not seen the incident occur. And I am not saying she was headed west by what that statement might indicate, merely trying to stress the point that We SIMPLY DO NOT KNOW 100% for sure in which direction the Saturn was traveling. The explanation of how Mr. Westman and a LE Officer could have been wrong about this will soon come to light with further evidence that has been procured over the years.

The first call to 911 was made by Faith Westman at 7:27 pm stating car off the road in ditch, man in car smoking cigarette, not sure if any injury, car was headed eastbound and ended up headed westbound in the eastbound lane. While Faith is on the phone with 911 watching the accident scene her husband Tim joins in on the viewing from their kitchen window. This is when at about 7:30 or 7:35 Butch Atwood arrives on scene and drives the school bus into the westbound lane to go past the disabled Saturn and passenger stopping beside and parallel to the Saturn blocking the view the Westman’s were seeing up until this point. It is estimated Atwood spent about 2 minutes talking to the driver that We assume to be Maura Murray but that is another thing that has never truly been substantiated and proven as actual fact. Atwood stated he offered assistance to the driver to which the reply was “I have already called AAA”, Atwood took notice of the comment and knew it was not possible to call from a cell phone in that area as there is NO CELL service and still none to this day, almost 12 years later, just to be clear. The bus driver then leaves the scene and its driver behind and drives the few hundred feet to his property at 4 Wild Ammonoosuc rd. note; this property is in straight line sight of the accident scene with no visual obstructions to speak of.  Atwood backs his bus in and goes and instructs his wife to call 911 and Atwood went back out to the bus to complete some quick paperwork. The call from the Atwood residence came in at 7:43, that is 16 minutes after the call made by faith Westman. Then officer Cecil arrives on scene at 7:46 only to find the driver has VANISHED. So the actual disappearing event took place from the time Atwood drove away to his house and when the 1st LE officer arrived. That is a timeline of about 3 to 5 minutes if Faith and Tim Westman are still watching after the bus pulled away to open up their line of sight for the driver to vanish into the darkness in only a matter of a very short amount of time. Now lets add in the other vehicles that passed the scene to which the Westman’s have said several and Atwood said at least 3 but none that he could identify. So when and how did the driver disappear when there were at least 3 sets of eyes on the scene pretty much the whole time and at least lets say 5 other cars that drove by and nobody saw a thing. What was the last thing that these 3 witnesses saw before the driver disappeared, after each car was the driver of the Saturn still there, at what point did they finally say “WHAT THE HELL, WHERE DID THE DRIVER GO”