Thank You on behalf of the Murray Family and all those that have devoted their time and passion on this Mysterious case. Your involvement could be the catalyst that could help bring closure to this 12 year old case.


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December 12 2018 @ 8 PM

This is an updated version of a statement I released a few days ago. I apologize for having to remove the post. The statement has been discussed thoroughly by the team over the past couple days and the necessary changes were made. This version is not much different from the first release but does contain new info.

And we would like to make it perfectly clear that the property that is now under scrutiny was pointed out to the NHSP and the proper authorities way back in the early summer 2004 and the information was apparently ignored. This is an historical record and able to be confirmed.

“For the past almost fifteen years Fred Murray and his family have been looking for answers into what happened to his daughter Maura on February 9th 2004.

Since that time there have been several entities involved in the investigation and the search for Maura Murray. Over the past 15 years a lot of information has been gathered by these entities but nothing has brought us to a conclusion and closure in this case.

Recently a very small dedicated group working on the case have uncovered viable information Into The Disappearance of Maura Murray.

Because of the information uncovered an undisclosed property is now a place of interest. This location has had two different cadaver dogs on the scene and hit in the same location. On the day that the second cadaver dog was brought to the location our team had arranged to have a ground-penetrating radar company on site and ready to test the area. Upon completion of the 2cd cadaver dog search and positive hit the scene was turned over the GPR specialist. The GPR testing was conducted and the preliminary analysis of the GPR scan indicates there is an anomaly in the area of where the (2) two cadaver dogs both had positive hits for human remains.

NOTE ; This has nothing to do with the A frame, Rick Forcier’s property or any other location that has been looked at before. This is all new information that was recently obtained by the team in the last few months.

Because of this investigation and the results that were obtained an affidavit was drafted and submitted to the New Hampshire State Police as well as the office of the FBI.

After submission of this affidavit to the proper authorities the New Hampshire State Police should be contacting the owners and conducting a search of the said location with a different cadaver dog to confirm with the first two dogs had Positive Hits.

Ultimately the information gained by the team is enough to get a search warrant and enter the property. After contacting the new owners we were graciously invited to do what needs to be done to rule in or rule out whether or not there are human remains located on their property.

Once the New Hampshire State Police go to this location with the new cadaver dog and get a positive hit in that location that will be the catalyst for them to create the warrant needed to bring in the New Hampshire Major Crimes and Cold Case unit.

This is now in the hands of NHSP and We the People hope the FBI will be brought in. Lest we not forget this is possibly an interstate crime. Maura left Massachusetts, traveled thru VT and into NH where she ultimately disappeared and met her demise.

Let’s bring Maura Murray home today to rest in peace. This is what Maura and her family deserves.

****************PLEASE READ ALL THE  ITEMS BELOW**************************

*New leads in the investigation brought us to this location….But let me clear when I say…This does not necessarily mean this is the remains of Maura Murray*

*The detailed part of the teams investigation has been turned over to the proper authorities.*

*This statement merely clarifies what was accomplished to merit the affadavit to the NHSP and the FBI*

*This statement also puts light on the NHSP Major Crimes and any entity involved in the case from this day forward. This is being done in an attempt to keep the authorities involved in the spotlight and held to accountability and that just because the ball is in their court does not mean we are going to just walk away, we will be paying attention.* This was a decision made between the team to release the info.

*All rude comments will be deleted and reported to Reddit*…… NO EXCEPTIONS…PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL

*The information has been given to the NHSP and FBI and the ball is in their court now. The team that found the info is no longer in control of anything so any forthcoming information should be coming from NHSP CCU, NH AG Jeffrey Strelzin and any media sources that are given the info.*

*The information posted here is not jeopardizing the case in any way nor does it endanger anyone.*

*The information in this post is correct and has been discussed by the team before reposting it.*


*Fred Murray is not part of the team……He is Maura’s father*

Major Crime Unit

Fred Murray’s Updated Statement

This is the UPDATED version of the statement from Fred Murray in response to James Renner and his outrageous accusations.


June 30, 2016


I wasn’t going to bother with the rest of this guy’s drivel because I’m totally immersed in finding my daughter, Maura, and the dirtbag who grabbed her but it’s clear that you deserve to hear the truth from me personally.

He has asserted as basic fact that I asked Maura’s friends to not talk to him. This, of course, is another false allegation taken from his list of misrepresentations that he’s tried to foist on you. The reality is that I said the girls should “play it the way they saw it”. I wasn’t going to chance it because I didn’t trust him based on his unfounded and mean spirited hatchet job on his personally manufactured suspect, Dean Runkle, in the Amy Mihaljevic case. I don’t think unjust collateral damage matters to him if it is likely to enhance his readership and thus his profit.

Another mainstay that he hangs his hat on is his beyond absurd claim that I ducked talking to the police for over two years.  The record shows I spoke to the state police early and often because of their own performance both collectively and individually and also their intransigence concerning their non-acceptance of the Boston F.B.I’s offer to enter the case.  I was at their Twin Mountain station several times in the first few months and on a couple occasions with a roomful of the top police brass around trying to talk me out of seeking the F.B.I.  I always went alone.

I compared the situation to the fire department asking for assistance from other agencies when the fire has them outmanned and overmatched.  My request was doomed because there can be no major crime in the north country with its near total economic  existence dependent  upon unafraid tourists.  The missing weren’t grabbed by one of the area slimeballs but instead got lost in the woods or committed suicide. Downplaying and delaying has always worked in the past as the families of the victims get discouraged and drift away.  That couldn’t work this time since all the heat you folks put on kept their feet to the fire.

He seeds his tale with inaccuracies all over the place. An example is his implying that Sara Alfieri told me the whole story.  Sara told me during the only time I talked to her that she was “asleep the entire time” and nothing more.

Another would be his constant reference to my brother’s home in Weymouth as “Fred’s house”.  This is a false platform erected to support establishing me as the owner of an adult magazine he says he found in the backyard in 2012 when I had moved out in early 2002.  “Fred’s house” has been in Hanson since he bought it in 1974.

Something that rankles me is that a former senior police official who was supposed to get the red stained carpet samples from the A frame to the state police lab still hadn’t done so two and a half years later according to high state police officials.

He repeatedly mentions a hanger on want to be track coach named Hossein something who said he never knew Maura’s father was alive when he met Maura and me while we were watching a race and told me of his prospective book about a runner.  Maura had no interest what so ever in this guy.  It seems the author starts with the finished product he wants and then back fills in anything he thinks might support the desired image he wishes to create.  He’s a real phony.

It’s insidious how he tries to sell the notion that Maura was always camping alone with me when all my kids would go with me on every trip and no kid ever went alone. He gets this from my former sister-in-law who is his twin in spirit as exemplified by her claiming that Maura and I would share a tent when camping when she very well knows there was always the girls tent and the equipment tent which doubled as my quarters.  She referred to me as being “odd” but why then did she let her own daughters go vacationing with us numerous times? She mentions an argument during which he “really reamed her” when no such event ever took place. Screaming at kids is counter productive and is not how I’ve ever handled anything at any time. Her characterizing herself as Maura’s confidant and frequent advisor is intellectually dishonest.

Tim Carpenter has never been considered the brightest bulb on any circuit to begin with. He  severely compounded that status with a progressively increasing alcoholic debilitation reportedly resulting in borderline incompetence and near death last year.  You need look no further than the bizarre “drunk and naked on a mountain top” statement he made to see there’s not much left.  Ironically, Carpenter himself has been mentioned concerning a yet unresolved highly suspicious incident in nearby Warren, New Hampshire, in April of 2004.

Everything the writer concocts about me is designed to imprint and project his desired negative image of me on his audience.  His specialty is carefully crafting illusion that he hopes only someone who actually knows me very well can detect.

In my opinion, this guy redefines the term  “pathetic” and is the literary equivalent of a carny-barker.  His writing philosophy seems to be to keep repeating junk over and over  and hope that it will eventually be accepted as fact.  Just keep throwing you know what against the wall and hope some of it sticks. Throughout my  life I’ve always thought that the worst thing you could possibly call someone is a sneak. This guy is a sneak !!!


Thank you,




My family and I remain deeply appreciative for the unfailing support you folks have given us throughout this continuing struggle and also for your constant digging for information and following possible leads. We couldn’t have continued and we’d be nowhere without you.

The Heat is on & The Temperature’s Rising

Temperature’s Rising Lyrics………….Just found them after naming this blog post.

Word up, son, I heard they got you on the run
for a body – now it’s time to stash the guns
They probably got the phones tapped so I won’t speak long
Gimme a hot second, and I’ma put you on
It’s all messed up somebody snitchin on the crew
And word is on the street is they got pictures of you
Homicide came to the crib last night, six deep
Axin on your whereabouts and where d’you sleep
They said they just wanna question you, but me and you know
that once they catch you, all they do is just arrest you
then arraign you, hang you, I don’t think so
It’s a good thing you bounced for now just stay low
Once in a blue I check to see how you’re doin
I know you need loot, so I send it through Western Union
They probably knock down the door
in the middle of the night, sometimes around four
Hopin to find who they lookin for but they want the seed
All they gonna find is mad empty bags of weed
But word son, you got the projects hotter than hell
Harder for brothers, to get they thug on but oh well
Son they know too much, even the hoodrat chicks
Oh you heard who did what, no I don’t who did shit!
So stop askin, then I know I’m not goin crazy
From windows, I see lights flashin and maybe
somebody’s takin pictures – and you know who that be
Police lovers, and neighborhood snitches
They put up your sheet so everybody’s pointin fingers
and lyin, aiyyo son, the temp is risin

The temperature’s risin, no there’s nothin surprisin
The temperature’s risin, huh and ain’t nothin surprisin
The temperature’s risin, huh and ain’t nothin surprisin
The temperature’s risin (There’s nothin surprisin)

What up black? Hold your head wherever you at
On the flow from the cops with wings on your back
That snitch nigga – gave police your location
We’ll chop his body up in six degrees of separation
Killer listen, shit ain’t the same without you at home
Phony niggas walk around tryin to be your clone
They really fear you, when you was at home they was pale
That’s why they wanna see you either dead or in jail
By the time you hear this rhyme you’ll probably be locked up
Tried to hide somewhere along the lines your plans slipped up
Got caught up in a crime that you can’t take back
Reminisce on how I used to pick you up in the Ac
Years ago when we was younger seemed the hood took us under very deep
Wonderin who snitched it got me losin lots of sleep
at night, you know my mouth is tight
I never sang to the cops cause that shit ain’t right
Sometimes I stroll past the scene of the crime and backtrack
Damn – why the situation go down like dat?
It’ll be a long time before the heat dies down
And a – couple of years ‘fore we see you around
But ’til then maintain and keep your story the same
The cops is grabbin wrong niggas, lookin for someone to blame
They harrassin, strugglin to find the truth
There’s a chance ya case’ll get thrown out, cause they ain’t got no proof
to say you’re guilty, your fingerprints filthy
Deliver – me the gun, I’ll tie it to a brick and throw it in the river
Make sure it sinks to the bottom
Outsmart police, snuck you out the projects, we got ’em
But still, but still, but still…


Recently my mind has been concentrating on the events during the days preceding Maura’s vanishing. Having never ventured to UMASS Amherst during this entire 13 year period of the investigation I never really got to do anything but except the info as it was given to me and accept it as fact. Also something that should be known is the amount of info about UMASS and those mysterious days is very minimal, unfortunately. Working with that minimal info and noting nothing really of significance I was thinking the investigation needed to be totally concentrated and focused on the location of the Saturn as well as the supposed last known sighting of Maura. This decision to put UMASS on the peripheral I believe caused me to lose very valuable info that could have been gained by speaking personally with the players.

What was ignored back then has not gone away, it has just become more obstructed over the years, still there and waiting to be unearthed.


I really started thinking about the fact that Kate and Sarah, Maura’s so-called-Friends never even came to NH to help in the search. It has always bothered me that a Friend, someone you had just spent the weekend with in Massachusetts had gone missing in NH and you never came up to help……..Never…..Ever..!


Was Maura deserted by her friends from UMASS or were they privy to, in the know of or part of a devised plan.? Was the party in the dorm room actually a meeting to discuss the last minute plans for Monday’s escape. Perhaps the reason the Corolla crash occurred was NOT because of alcohol but because Maura was upset and crying. BUT who was the unknown UMASS Cadet at the scene of the Corolla crash, is that who dialed 911.?


Did Maura have a plan to go away for a bit to clear her head or some other reason. Were Maura’s friends part of that plan……but in all actuality had their own plans, ones that did not include Maura, or at least did when the plan began.


13 years later one would have to admit after looking into all the info that is out there that there indeed was a plan, whether it be a loan mission, 2 people (tandem) or a group effort. If you are to believe the Butson’s sighting then one would think their plan had succeeded up til this point. Remember the sighting was of 2 Brunette’s and 1 Blonde. BUT after this stop at Butson’s and within approximately 8 to 10 miles the whole plan went wrong and the Saturn was left apparently disabled at the Weathered Barn corner. Did a good plan go bad, did a mere spin-out cause the whole plan to dissolve or is there something much more sinister that lurks in the darkness that engulfs this mystery. IF the 3 girls, Maura and ? and ? were together and something went wrong, then where did ? and ? go. If we are to assume it was Kate and Sarah, then the answer is clear, but that cannot be proven as fact because neither one of them has ever admitted to being with Maura or coming to NH. IF indeed Maura was in NH, also not a fact, and she was with a brunette and a blonde and it was NOT Kate or Sarah then we need to factor 2 more unknowns into the puzzle.


Personally I don’t think the Butson’s sighting holds much weight, especially considering this was almost 12 years later that this Butson’s employee witness came forward. Another case of some very odd timing, after all this time this witness comes out of the woodwork with an account that places Maura in Woodsville with 2 other young females. An event that took place 12 years earlier with tons of talk going on about the disappearance of Maura and this witness all of a sudden remembers such a trivial event as someone going thru their checkout lane. This account places Maura in NH even though that has not been proven.

Speaking of coming out of the woodwork, remember Clint Harting showing up out of nowhere and becoming a major contributor to the online conversations. Clint basically believes Maura came up here to NH to commit suicide and him doing so places Maura in NH which has NEVER been proven. Clint stuck around quite a while pushing that theory until…….Poof……He was gone, vanished, disappeared as quickly as he had arrived and not a word since.

On September 21st 2016 approximately 12 1/2 years after Maura disappeared a new blog was launched to look at and clear up some issues in the case.

The mission of this blog is as follows… “The goals of this blog are twofold. The first to explore, analyze, and critique the evidence, clues, and theories (both past and present). It was my opinion that many of the “clues” in this case have not been adequately challenged. As a result, a lot of these clues have come to be accepted as fact. So the first goal is to help clear up some the past misconceptions and hopefully prevent or minimize future ones.

The second purpose is to analyze the paper trail that currently exists and look for avenues to expand the repository of “hard evidence” through means that include but are not limited to initiatives such as FOIA requests.  This is not to say that the motivations, intentions, and personalities of the individuals involved in the case are unimportant (or 100% avoidable). But they are arguably far less relevant when it comes to developing a composite of hard evidence that can be handed over to the Murrays to bolster their case for an FBI intervention.”                                                                              

The person writing the above blog made 4 blog posts before doing a podcast on Nov. 15th 2016 with Tim and lance from the Maura Murray Podcast Documentary. It was at this time that we finally became aware that the writer of the blog was Erinn Deborah Larkin and that she had attended UMASS Amherst at the same time as Maura. This podcast went on with Erinn talking about and trying to clear up some of the issues with the case and the online perceptions. You can listen to the podcast at this link and I strongly suggest you do.

Episode 33 MM Podcast

What I find truly interesting is that Erinn attended UMASS at the same time as Maura, Erinn worked the same security job as Maura, Erinn was on the same track team as Maura, Erinn’s mentor was Kate Markopolous who was friends with Maura and Maura went missing from UMASS and Erinn overheard a conversation between Kate and Coach Julie about Maura but was not part of it. So Erinn was certainly aware there was an issue and that Maura was missing at least by Wed. Feb 11th 2004. Also Erinn’s brother Raymond was attending Umass in 2003.

James Renner started looking into the case in 2011 and started a blog which was well viewed. He was writing a book about the case and the book was published in May of 2016.  That is 5 years of his blog being online and him stating he was writing a book.

OK………SO the big question is WHY did it take Erinn soooooo long to come out of the woodwork to try clear all this up.? It would seem there has been plenty of opportunity over the years and especially since the online social media attention has become so intense. Was Renner’s book the catalyst for Erinn’s sudden verbal expulsion.?


I myself find the 107 degree blog to one sided and point to NH and If one looks close there is NO info about UMASS. One would think being a student and having a connection to UMASS Erinn would have concentrated more on that aspect of the case. Just the opposite is what one finds though.

I will get into the podcast and what myself and a couple others have pulled from the content but first I would like to share what we found interesting surrounding the 107 degrees blog. First of all what we found are these interesting lyrics by Citizen Cope.

107 degrees

Wanted by the minister
Wanted by the dean
Wanted by the old folks
Wanted by the teens
Wanted by the dealers
Wanted by the fiends
Wanted by the girls in them tight, tight jeans
And wanted by the lawyers
Wanted by the ballers
Wanted by the governor who watches people suffer
Wanted by the princess
Wanted by the kings
Wanted by that driver of their limousine

Your love, your love is 7 feet deep
It’s 107 degrees
And I’m walking cause my life ain’t free
Cause it’s 107 degrees
And your pain is, is killing me
Cause it’s 107 degrees
And I’m walking cause my life ain’t free
Cause it’s 107 degrees

Wanted by the judges
Wanted by the lawyers
Wanted by the dons
Wanted by the cons
Wanted by the mission
Wanted for the cause
Wanted by the people who have to pay the cost
Wanted by the lawyer
Wanted by his daughters
Wanted by the victim who’s waiting on an offer
And you’re wanted by the princess
And you’re wanted by the kings
And you’re wanted by that driver of their limousine

Cause your love, your love is 7 feet deep
It’s 107 degrees
And I’m walking cause my life ain’t free
Cause it’s 107 degrees
And your pain is, is killing me
Cause it’s 107 degrees
And I’m walking cause my life ain’t free
Cause it’s 107 degrees
This is also very interesting…….A Metaphor
“107º” is a metaphor for the deadly heat you take when you’ve committed a wrong in the eyes of your community. The subject has harmed a specific, high-profile person (“wanted by the victim, who’s waiting on an offer”), presumably in some sort of accident – probably a traffic collision – involving their limousine. In the process, he’s alienated himself from his community and loved one(s) (“your love is 7 feet deep [i.e. dead]”). He recognizes the damage he’s caused, that others will have to pay the cost of his mistake, but resents the weight of shame heaped on his back, especially by “the cons”, and a hypocritically indolent authority figure who “watches people suffer”. When you’re from a rough enough neighborhood (“wanted by the dealers… wanted by the dons”), this kind of “heat” can take on a deadly significance. That’s why Cope specifically chooses 107 ºF: it’s the internal temperature that few human beings can endure for long.”

You can also check out the conversation going @ Reddit on the following links.



In February of 2004 WMUR TV did a story about Maura Murray and her going missing. In April of 2004 after it was evident Maura was not going to show up and there were NO answers I became very intrigued as to what may have occurred. Being a former police officer from Littleton NH back in the early 80’s I have always been aware of what is happening in the community and the changes that have taken place over the years. The fact that this young college girl had gone missing in a matter of a blink of an eye was what drew Me into the 13 1/2 year mission to find the answer……..but it turns out I am in search of something totally different after all this time. I want to know WHO is behind the ‘Discredit Train’ that has been embedded in this case from pretty much the beginning.

About the middle of April 2004 I called the Murray family to offer my help on the case. The intention was to help be their guide to the local area and help break the ice with any locals as we were searching for clues into where Maura had gone. The family told me they would be happy to have any help they could get to aide them in finding answers.

Around the 1st week of May before I had even met the Murray family 2 detectives from NHSP Troop F, Det. Bob Bruno & Det. Russell Hubbard came to where I worked and asked what my interest was in the case. Explaining the intentions to the Detectives I was told to stay away from the Murray’s or I would be arrested for ‘interfering w/ an investigation’. I asked them to explain their reasoning but was told again there would be an arrest IF I persisted.

I adhered to the NHSP threat of arrest and kept my distance from the Murray family until Fred Murray tracked Me down and asked for help. It was at this point that I realized there was NO saying…….NO…! It was mid may that I joined the Murray team and here 13 1/2 years later I still stand ready and strong. What I find truly hard to comprehend is the fact that once I joined the mission to find Maura………the NHSP have NOT been back to see me or try to deter my interactions with the family. WHY did they change their tune..? Did the NHSP and other authorities have enough time to create the smoke screen needed to cloud the actual TRUTH.?

Another thing that is so absurd in this case is the ‘Damage to the Saturn’. It is inconsistent with what has been stated and portrayed by the police as well as several online anonymous personas. Why is there such an agenda to make people believe the Saturn hit a tree at the scene when it is so obvious that even a child can see the Saturn never hit any tree.

Why has there been such an agenda by the Haverhill PD, NHSP as well as so many online anonymous personas to discredit ‘witness A’ Karen McNamara and her account of what she saw that night. All of her info has been confirmed and documented……Yet they still deny her account of the evenings events. WHY is there such an agenda to discredit Karen and the FACT she saw #001 SUV, the Haverhill cruiser on the night of Feb 9th 2004. If the #001 was actually out of service as stated by LE and knowing that Karen’s account is CREDIBLE…….The HUGE question would be WHO was driving that #001 SUV……and WHY they are covering this info up. WHERE did the Haverhill PD have their police vehicles serviced back in 2004….? Did they have the vehicles serviced by Lavoie’s Auto-care.? Was the #001 SUV being test driven on the night of Feb. 9th 2004 around 7 pm.? IF so….WHO would have been driving that SUV…? Could the driver have been Mike Lavoie from lavoie Auto-Care…? Could this ALSO explain WHY Lavoie’s was called instead of Northland Auto to tow the Saturn….?

There are so many inaccuracies and inconsistencies in this case surrounding the night of Feb 9th 2004. Police report…..WRONG. 911 witness statements do not make sense or are changed. Hanover 911 log with Atwoods call not released in FOIA request. Saturn damage is obviously NOT determined correctly by Sgt. Cecil Smith…..EVEN after having 6 days to think about it before writing the report. ALL very interesting.

Next…………..I think it is time to insert James Renner into the picture, kinda like an unwanted enema.




James Renner approached Fred Murray about writing a book about Maura. Fred Murray told him to go away, a book was not going to help find Maura. James Renner took this as a personal attack and from that day on it was REVENGE for James, it had nothing to do with trying to find Maura, it was a vendetta, a manipulative mission to discredit Maura, Fred Murray and their family as well as anyone not willing to talk to him about Maura. Renner has been on a vengeful road since the day Fred Murray shut him down. He personally attacked me during this time and has been trying to discredit me for years. He has not accomplished that and never will, maybe a few of his anonymous followers has taken the bait but honestly they are nothing to this case, they are anonymous and therefore……irrelevant.


I think once the Texas Crew Documentary comes out on Oxygen this fall that there will be a lot more eyes opened and a more people seeing the other possibilities that can and DO exist. Here is the link for the trailer to the Doc coming out this fall.

I stand behind all My statements, thoughts and theories and have not wavered over the past 13 years. Trying to discredit me only makes me more persistent and stronger.

Some people just cannot handle the ‘Real Truth’

PEOPLE NEED TO GET THEIR FACTS STRAIGHT BECAUSE I HAVE NOT LIED IN ANY WAY ABOUT MY PAST OR PRIVATE DETECTIVE CREDENTIALS. I have been completely honest and all this info is able to be confirmed and documented IF indeed people took the time to do so. Most likely the info has been confirmed but it does not suit their agenda to confirm it………………..only to deny it.


John Smith @ Truth Seekers Investigations Group



February 9th 2004 was just another regular day for most people, more than likely nothing out of the ordinary occurred that will make you remember that day for the rest of your life. But for some February 9th 2004 changed their lives forever and that day from the past will be forever etched in their memory banks.

brain bank MM EDITED


At 7:27 pm on a Monday night in February of 2004 a call came into the GCSD 911 dispatch center to report 

Narrative………02/09/2004 – 7:40 Marsh, Ronda

“to adv. of a vehicle in the ditch right on the sharp turn after the Weathered Barn, unkown if personal injury, but can see a man in veh. smoking a cigarette, was E/B on Rte. 112 but ended up in W/B ditch facing W/B.”

GCSD dispatcher Ronda Marsh tones out Haverhill PD to the scene at 7:29. *Police only

School bus driver Butch Atwood passes the scene and offers help to a female but she declines assistance and the bus driver continues East 200 yds to his house where he pulls nose first into the driveway facing away from the road. he goes into his house to call 911.

Narrative……….02/09/2004 7:48 Marsh, Ronda (5 min time delay)

“At 7:43 Hanover dispatch called to adv. got a 911 call for us. 911 advised all circuits busy; is for 10-25. Caller at 2 Wild Ammonoosuc rd. Butch Atwood residence 747-2664. They adv. one female, NO PI (personal injury), but shook up. (Called the Atwood res. Woman adv. husband saw the crash and came here to call, but NO IDEA where the female is).”

GCSD printed Feb 10

SO………WHY WITH THE ABOVE INFO DID THEY WAIT 13 MINUTES TO DISPATCH FD & EMS UNITS TO THE SCENE. Faith Westman stated UNKNOWN INJURY & car in the ditch.  Protocol is to send FD & EMS when there are unknowns.

Did Atwood actually tell Hanover dispatch something that changed the decision to tone out FD & EMS.? There is NO indication in the  Hanover / Atwood narrative from the log above that would warrant them to call out FD & EMS after it was not done originally. INTERESTING FOR SURE.!!



IF there truly is evidence that there was another 911 caller reporting the accident then it fits right in with the SCANNER CALL overheard by 2 people at approx 7 pm on the night of Feb. 9th 2004. These people listening to the scanner heard the call for “a vehicle slid off the road on Swiftwater rd. driver left in private vehicle, FD & EMS called back.


The 1st GCSD log ever given to the family…..TAKE NOTICE OF BLANK AREA B4 SATURN ACC.

Did the actual 1st 911 caller (not Faith) a passerby witness the accident on Rte 112 ( which some people call Swiftwater rd.) somewhere before or at the WBC and give them info about the Saturn. (This could acct. for the ROGUE #001 Haverhill cruiser)

Atwood leaves the scene and Faith says she sees activity in and around the car, lights going on and off and then a flurry of activity around the trunk. So Faith is still watching the scene AFTER Atwood pulls away and there is activity and Faith is still on the phone with 911, so what is being told to Ronda Marsh, was Ronda told about the bus.? It would seem at this point that with LE on the way that 911 would be questioning the caller even more to assess the scene and give the responding officer more info.

SO…….If Faith was still on the phone with 911 why did she just go back to what she was doing b4 she made the call. If she was not relaying info to 911 why keep her on the phone.? Faith has stated she was on the phone w/ 911 for 17 minutes, the time it took for Sgt. Cecil Smith to arrive. Faith never sees the driver leave the scene…..Yet she is surprised when Officer Smith comes to her door asking her where the female is. Perfect timing or intentional timing…? This just does not make sense..!


Haverhill PD #002 sedan. Sgt Smith cruiser 2/9/04

7:46 pm Sgt. Cecil Smith arrives on scene to find the Saturn abandoned with NO driver in sight. Smith, a retired Army Intelligence Officer examines the scene and at some point speaks to Atwood and the Westman’s and determines it was a female after talking to Atwood. FD & EMS arrive on scene at 7:56 & 7:57, the FD unit had 8 people on board, the EMS unit had 2 EMT’s.

7:54 BOL put out…….”H-2 request all FD units BOL for female about 5′ 7″ on foot, victim of crash.

8:02 pm……EMS released from scene after only 6 minutes.

8:49……FD clears the scene, enroute back to station. 8:59 back at quarters but unavailable. Back in service at 9:41. So they were out of service for 42 minutes after arriving back at station.

8:50…..Lavoies has the Saturn…..H-2 clears the scene, but not the actual call (where did he go).? Was he searching the area and IF so….WHERE..?

9:26…..Sgt Smith is clear of Maura call and dispatched to Suicide call on Lime Kiln rd.


Now let’s pick this apart because there is so much surrounding the incident at the Weathered Barn scene as well as the days after that leave so many unanswered questions.

#1. When was the actual 1st call to 911….and who made that call.?

#2. Why when Faith called 911 at 7:27 and reported a 10-25 with unknown personal injury    did they only tone out Police and not FD & EMS. There was a 13 minute delay in toning out FD & EMS. WHY..?

#3. Why did it take Sgt. Cecil Smith 17 minutes to reach the scene.? Where was He responding from.?

#4. Why IF Faith was on the phone for 17 minutes was it not mentioned to dispatch that there was a 40 foot big yellow school bus on scene.?

#5. Why was the BOL only put out to the West to the FD units.?

#6. Why did they not go any further East than the intersection of Bradley Hill rd. and Rte 112 that night.?

#7. Why did they only talk to Atwood and the Westman’s and NOT go to any of the local residences that night.? Some of those people were not spoken to until a week later OR more.

#8. Why did the accident report state that the officer was responding to the report of a car into a tree when that was never mentioned in the narrative by Faith.?

#9. Why did the officer state that the Saturn had hit a tree when writing the report 6 days later.? It was obvious that it had not hit a tree and one would think an ‘Army Intelligence Officer’ now Sgt. of a police dept. would know that is NOT the TRUTH.

#10. Why was lavoie’s auto called for the tow service that night when Northland Towing was on the call list rotation for that night and had actually been called earlier in the day around 4:30 to pull a Haverhill cruiser out of a snowbank.

#11. Why was there a conversation overheard by neighbors of people arguing about jurisdiction.? (info recd. while the family was staying at the Wells River Motel. Lady named Ginny)

#12. Why did they not put out a BOL to all the surrounding areas that evening.?

#13. Why was the Saturn towed to and placed in the personal garage of Mike lavoie.? The Saturn was not brought to the business garage owned by Lavoie.

#14. Why when Mr. Murray saw the Saturn on Friday the 13th at Lavoies PRIVATE garage was the RAG still stuffed in the tailpipe.?

#15. Why did the police INSTRUCT Fred Murray to remove the RAG from the tailpipe before trying to start the car on 2/13/04.

#17. Why was the RAG in the tailpipe not treated as evidence at the scene and treated as such.? Why was the rag not put into evidence.?

#18. Was the Rag EVER treated as evidence and IF so was it EVER actually FORENSICALLY tested.?

#19. What happened to the bag with 3 or 4….2 liter soda bottles witnessed by Abbey Kennedy from the FD unit.?

#20. How did Susan Champy witness the passenger side door open when she passed the scene at approx. 7:55 pm.? How can that be possible when LE says the doors were locked and it was not entered until they obtained a warrant.?

#21. Who were the 2 bystanders with Sgt. Smith that were witnessed by Susan Champy when she went by the scene at about 7:55.?

#22. What was the acceleration and thud that was heard by the Westman’s.? Since We know now that the Saturn NEVER hit the tree there has to be another explanation for those noises. Remember the Westman’s heard this from inside the house with closed windows and doors……It had to be a significant noise for sure.

#23. How did the Marrotte’s actually see anything that night considering the vantage point from the kitchen window.? The view is directly thru the dense forest so at best, Mr Marrotte would have most likely seen the reverse lights but as for any other activity that is questionable.

#24. The Westman’s stated that NO other cars passed the scene that night…..although Atwood contradicts that statement by saying he saw at least 3 or 4 pass by but could not identify any of them. I find this interesting because Mr. Westman is adamant that the Saturn was heading EAST and He knows that because of the way the headlights shine in their windows. So…..IF Atwood is not lying about seeing the cars go by and Faith was on the phone with 911 either watching the scene and Tim was back in the office, how on earth could they have missed 3 or 4 vehicles go by…..AND most likely SLOW DOWN because there is a disabled car in the wrong lane. NONE of those cars stopped to offer assistance.? Did one of those cars stop and Faith saw something..? Did Faith turn away because she saw something..?

#25. Why did Atwood give 2 different scenarios of what he witnessed to the cops.?

A. He came upon the scene and witnessed the driver from the face up with the airbag deployed, he shone a flashlight on her and spoke to her from the steps of the bus.

B. He came upon the scene and witnessed Maura getting out of the car on the drivers side and struggling a bit bc the car was close to the snowbank. He said he got off the bus this time and talked to her over the car.

#26. Why did NHSP Commander John Scarinza lie about having a trooper on scene that night.? Why did it take almost 4 days for Scarinza to admit there was a NHSP Trooper there that night. Why did John Monaghan NOT sign off at the scene in an official capacity.

#27. Why did a police officer employed by Franconia Chief John Monaghan recently state and I quote “My Chief was the 1st person on scene of the Maura Murray accident.”

#29. Why was there a rogue Haverhill PD cruiser, the #001 B & W SUV seen by Karen McNamara on Swiftwater rd. where she was passed by said SUV going in the same direction with blue lights on. Again this SUV was seen by KM when she reached the intersection of Rte 112 and Goose lane. The SUV was headed East towards Lincoln. KM headed East to Lincoln and could see the blue lights off and on as it went around the corners and over the small hills but eventually lost sight of the SUV. KM reached the WBC on Rte 112 and when turning the corner noticed the #001 SUV nose-to-nose with the Black Saturn in the eastbound lane. She drove past the scene, did not see anyone and continued on her way home.

#30. Why did the Haverhill PD and the NHSP lie about the #001 Haverhill SUV being in service that night.? They insist that the #001 was OUT OF SERVICE. It was being used earlier in the day and the last cop known to be driving it was Chief Jeff Williams.

#31. Why did Chief Jeff Williams call the GCSD dispatch the next morning at 7 am and request to speak with the head of dispatch ASAP.? Why did Williams need to speak to Tommy Andross ASAP. Was he frantic about something.?

#32. Why was the 1st copy of the GCSD log given to the family an edited and manipulated version.? Why were there 3 different versions of the GCSD log for the event of the same evening.?

#33. Why was the box of Franzia wine crushed and broken (leaking).? It was NOT caused during the spin-out. These boxes are very solid and contain an inner plastic bladder, it is very hard to make one leak.

#34. Why did Sgt. Smith tell the Westman’s about the rag in the tailpipe..?

#35. Why did NHSP CCU Chuck ‘Asshole’ West say “Oh, You people from Mass. that keep coming up here and getting lost”

#36. Why when KM came fwd again about the #001 Haverhill cruiser being seen at the WBC on Feb 9th 2004 did Chuck West come out of the woodwork and adamantly state that “Whatever you think you saw did not happen” & “What you are stating is a very serious accusation and is criminal” WOWZA…..! That sounds like a threat to Me.

#37. Why in April of 2004 did Det. Bruno and Hubbard from the NHSP come to My work and threaten to arrest me for interfering with an investigation if I offered to and or helped the Murray’s in their quest for answers. A very veiled threat by the NHSP.

#38. Why did the NHSP never come back to see me again after their 1st visit.? I was fully involved in the case by the end of April 2004 and working closely with the Murray’s. I find it odd that they never came back……13 years later and NOT 1 visit.

#39. Why was there 2 pair of black leather gloves in the Saturn.? Maura did not like leather although she did receive a pair from Sharon Rausch for Xmas 2003.

#40. Why did the NHSP choose to use one of the pair of leather gloves for the dogs doing the scent search.? There were other clothes in the car which would have had more of her scent , fresh laundry, recently folded, recently packed and in a duffle bag used by Maura all the time.

#41. Why did the NHSP turn over all the stuff from the car to the family on Feb 19th 2004.? Whys did they also offer the Saturn back to Mr. Murray within the first 2 months.?

#42. When the NHSP offered the Saturn back to Mr Murray and he did not want it, I offered to take the car. Mr Murray relayed this info to NHSP and they then took the car into evidence. INTERESTING FOR SURE.

#43. Why when the Saturn was taken by the NHSP as evidence was it never treated as such.? The car was left outside in the elements and NOT in a fenced in area.!!

#44. Why did it take 13 years and a bunch of pressure before Fred Murray was ever shown the ATM video.? Why when this did occur was He only shown still photos of the girl at the ATM. Fred did say it was Maura at the ATM after viewing the stills…..BUT why did it take 13 years..?

#45. Why did Maura not get arrested for the Corolla accident in Hadley.? Who had the power to make that go away.? Officer Mark Ruddock or Sgt. Jeffrey Skinner perhaps.

#46.  Who called 911 for the Corolla crash in Hadley.? Maura did not have her phone, she had left it with Sarah. Not sure Why.

#47. Why was Billy Rausch so frantic in the couple days before Maura disappeared.? His cell phone bill indicates that he had knowledge of an issue. I think some things were said during the early morning hours during those calls from Fred’s phone. I sometimes wonder IF it was Maura calling Billy…..or perhaps it was Fred. Did Maura tell Her father something about Billy..?

#48. Why did Kate Markopolous & Sarah Alfieri never come to NH to help look for their friend Maura.

#49. Why in 13 years of looking into this case have I found so many connections to ROCKWOOD TENNESSEE. This is NOT a coincidence.

I am sure there are many more but My brain is starting to hurt……!

*****************BUT THIS IS ENOUGH*******************








February 9th 2017 marks the 13th year since Maura Murray disappeared without a trace. The 1996 black Saturn SL2 was found deserted, locked and apparently disabled, the Saturn had sustained minor hood area damage and was found in the roadway facing Westbound in the Eastbound lane.  The mystery of this case leaves behind many unanswered questions, some of those so bizarre that it does not seem feasible to have to ask the question in the first place. The inconsistencies and inaccuracies plague this case like an epidemic, it is sickening to say the least and even more nauseating that some people cannot see through this or are in complete denial of something that cannot be ignored.

And that is WHY 13 years later Mr. Murray still comes here searching, changes the Ribbon every year and as a determined and persistent man will never cease in the quest for answers. WE the People stand behind and beside Fred Murray as a symbol of strength in this never ending nightmare and will help to keep the case moving forward and keep the light shining bright……. that being the spirit of Maura. ‘We the People’ will not let this case disappear like Maura Murray did 13 years ago.

*****MARK OUR WORDS*****


                                                               ……THE WHOLE TRUTH

                                                                                          …….AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH”

           Good afternoon and Thank You for joining us on this the 13th year since Maura Murray mysteriously vanished from this exact location.


   My name is John Smith from Truth Seekers Investigations and I have been looking into this case for 13 years now.

   It was at 7:27 pm on Feb. 9th 2004 when the 1st call came into 911 @ the GCSD dispatch center. The caller, Faith Westman stated there was a car in the ditch, a man in the car smoking a cigarette and unknown if there was any personal injury to the occupant.

  A few minutes later school bus driver Butch Atwood came along and witnessed a female at the scene and offered to call for help but was told that AAA had already been called. Atwood then drove to his house, parked his bus and went inside to call 911 to report what he had seen knowing that there was indeed NO cell phone service in that area.

  At 7:46 pm Sgt. Cecil Smith from the Haverhill PD arrived here on scene to find the Black 1996 Saturn deserted, locked and apparently disabled. The vehicle has sustained minor damage to the hood area and was located facing Westbound in the eastbound lane.

   The driver, Maura Murray

was gone, she had vanished in what seems like a blink of an eye.




   For 13 years now a determined and persistent man, Fred Murray has been coming to NH to find the answers that will lead him to the whereabouts of his Daughter Maura.

   Mr. Murray has searched the roadsides, scoured the streams & traversed the small hills and mountains in what must be a never ending nightmare.

   Fred Murray has dug thru trash dumps, looked in wells, crawled under buildings & even came across bones in a sandpit. Those remains turned out to be animal bones, that of a cow but one can only imagine the feeling that must have been totally overwhelming and a gasp of helplessness. A feeling no-one should ever have to experience.

   WE THE PEOPLE, the investigators, friends, locals and concerned citizens are here today to show support for the Murray Family as well as let the community know that we are still searching for the answers to help resolve this case and bring closure to the Murray family. We will continue to search for the TRUTH on a mission to bring forth justice for this Cold Case Mystery.

   ****If at this time anyone would like to say a few words we welcome you do so at this time.******

   NOW Annie Searle will be doing a reading of a short poem / prayer written especially for Maura. This will be followed by a 13 balloon release marking the 13 year long & tiring journey that has brought us to this point in time. The red heart signifies strength for all of us.

  ****Annie finishes poem****

   Witnessing the crowd here today gives hope that this mystery of what happened to Maura Murray will not be forgotten. I can feel the positive energy and know that it definitely must be Maura smiling at us all.





February 9th 2017 Remembrance at the Ribbon Tree….Very emotional day.
Poem written especially for Maura by Annie Searle
13 Balloon release included a Red Heart for united strength
A cold and blustery day at the Weathered barn corner. Full of warm hearts though.!
Fly high and soar, catch the winds and sail, send us the strength to never fail.


On February 11th 2017 The Truth Seekers Group put together an informational meeting and gathering at the VFW in Littleton NH. The local community supported us by donating their personal time, assorted services , food and so much more. The outpouring of local support shows the true spirit of the the kind and caring people that inhabit the Great State of New Hampshire. Your help was very much appreciated and we could not have done this without You.

The Murray Family @ February 11th VFW gathering
February 11th 2017 @ VFW gathering…A very powerful day.

We had a total of about 70 people here for the meeting and was very productive and the audience participation was awesome. Thank You all for attending and being interested in the Murray case as well as showing support for your own community in doing so. This is not just about Maura Murray, it is about so much more. Maura’s case has opened a ‘Can-o-Worms’ that cannot be ignored and will not be ignored, especially by the Truth Seekers Group and anyone else that can see through the smoke and gleam a vision into the Truth & Reality that exists behind the ‘Wall-of-Silence’

Check out some live video from the event.

Silence in a Small Town

Below are links to the media attention received this the 13th year since Maura vanished from Rte. 112 in Haverhill NH.–20170210

The story was also featured on WCAX-TV

WATD radio in Massachusetts & Christine james

WMUR TV in New Hampshire

WLTN Radio Littleton NH and all its affiliates

The Littleton Record Newspaper

The Boston Globe & Tom Farrager

The Trendy Times paper Woodsville NH

…….and more

13 years later……My interview with The NH Union Leader newspaper
2017 Balloon release at the VFW –  A moment of silence. A poem and the launch
Fred Julie and Freddy jr outside at the balloon release – February 2017 @ VFW
The Warm Hearts of the supporters as they watch the balloons reach for the skies.
2017 Balloon release @ The VFW……Remembering the Missing gathering.
Fred Murray speaking @ the 2017 VFW gathering – A very powerful moment

During Mr. Murray’s emotional words he spoke of many things including the investigation or lack thereof, questioning why the cops did not look to the East that night, Why NHSP Commander John Scarinza denied / lied about having a Trooper on scene that night and why the NHSP have questioned the credibility of Witness ‘A’ Karen MacNamara. During the time Mr Murray was behind the podium You could feel the energy in the room and see the faces of the people, it was as if they were entranced. I am sure their Hearts were fractured from the oh so powerful utterance by Fred Murray. Words that filled the room with sorrow yet gave new meaning to a group of people that had come together to support the Murray Family. The gathering not only showed support but was a multi faceted opportunity. The contacts that were made and friendships that will grow from this event can only only add to the power and intent of the mission to help find the answers to the mystery of what happened to Maura.

Some of Fred Murray’s last words was ‘A Call for Action’….A Plea from the People to help get the FBI to TAKE OVER the investigation into the disappearance of his daughter Maura.

Well…….Here is the Plea (see below). I ask that you Call or E-mail the FBI as well as the Governor of NH and any other person you can think of that has the POWER to help. Flood these people with the info, be relentless and do not let this cold case mystery be ignored or swept under the carpet any longer.

*******************A PLEA FROM THE MURRAY FAMILY********************

On Feb. 11th 2017 Fred Murray and his family made a personal plea for “We the People” to join together in a force of numbers to encourage the FBI to TAKE OVER the investigation into the disappearance of Maura Murray. Mr. Murray feels this is the ONLY HOPE He has to find the answers as to what happened on Feb. 9th 2004 @ the Weathered Barn corner on Rte 112 in Haverhill NH.

Our mission is to flood the Boston office of the FBI and Harold H. Shaw, Agent in charge with E-mails and phone calls requesting that he not only acknowledge the petition with almost 6,000 signatures now but answer a plea from the Murray Family to get the FBI to take over, one that he has been asking for from the beginning.

It is not 100% fact that it was indeed Maura Murray at the scene that evening. This along with the fact that the Saturn was found in NH, it had left Mass and gone through VT and then ended up in NH. Police have indicated this case is an active missing person case with possible criminal activity, that being said it seems that having 3 states involved would possible make it an interstate crime of some sort.
Harold H. Shaw, Agent in charge
(857) 386-2000

Also Please contact newly elected Governor Chris Sununu and make the same plea to him as well as Senators and Representative for the state of NH.

WE THE PEOPLE have the power to make these people listen. We the People have the power of social media, do not let them silence our words. We the People are the voice for Maura Murray and her Family.


PLEASE add this picture of the Murray family to any correspondence sent to ‘THE PEOPLE WITH THE POWER’.

Office of the Governor
State House
107 North Main Street
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 271-2121
(603) 271-7680 (fax)

Thank You

John Smith
and the
Truth Seekers Investigations Group

Murray Family 2017 @ VFW – Fred Julie Freddy jr. & Curtis. PLEASE HELP THEM

The petition was submitted to the FBI when it reached 5,200 signatures. I have yet to receive a response from Harold H. Shaw, Agent in Charge even after sending this email to him 6 times. I have called 3 times and spoke to his secretary and left messages and have not even been given the courtesy of acknowledgement of receipt of said petition. All ‘We the People’ want is a response from the FBI….a simple email or phone call sating they have received it. But NO….Nothing. Do ‘We the People’ even exist and matter, do our words count for anything.?

It seems ‘We the People” are being ignored, like our existence is irrelevant in this case. I personally will not sit back and let the powers that be ignore what must not be ignored. I am hoping You feel the same way and will do the right thing by signing the petition and spreading the word far and wide.

Do not let Maura Murray become an urban legend…….Just another unknown mystery.


There was a major Documentary team at the event filming for what will become a 6 part series about the Mystery of Maura Murray’s disappearance and those behind the 13 year search for ‘Truth & Justice’. There will be much more info about this Doc later on down the road but at this point I am unable to share anything else.

Below is a bunch of pix from the blog since it was started. Just to bring back some memories for the old timers here as well as the newbies just now jumping on the Maura Murray Mystery Train.

I chose to end this blog post with the 3 pictures below. These photos keep Me moving forward every day on a mission to find the Truth. These pictures leave a feeling of sadness, despair and hopelessness but also give one the strength to forage on. Join me on that mission.


          **********************COMING SOON************************

An intense look into the unsolved murders and missing persons of New England, the silence that is disturbing and the connection to Tourism.

Definitely not when $5 Billion is involved

“Tourism is New Hampshire’s second-largest industry, generating more than $5 billion of economic activity per year in the state”

 We can’t afford to live without your money

This is a very interesting article.


     It was 1985….. I was 25 years old and living in West Palm Beach working in the restaurant business as a line cook. While watching a local news station there was a small piece about this case and being from NH it immediately hit home, it was just so horrible and surreal. After the initial report there was not any coverage because they had no clues and nothing new to share. The case kind of faded away from the public eye and from My mind as well.


It was 2000…..I was 41 years old and living back in my hometown of Bethlehem when the news of the second set of barrels were found in Allenstown NH. It was surreal, it was like listening to it the first time, it was as if I was back in Florida sitting on the couch when hearing it, it was a flashback, it was not a happy memory.


So the news in 2000 was the reawakening of the case for Me and started the new fire in the brain bucket. Unfortunately there was not a lot of information about the case, even about the 1st set of barrels found, mostly just the approximate location they were found and that they were female but unidentified. The 2cd set of barrels revealed nothing more useful to Police to aid them in their investigation, they were basically at a standstill because of the lack of evidence. So this would mean an intense deep look into what they had…..what direction to proceed and make a strategic plan to help solve this case. Well from what We know now 16 years later it seems the case is no further advanced than it was back in 1985. Yes it is 31 years later and forensics has become more available and reliable but yet again they find them selves with NO real evidence to test. The person or persons responsible for this disgusting act are monsters, they are not human, they are Sub-human and the fact they walk the earth and breathe the same air as We do is infuriating.

Here is the Wiki page about the case.

In February of 2004,  Maura Murray’s Saturn SL2 was found at the WBC in Haverhill NH but there was NO driver at the scene upon arrival of police. I became involved  when I offered services to the Murray family to aide them in their personal look into the case, this was in April of 2004.


The Maura case was so intriguing and I found it hard to let it go, there has been something about this case that has been calling since the beginning. I answered the call and have not disconnected from trying to make the connection even clearer. At every turn there was something that lead down a path that somehow seemed connected, could it be possible this was the answer or maybe this could be it, so many paths, which one to follow. If I could recreate where this case has taken me over the years you would be amazed and shocked because I know I am. There have been so many things over the years that just keep coming back………….

    Coincidences…. NO……I don’t believe in coincidences, everything happens for a reason, our path is chosen even though like a tree it branches off in many directions, Yes we make choices in life but there is only one True path. Follow the path, don’t fear the unknown and in the end You will be where You are supposed to be, back to the roots.

During the investigation into Maura’s case I wandered all over the state of NH and Vt in search of clues, this even brought me to Allenstown NH but nothing seemed to fit. Someone very close to the Murray case used to live in Allenstown back in the day but to no avail my investigation again proved fruitless. I was hitting a brick wall and just could not seem to make it over that wall. There was something I was MISSING……WHAT WAS IS..?

Behold…….Along came a long awaited source of info, someone that has dug deep and uncovered some long sought info. A big Thank You to siblings Scott Maxwell and Ronda  Randall of Oak Hill Research for their work on the Allenstown NH case. They came up with a ton of great info and have been working diligently to bring more light to the case and in the hopes of helping to solve the Mysterious case of the ‘4 females in the barrels’…’The Allenstown Four’.


‘Oak Hill Research is in no way associated with or working in conjunction with Truth Seekers Investigations of Bethlehem NH. The links to their pages is to show the connections I have made as well as give credit to Oak Hill Research for their extensive work on this case. Oak Hill Research does not necessarily agree with or in any way have anything to do with the actual content of this blog post. This disclaimer is also meant to exhibit that Oak Hill Research does not want people to think they are in any way linking the Allenstown case to the Murray case .

^^^^^^^^Please do not contact Oak Hill Research about the Murray case^^^^^^^^


Here is their website below… well as Facebook page

Because of the research of Scott and Ronda combined with what I have accumulated over the past 13 years I believe there is a good chance the answer is very close….the puzzle is becoming more complete….. like it has been right there all along sitting on the table in plain sight. Is it possible the gathering of info into 2 different investigations by 2 separate groups  will shed some more light on what have become 2 mysterious cases engulfed by time, distanced by approximately 87 miles and 1 hr. and 45 minutes travel time. Maybe the parallel lines that surround these cases have finally become skewed enough so that they may intersect creating a new line of sight.


Could approximately 87 miles hold the answers for 2 cold cases.

Interestingly enough after going through Oak Hill’s  research I have come up with a few intriguing things that caught My attention. The things I came up with certainly should make one think and open their mind to the possibilities. I will now tell You what was found and it is up to You to decide if it is noteworthy…. at all worthwhile……or just a branch on the tree that holds no weight.

So to get started……Let’s begin with Rick Forcier who has a connection to the Maura Murray case because of what He states he saw on the night of Feb. 9th 2004 as well as the location of his residence which is within eyesight, approximately 200 ft. of where the Saturn was found. Also one must remember that Forcier did not come forward to police about seeing a person running down the road until April 29th 2004, two-and-a-half-months-later. Rick also stated upon different occasions when interviewed that He was “home sleeping on the couch and did not hear anything” and then that was later changed to “Oh now that I look at my work logs, I would have been just getting home about 8 pm after leaving a job site in Franconia.” Rick also told the neighbors, jokingly of course, “Maura is staying at my house, she is a great cook” All just interesting things that need to be analyzed.

Before Rick moved to NH in 2001 he was living in Chichester NH and as a child grew up in Goffstown and attended Goffstown High. After high school Rick lived in Allenstown and during this time actually went to ‘The Cape’ and lived in a tent somewhere close to Provincetown. Rick grew up hunting in NH and was know to even keep a kill book to compare with other hunters. One of Rick’s favorite places to hunt was ‘Bear Brook State Park’ area. This place is very close to Bear Brook Gardens in Allenstown and actually part of the property abuts the state park. Forcier it turns out is also and avid hunter, tracker and taxidermist. From what I gained from a close source when he would make a kill there was a ritual every time and one of the things involved smearing the animals blood on his body. He also owned a piece of property in PA that was sold approximately 5 years ago +/- a couple years.

The next person I would like to speak about is Normand Boisvert who resides in Easton NH on Hummingbird lane. I had never come across Normand until about 2008 when him and his wife Alma Jean were in court because of an incident with Gregory Floyd, the guy that killed Liko Kenney after Liko had killed Cpl. Bruce McKay. Greg Floyd and his family are another whole story. I was in court that day and Greg Floyd was out of his mind and even threatened to kill me on his way out of the courtroom. In the hallway to the courtroom is where he assaulted one NHSP trooper, 2 bailiffs GCSD Sheriffs. He also kicked the door window out of the cruiser. I could go on………

So Normand Boisvert and his wife Alma lived on Hummingbird lane back in 2004, there place is ‘The-Last-Place-on-the-Left’……a dead end road right on the edge of the White Mountain National Forest. They run an auto repair garage in Lincoln,  NH just about 12 miles or so east of their home, it is called AJ & Norms. Hummingbird lane is about 6 or 7 miles from the WBC in the easterly direction.

Before moving to NH the Boisvert’s lived in Allenstown, NH, they moved the approx. 90 miles north back around 1999 / 2000. They had also previously lived in Pemroke NH. When they lived in Allenstown their address was Bear Brook VillaAllenstown, NH 03275. Bear Brook Village is another trailer park located just a couple miles from Bear Brook Gardens. While living in Allenstown the Boisvert’s also lived at 142 Monroe AveAllenstown, NH 03275. Also at the time they owned and operated an Auto repair shop.

When they first opened their auto shop in Lincoln it was on Rte 3  @  Us Route 3Lincoln, NH 03251.


They moved from that location and are now located @


Well it turns out that Normand is a Sex Offender…

It also seems as though he is within mile of a School. What are the laws in NH about SO’s and how close they can work or live to a school. There is one in Littleton just down the street from me that is a stones throw from the school and within sight of it as well.


Another great resource is the link below created by Oak Hill Research.

One of the people on the above link also moved from Allenstown to Littleton NH with a stop in Biddeford Maine along the way. Warren Yeargle (deceased) also seems to have left the southern part of the state at around the same time as Forcier and Boisvert. And it just so happens that Warren had a peripheral connection to this case through relatives.


    After months of looking into this and trying to piece it all together this is what I have come up with. Maybe it is all just more static in the big picture but I refuse to give up until it becomes clearer.

Is it possible these 3 people know each other from living in the same area, very close proximity, could they have been friends when they all lived in southern NH, could they have been hunting buddies or is there no connection to them at all.?


PLEASE NOTE…….I AM NOT ACCUSING ANYONE OF ANYTHING. This is merely a gathering of information that would lead one to want to investigate it in depth to rule it out.

So…..PLEASE look at the info, do some digging of your own, tear into this info with an open mind and see if you can make the direct connection, if there is one.

Just thought I would throw this link in here as well…….


One of the many people helping to investigate this case was gracious enough to take a day off from work and go to UMASS Amherst to do some digging at the library. He was looking for the student and faculty directories and…….Lo n’ Behold……He accomplished the mission. The links are below.

I have just started to peruse these directory links but have already found a couple things and have a good feeling there are more surprises IF indeed WE did deep enough.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to dig deep and even deeper to see what can be located. I have a feeling this is a wealth of information that can possible help to at least clarify some things. Hopefully..!

Please share anything you find here in the comment s section and We can all try to work with that new info. It may be nothing……Or it could be something. We don’t know unless We turn over the stones to reveal what is there.

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