I Smell A Rat – A Dirty Rat At That

Please watch this 10 minute press conference from April 3rd 2019

Listen carefully to the very wisely chosen words of Strelzin during the conference. Also take note of the body language of FBI Detective Phil Christiano, it looked like he was going to say something and then Strelzin started speaking and  Col. Wagner gave the Christiano the nod.

There was a small presence of NHSP and the FBI at the 92 Wild Ammonoosuc location on April 1st and 2cd. Locals reported that there was a black work trailer parked there as well as a van. It is my thought that the actual major excavation was done on April 2cd and the April 3rd event was nothing more than a Dog and Pony Show for the media frenzy. Who notified all the media, this was supposed to be a secret according to sources.

So they let all this media, the Murray family and the team as well as bystanders stay at the scene for about 3 or 4 hours before they instructed everyone they would have to leave the scene, this was at about 11:30 or 12:00,  go to the Courthouse where the press conference would be held at 3 pm and stage there. No questions asked.

So why did they let everyone stay there for so long and then the immediately take action to clear the scene.

From what I can see this was the plan all along, something that had been in the works since the information was given to the NHSP and the FBI on Dec 7th 2018.

According to the statement by Strelzin during the press conference it was indicated that they were sure that back in Dec. 2018 there was no credible evidence in the cellar, there was no evidence connected to this case and certainly no human remains and there was NO probable cause to do the search.

So……. after reviewing the evidence submitted by the team which included the 2 cadaver dog videos and handler reports as well as the complete and precise GPR Scan report done by a certified Forensic Anthropologist Strelzin was sure without a doubt that the scene would reveal nothing in relation to the Maura Murray case.

Time for a bit of background on the dogs acquired by the Murray team and used on Nov 25th 2018 and Dec. 1st 2018

The first dog used on Nov. 25th 2018 was the same one used in the Oxygen doc, The Disappearance of Maura Murray, a worldwide televised program. Deb Ash and her dog Eisen were featured in episode 5 of the documentary with Maggie Freleng and former Federal Marshall Art Roderick.

After handler Deb Ash and her cadaver dog Eisen had recovered the human remains hidden by Art and Maggie in the woods 1/4 mile away Art Roderick states…..

“Wow”…..”And in just a matter of 5 or 6 minutes”

Deb Ash is President and Training Officer @ Canine Alert Search Teams.  The company trains Police and Fire dogs for search and rescue of cadaver remains.

Eisen and Deb Ash.jpeg

^ ^ ^ ^ Start the above video at about 20 minutes to get to the Cadaver dog part. ^ ^ ^ ^

The second dog that was brought in on Dec 1st 2018 was certified, accredited and highly qualified in the search for human remains.

Black magic

Deb Ash and the 2cd handler (wishes to remain anonymous at this point) are also both members of International Police Working Dogs Assoc. and Search Dogs Northeast.


The NHSP and NH Fish and Game have the following credentials as far as search and rescue and cadaver recovery.

“The criminal justice system requires all Law Enforcement canines to be highly trained and certified in their respective fields of expertise. Law Enforcement canines must also be highly trained and certified to be able to hold weight in a criminal trial. Conservation Officers and their canines are certified through the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA). Their certifications include tracking, evidence detection, agility and obedience and fish & wildlife detection. Training is very intensive and conducted on regular basis to maintain an extremely high level of proficiency and reliability.”

The K-9 Unit has been part of the State Police since 1963. The teams, comprised of a specially trained trooper and dog, are geographically assigned to all troops within the state. The patrol dog teams are also cross-trained for drug detection, cadaver detection, and explosives detection. All teams are trained and certified to New England State Police Administrators Compact (NESPAC) standards, as well as the United States Police Canine Association (USPCA) standards.

So in theory there should be NO question about the credentials of the Cadaver dogs and handlers on both sides here, Law Enforcement vs. Regular Citizens.

The dogs and handlers acquired by the team are no doubt qualified but the NHSP discredited them after watching the video’s supplied to them on Dec 7th 2018.

“If the dog has the proper training in picking up the full range of scents of human decomposition, his accuracy rate is about 95 percent, said Sharon Ward, a cadaver dog trainer in Portland, Ore.

“So if a dog says it’s there, there’s a darn good chance it is,” she said tonight. “They’re pretty darn accurate.”

“How old can the skeletal remains be? Hundreds of years, said Cat Warren, a cadaver dog expert from North Carolina who published a book, “What the Dog Knows: The Science and Wonder of Working Dogs.”

But she and Ward both warned that the dogs are like people. They do make mistakes sometimes.

“The dogs are not magic,” Warren said. “It depends on their training.”

The certified and accredited Forensic Anthropologist and GPR scan technician was also discredited by the NHSP after they viewed the scan and read the analysis. I should add this is a world renowned company and admired Scientist of Anthropology.

NH AG Jeffrey Strelzin stated at the April 3rd press conference that ‘There was indeed NO anomaly, it was just a disturbance in the soil’……He also stated that…’The scan analysis never said there was an anomaly, just a disturbance’. That is untrue…..the documents we have prove different. Did You actually read the report Jeff Strelzin, one would think not..!

This is the analysis from the Forensic Anthropologist acquired by the team. This is from an expert in his field and a World renowned comapny in the Ground penetrating radar field.

The author surveyed accessible basement areas and covered 40m2 (454ft2) with 83 GPR profiles. This
included (56) 900MHz profiles and (27) 350MHz profiles. GPR Profile locations (Figure 1) maximized the
coverage of the concrete slab. The GPR data revealed a relatively complex but seemingly stratified
subsurface environment. The general stratigraphic profile is interpreted as a basement material of glacial
till and/or bedrock, capped by at least two distinct soil strata which are in turn overlain by likely fill material/
surface preparation for the concrete slab (Figures 2 and 3). This stratigraphic profile is consistent across the
basement, with some variability in the depth and thickness of the till/bedrock and soil strata, as well as the
likely fill/surface preparation material.
Anomalous targets and anomalous stratigraphic indicators were not common. This could be due to the
complex nature of the sub-slab materials, as anthropogenic disturbances are often masked by
inconsistencies in naturally-deposited units. More likely is that the basement was excavated to a specific
depth and saw few major subsurface impacts prior to pouring of the slab. One likely sub-slab utility line
was observed in the vicinity of the oil tank (Figure 1; Figure 3); this could be the oil feeder line mentioned
by the tradesman (see above).
A potential sub-slab disturbance area was observed near the oil tank and electrical panels (Figure 1; Plate
3). This possible disturbance appeared near the end of GPR profiles P12, P13, P14, and at the beginning of
Profiles 008, 009, 010, and 011 (Figure 1). The reader is directed to Figures 2 and 3 for GPR profiles and
interpretations across the anomaly. The anomalous area appears beneath the slab and fill/surface preparation
material, is approximately 1.0 meter wide (3.2ft), and ranges in maximum depth between 75cm and 150cm
(2.5ft to 5ft). No GPR profiles were collected under the oil tank, so it is not clear if the anomalous area
extends in that direction. This area would be logical choice for future excavation efforts or minimal-impact
coring investigation.


Analysis and interpretation of the Wild Ammonoosuc Road GPR dataset revealed one subsurface area with
signs of a potential vertical disturbance. This anomalous area is situated near the oil tank and electrical
panels (Figure 1), and is roughly 1.0 meter wide (3.2ft) and between 75 and 150cm deep (2.5ft to 5ft). This
area would be a logical focal point for future excavations.
As ground-penetrating radar is a remote sensing technology, the interpretations herein are based on the
authors’ experience. It is critical that the potential disturbance is ‘ground-truthed’/ visually verified through
excavation, coring, or other sampling methods. This would improve the interpretation of GPR profiles,
verify or refute the presence of the disturbance, and possibly determine the source of the Anomaly.”

Screenshot (246)

So……Jeff Strelzin says that they brought in 2 cadaver dogs to the location on Feb 20th 2019 and did not get any hits for human remains.

The Murray team brought in 2 cadaver dogs on 2 separate occasions a week apart, Nov 25th 2018 and Dec 1st 2018 and got 2 positive hits for human remains.

So……Is there a 5% chance that the dogs acquired by the team were wrong….Sure there is..!

But…..Is there also a 5% chance that the dogs used by the NHSP on Feb 20th 2019 were wrong….Sure there is….!

We of course do not know the actual results of the NHSP dog searches on Feb 20th 2019, we are going by what has been stated by LE.

Did the NHSP video the 2 cadaver dog searches on Feb 20th 2019 at the 92 Wild Ammonoosuc rd property..?

We also do not know to what extent the cellar and area of the anomaly was excavated. How close to the field stone foundation wall was looked at scientifically and forensically.?

The NHSP was supplied with the teams cadaver dog searches as well as the GPR scan analysis on Dec 7th 2018. Within a week of receiving this information and evidence the NHSP started a behind the scenes smear campaign to discredit the cadaver dogs, their handlers and the GPR co. as well as Forensic Anthropologist that performed the GPR scan.

It was very obvious at this point that the NHSP wanted nothing to do with the evidence and was doing everything in their power to stop the dominoes from falling into the inevitable events that would take place on April 3rd 2019.

The NHSP went as far as calling in both of the teams dog handlers for interviews and were told to bring all their credentials. Both handlers agreed and had no issue sharing their credentials and track records.

Consider the fact that Jeff Strelzin stated in his April 3rd press conference that after reviewing the dog videos and the GPR analysis that there was NO probable evidence to justify a search at this location. So this was a decision more than likely made very early after receiving the items from the team on Dec 7th 2018.

WHY if the NHSP said there was ‘nothing to see here’ very soon after reviewing and discrediting the teams evidence did it take them until Feb 20th 2019, approximately 2 months, maybe more to make a decision to go to the location with their own cadaver dogs. Upon performing this search they found nothing and had no positive hits according to AG Jeff Strelzin.

Feb 20th 2019 NHSP go to the home of Cecil Smith on Bunga rd for an unknown reason.

Feb 20th 2019 at approximately 8pm Cecil Smith committed suicide.

The NHSP have said they discredited all of the teams resources and acquired evidence.

BUT… the NHSP went to the location with 2 cadaver dogs on Feb 20th 2019. No Positive hits…!

Cecil Smith commits suicide the same day that NHSP are at the location with 2 cadaver dogs and just a few short hours after NHSP were at his home on Bunga rd.

Tuesday March 5th the NHSP and the FBI are on scene at 92 Wild Ammonoosuc rd.

Big Question is……..WHY if the NHSP had already supposedly discredited the dogs, their handlers and the GPR scan did they choose to go to the location on Feb 20th 2019 with their own dogs and upon having negative results did they in-turn come back to the same location on March 5th 2019, almost 2 weeks later this time with the FBI in hand..?

I have a hard time believing as I’m sure many others do as well that they just did not go through all this and especially excavate the cellar just to rule it out. They said they already had according to Strelzin. NHSP has stated previously because of the funds available it was not going to happen.

So…..REALLY what was the actual catalyst for the FBI to be brought in IF indeed there was ‘Nothing to see here’..?

What was up with the April 3rd media blitz at 92 Wild Ammonoosuc rd location and WHO spilled the beans to the media that this was happening..?

Was the April 3rd search of the cellar a play by NHSP to try and finally just stop the narrative once and for all, did they play a card from their hand as to try and diffuse a very sensitive subject and squelch the online community chatter and speculation..?

IF indeed the NHSP knew there was nothing there but proceeded with the excavation of the area in the cellar and did this in front of the world would it finally appease Fred Murray and his family and stop the Merry-Go-Round of online speculation..?

OR……Was the April 3rd search and media frenzy a ‘killing 2 birds with one stone’ effect. Was it a well planned and orchestrated attempt to give Fred Murray what he wanted but at the same time slap him and his family across the face once again in front of the world and say…..’We told You So’

From My observations at the scene and at the Courthouse it would seem that it was a pretty well laid out plan to steer the narrative…….. but a couple of the players did not stick to the plan once at the courthouse. 

Strelzin told the Murray family in private that the dogs their team used…”Hit on a dead rat”

“Boston Magazine January 28, 2014

The first police officer arrived at 7:46 p.m. “It was obvious that she had been drinking,” says Jeff Strelzin “Fred has been a difficult person to deal with from the beginning,” Strelzin says. In Maura Murray’s case, Strelzin will not say how often law enforcement monitors online forums, but concedes that the police are “aware of things that are said.” He adds that “nothing fruitful” has ever come from the DIY detectives.”

Pushing the buttons of the NH AG Jeff Strelzin actually supplied a bit more fuel to the fire and got him to show his true colors. I have to say Jeffrey Strelzin did not act professional after the press conference. That’s not a good look or representation for the state of NH. jmho

This post is not meant to be an argument about the location and whether or not the search was proper, that cannot be determined unless we are able to view the documentation and see the location in person. We have to trust it was done properly.

This post is not to argue that there may still be a body at the location, but personally I don’t think it can be ruled out 100% without further info to go on. I am stuck on the 95% right as far as cadaver dogs go…..and the 5% just does not give me a positive hit. I feel as though if there is definitely nothing there now…..there could have been previously. As to how long ago, who knows.

What I do know is that the investigation into Maura’s disappearance and murder will not stop. We will move forward and with more vim and vigor and support every day.

**********************   WE THE PEOPLE WANT ANSWERS   *****************************

Time to bring Maura home so she may rest in peace






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Thirteen Minutes – A Matter of Life & Death..?


April 3rd 2019 started out as a day of hope that this location would reveal the location of Maura’s remains but unfortunately that was not the case. There was no end and closure to this 15 year nightmare.

This location was of huge interest back in 2004 and continued to be for the past 15 years. In late September 2018 I received information from a hairdresser at a local salon about a house close to the scene and that a plumber had been working in the cellar during the summer of 2004.

When working in the cellar which had a dirt floor and while burying a fuel oil supply line to the furnace he came across a small bone that he thought to be human. The plumber completed the job and showed the owner the piece of bone and told them where he found it and he left after that. Not sure what happened to the bone fragment.

Some time later,  not sure as to the actual timing on this the plumber returned to the home because he realized he had left an expensive tool there during his job. Upon returning he went to the cellar to retrieve the tool and noticed a newly poured concrete floor.

The story created immediate interest in that location and it became the focal point of the team investigation. The owners graciously gave us access to the home.

On Nov 25th 2018 a highly trained cadaver dog and handler entered the premises and there was a positive hit on the easterly side of the cellar and up the wall by the electrical panel and the oil tank.

On Dec 1st 2018 another highly trained dog and handler entered the building, the same results were obtained at this time.

On Dec 1st right after the cadaver dog exited the building there was a Certified Forensic Anthropologist on scene highly trained in GPR testing and analysis. He scanned the complete cellar and had no idea where the dogs had their hits. His analysis was that there was an anomaly in the exact location the dogs had hit on. His analysis did not reveal any other such anomalies in the whole basement.

Because of the results of the dogs and the GPR the info was given to the NHSP and the FBI on Dec 7th 2018.

NHSP goes to home on Feb 20th with cadaver dogs and as Jeffrey Strelzin stated at the April 3rd press conference…..Their dogs did not get any hits in that cellar.

On Feb 20th the NHSP went to Cecil Smith’s house for an unknown reason. At 8 pm Cecil Smith committed suicide for an unknown reason.

On March 5th the NHSP and the FBI went to the scene but we are not sure what they did on this visit to the location.

On April 2cd and 3rd the NHSP and the FBI were at the 92 Wild Ammonoosuc rd location. We received notification of the Wed April 3rd search on Tuesday evening, April 2cd. It is unclear what was done at the location on the 2cd.

The Murray team had a Certified Forensic Anthropologist on scene but they would not allow this person in the home to watch the process.

There were several Media outlets on scene including Fox Boston, Bob Ward, WMUR, NECN, News 7, Bernie Marvin from the Bridge weekly and a few more. There was also a News 4 chopper in the air.


About noon the NHSP told everyone they had to leave the area and go stage at the Grafton County courthouse complex where Jeff Strelzin would be holding a press conference at 3 pm.

This is the press conference at 3 pm after they had spoken to the Murray family in private. Jeff Strelzin was condescending and had a smirk on his face the whole time.

During the press conference Strelzin discredited the teams cadaver dogs and handlers as well as the validity of the GPR scan.

During the private meeting with the Murray family Strelzin told them that “the dogs they used hit on a ‘DEAD RAT’….”……Absolutely unbelievable.

Fred at Press conf
Fred Murray speaking to the media after Strelzin…..Heartbreaking

Fred at Mics

Fred Murray speaking to the media after Strelzin spread his Frosting on the Cake of the lies and Bullshit that has surrounded this case from day one, Feb 9th 2004…!

So…….After the press conference everyone was standing around outside the courthouse. I was speaking with Col Wagner of the NHSP trying to verify a couple things. Jeff Strelzin was standing about 6 ft away from us and listening in on the questions and of course Col. Wagner’s answers.

Strelzin then said something and inserted himself into the conversation but directed it towards me. I was asking him about the inaccuracies and inconsistencies of the case and all the problems and issues that surround it.

Strelzin look

Strelzin then stated the biggest issue and problem about this case was John Smith

He stated this several times and that was when I just pointed at him and gave him a glaring stare. I was told later that there were like 6 cops standing behind me waiting to pounce on me at any second.  

This was when GC Sheriff Steigler told me I had to leave the area and go to my vehicle. The whole time I walked backwards and yelling at Strelzin in front of all these reporters and cops.

Book cover

As I was being forced to leave the area and walking backwards just focusing on Strelzin I just kept saying…….

“what about the 13 minute delay in calling out FD & EMS, What about the Saturn not hitting a tree, what about not following protocol by calling out FD & EMS, Do you realize that if they had called out FD & EMS as is protocol Maura Murray could still be alive, What about the scene being staged, Why did Jeff Williams want to speak to the head of dispatch at 7am the next morning, Why did Jeff Williams request the FD log on Tues Feb 10th”………What, When, Where, Why and Who

I don’t even remember all the questions but there was a lot.

Once I was back at my vehicle with Sheriff Steigler I was much calmer because of the distance between Strelzin and myself.

We discussed the GCSD dispatch logs and I will be making an appt. to see him and discuss the 3 different versions the Murray family received back in 2004. That will be sometime next week, the week of the 8th. 


This is not just going to go away……Not Ever…….

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MAURA MURRAY WENT MISSING UNDER YOUR WATCH – Who is to Guard the Guards Themselves.?

Just thinking out loud here ……. Some things for You to Ponder

What do Attorney General Jeffrey Strelzin, Rick Forcier and 1 other classmate Thomas U. and his brother Scott U. from Goffstown High School class of 1980, former Haverhill Chief Jeff Williams, (Chief) Sgt. Cecil Smith, NHSP Trooper John Monaghan and a couple other unnamed local law enforcement officers have in common.?

Important note…..Cecil Smith committed suicide last night (2/20/19) at approximately 8pm. RIP….. This is all that is known at this time.

All but 1 (one) of the above was in the Haverhill / Woodsville on Feb. 9th 2004, at least to the best of our knowledge one of them was absent. We have not been able to confirm the whereabouts of that one person as of yet.

What do these people have in common with Maura Murray.?

All but one of them was in Haverhill / Woodsville area to the best of our knowledge.

Maura Murray was last seen in Haverhill / Woodsville NH on Feb 9th. 2004 at the Weathered barn Corner on Rte 112.

At least 3 of the people named above were at the scene of the Saturn accident or very close to the scene. BUT let’s NOT forget about the 2 bystanders, still unidentified to this day.

What do these people have in common with the property now under heavy scrutiny after 2 positive Cadaver dog hits as well as a conclusive GPR scan indicating human remains was found.?

What do all these people and this property very close to the accident scene have to do with 1 local Fireman on scene that night.

Why did this Fireman adamantly state that he was not on duty that night.?

When I contacted this fireman in 2004 and 2005 by phone for an interview he insisted he was not on duty. I stated that I had in my hand and was looking at his signature on the Woodsville FD log for the night of Feb. 9th 2004. He said that was not possible.

Again it was stated to him that his signature was on the log and he hung up on me.

The second call to him for an interview was very short. I identified myself and just wanted to ask him why his name was on the log if he was not there and he did not sign it. His response was…….”I was not working that night, end of story”….and then he hung up.

What happened on Feb. 9th. 2004 at around 7 pm close to the Weathered Barn Corner and the Westman’s house.?

Who was at the scene that night and in what capacity.?

How many witnesses are there to the events of Feb. 9th 2004 at the WBC.?

I personally feel we are closer to the answers than ever and everything is tying together the longer and deeper we dig.

The connections are surprising and what is behind it all certainly explains The Silence in a Small Town.

But one fact that can be stated without pause is………That…….

Maura Murray went missing on Feb. 9th 2004……AND IS STILL MISSING.

The rest of the people above are all well and accounted for……But Not Maura..!


Fred Murray and his family and the thousands of supporters will not stop until they have answers.






3 monkeys positive thinking

This is Cecil Smith transcript from the Oxygen Doc

Click to access ecfcd6_2c1e7ef0843142aab5183a0ae46ef1c0.pdf

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Thank You on behalf of the Murray Family and all those that have devoted their time and passion on this Mysterious case. Your involvement could be the catalyst that could help bring closure to this 12 year old case.


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Sharon Rausch’s Plea to Maura & Monkeyshines

Fred Murray very early on thought that Maura was abducted by a ‘local dirtbag’….He still does almost 17 years later

In 2005 Sharon Rausch does not seem to have the same thoughts and her letter to Maura paints a picture of desperation…..either on Maura’s part or on Sharon and the Rausch family.

“Dearest Maura, Please trust me, and please, please listen to me. I would like to speak for so many people that I have met that I know that love you. But, I will not presume to know their inner thoughts and feelings, so I speak only for myself and for Big Bill. We have this discussion over and over. We want you to know that there is no problem that you may have that we cannot understand; there is no problem that you may have that we find cannot find help for you; there is no problem or action on your part that we cannot forgive. Very simply: we will always love you. 

We wish you knew how very much our family loves you and longs to know that you are well. There is nothing that you have done or could possibly do that would diminish the love we have for you. We will always be here for you or to help you. There are times we feel guilty – and we play over and over so many things in our minds: if we ever caused you to feel insecure in our love or to doubt that we wanted you to be a part of our family, please forgive us. If you are choosing to be away, then I know that guilt does its number on you too. Don’t be afraid to come home, to come to Ohio. 

I recall the fear and love in your voice when you called for advice when Billy was so ill during Jan 2002. Do you recall that fear? It pales in comparison to the fear we experience because you are missing. Because you have been gone for so long, you surely must have doubts and fears about returning. This is understandable. But here nothing has changed the way Big Bill and I feel towards you. We just regret that we didn’t openly share with you how much we love, admire and respect you. 

Most of all, we just want to hold you and smother you with our love and hugs while you blush and giggle. Call us collect; email us; write us with no return address; contact us in any manner you choose, but please let us know that you are among the living. Hopefully, you will return soon: your old room is waiting; the Beretta is waiting. Most of all, we are waiting. And, if God forbid, you are being held against your will, trust in God, be strong, do what you can to get away, and if possible, get word to us. Be confident that your Dad will never rest in his search for you, and many more of us will never give up our pursuit until you are home.

All my love and prayers, Sharon

PS – Thought that you would want to know: ‘Joseph’ is *comforted* with ‘Harry’ on the opposite side of *shredded navy* – I know you get it 🙂 “

MONKEYSHINES…….The Harry and Joseph Chronicles

2 Whitewash articles

This is an unpublished article by Whitewash / Kelly White written in 2007



Subject: what I am
> submitting
> Haverhill-The car accident that happened on
> Feb. 9,
> 2004 along the
> Wild Ammonoosuc River changed not only Maura Murray’s
> life but that of her family, friends and definitely the
> entire community along Route 112 in Woodsville. The mystery
> of what happened to Murray, 21, a University of Massachusetts nursing
> student who disappeared that night is still plaguing
> everyone. Too many questions still swirl around about what
> happened that tragic night.
> Area residents have been barraged for
> three years with police, private investigators, reporters,
> Murray family, friends and supporters all
> searching, questioning and frustrated. The residents have
> been caught up in an investigation just because it happened
> in their neighborhood. Every turn in the case has led to
> another question.
> Despite thousands of hours spent by
> law enforcement, fire and rescue, family and friends and a
> whole host of forum members on her website www.MauraMurrayMissing.Com  everyone
> has the same two questions, “Where is Maura” and
> “What happened to her?” Helena Murray, spokesperson for the Maura
> Murray website states the website was started to generate
> tips for Searching for Maura. Murray states many people assume law
>  enforcement or the family knows all there is know when in
> fact they do not. Murray hopes that the information discussed
> on the website may jog someone_s memory. Information
> discussed vary from the fact that Maura_s favorite super
> market was indeed Shaw_s. Maura believed in flossing and
> brushing even after snacks.  Murray took a leave absence from her own
> career to assist the Family with the Website and to serve as
> Media Resource for many. Since stepping into Role Murray has
> served the family in keeping the Search for Maura going
>  forward.
> There has been much focus on what was
> not done and little on what was done by those who attempted
> to assist Ms. Murray that evening.
> Across from the Weathered Barn on
> Route 112 is the Tim and Faith Westman home. The Westmans
> have been caught up in the flurry of activity that stemmed
> from that Feb. 9 when a young woman vanished. Only three
> people may have been the last to see Maura Murray. Faith
> Westman may be of the three. If it is Murray they all saw that
> night.
> The Westmans Share
> Faith and Tim Westman were working in
> their home office in the front of their home which faces
> Route 112. _We heard a thump,_  Faith Westman states
> and she went to her kitchen window and saw a car
> parallel-parked across the road with no lights on and called
> 9-1-1. Faith Westman states _she believed
> she was one of the three 9-1-1 call received about this
> accident._ Her call is received by Grafton County Dispatch
> approximately at 7:29 p.m. While on the phone with Dispatch,
> Faith witnesses a school bus driven by one of her two
> neighbors that Drove for First Student Busing. Westman was
> unable to tell which of the Atwoods Where driving that
>  night.  Westman saw the school bus approach the car
> within minutes to her phoning 911. Westman claims the bus
> driver opened the door and spoke to a driver who was out of
> the car. The school bus driver remained on the bus and Faith
> states the conversation seemed to be 1-2 minutes in length.
> Westman notes that the car driver activated the four-way
> hazard lights. She saw the school bus leave and Westman
> noted the driver was at the trunk of the car, then returned
> to the vehicle inside and Westman saw the interior lights
> flashed on and off. Westman recalls seeing a “red
> dot” moving around the front of the car. It was at this point that Faith assumed the
> driver was fine and returned to her own business she
> believes still on the phone with 911 as nothing appeared to
> be out of the normal and with in minutes Westmans states
> they heard a car pull up and Faith checked out the kitchen
> window and states she sees a Haverhill Police Department
>  cruiser and ends the call with 911.
> Faith Westman resumed her computer
> work with her husband. Since the Westmans have lived in
> their home some 35 years such an occurrence is not that much
> out of the norm so a compelling need to continue to watching
> didn_t seem To occur to either her or her husband Tim
> Westman.
> So when Sgt, Cecil Smith showed up at
> their door later asking about the vehicle’s driver,
> Faith Westman was shocked.  Faith remembers going to
> the kitchen window and checking the abandoned vehicle in
> disbelief for herself.
> Faith Westman told Sgt. Smith that
> they had seen one of the Atwoods stop to check if the driver
> was OK. The Westmans stated they could not tell whether the
> driver was male or female. Westman informed Smith they saw
> the driver turn the four-ways on and was moving about the
> interior of the car. That was their first initial interview
> about the incident.
> After a period of time, Sgt. Smith
> returns to check their Weathered Barn and parking lot . Tim
> Westman assisted Smith. Tim Westman states that on scene
> fire personnel are searching Old Peter’s Road. Further
> inspection occurred of the gaming trail that runs along the
> Westman backfields that runs the length of their property to
> their neighbors’ the Atwoods’ property. Tim reported
> that he remembers no footprints were found other than deer
> tracks along the gaming trail.
> Tim Westman recalls that the road that
> night was as dry as it would be on a sunny day. Tim Westman,
> “I’m as baffled today by the fact the driver indeed
> cleared the corner” and noted that Murray_s vehicle was
> not at the usual resting place of most vehicles that do not
> make the sharp corner of the road.
> Tim Westman recalls the car was
> several feet up the road from the corner and not resting at
> the brightly ribbon-covered tree. He remembers the vehicle
> was at a set of three trees which leads him to believe the
> driver was indeed going too fast for the corner and was over
> the yellow line correcting themselves perhaps too much. The
> thump they heard was indeed that of something striking the
> trees.
> The vehicle was completely locked when
> Sgt. Smith found it. It remained locked even after a local
> towing company impounded it. A warrant was secured and the
> car was inspected by law enforcement authorities. The
> vehicle was released to it_s rightful owner
> Fred Murray. Both Fred and Billy went through the car that
> week. Eventually the car was  turned it over to law
> enforcement officials when the case Turned from a missing
> persons to an
>  investigation.
> The Woodsville Fire Department was
> holding its monthly officers meeting on 2/9/04 which started at 7
> PM that
> evening. For Grafton County, it is standard procedure to tone a
> fire department to the scene of a motor-vehicle accident to
> check for leakage.
> Fire personnel involved state they
> received a BOLO that reached some 63 agencies on the way to
> the scene by Grafton County Dispatch ordered by Sgt Smith
> for a female, 5 feet 7 inches who had left the scene of the
> accident they were responding to.
> Other Eyewitnesses
> There are statements confirming that
> New Hampshire State Police did stop one resident walking
> from the Stagecoach Store in the area of Bungar
> Road along
> with returning rescue personnel who had been cleared from
> the scene. It was This same local resident also reported to
> local authorities that she had seen a red truck, with what
> she believed to be Massachusetts licensed
> plates, go by her when she was walking and had slow down
> enough to make
>  her uneasy. She then saw the same red truck sitting in the
> parking lot at the Stagecoach Store. When she reached the
> store lot, the red truck left.
> Another Bradley Hill resident
> returning from a school board meeting stated they were
> stopped prior to Weathered Barn by responding personnel
> still on scene who informed them there was a missing driver
> and asked to search their property which borders Route 112
> and Bradley Hill when they arrived home.
> Most residents can produce numerous
> business cards from law enforcement officials to private
> investigators, and the media who over the past three years
> all have revisited all residents asking questions, looking
> for leads with no avail as another year passes with all
> asking the two same questions _Where is Maura_ and _What
> happened to Maura Murray on February 9, 2004 regardless of
> the theory the same two questions still remain. Anyone with
> any information is encouraged to contact New Hampshire State
> Police Major Crimes Unit at (603) 271-2663 or (800) 852-3411
> or the website listed above.

******    This is a published article by Whitewash / Kelly White 2008    *********

journal opinion

Journal Opinion – 2/13/08 – by Kelly White

Though four years have now passed, the location and date of Maura Murray’s disappearance are still etched in the memory of North Country residents: Route 112 in Haverhill on Feb. 9, 2004.

It is a mystery what happened to Murray after the 21-year-old woman crashed her car and disappeared. And four years of searches, investigations and speculation have seen leads turn to dead ends and a family and small New Hampshire town get caught in the middle of a tragic mystery. After four years of speculation about the Maura Murray case, the law enforcement agencies involved want to speak out about the investigation and assure the public that procedures and policies that are used for any investigation were followed in the Maura Murray case.

Haverhill Police Chief Jeff Williams always strives to get the focus back to what is the most important question in this case, “Where is Maura Murray?”

In an interview, Williams took the opportunity to remind the public of the facts from the original case. For Williams, it is important to note that the Haverhill Police Department as well as all the law enforcement involved, handled the investigation according to regular procedure and protocol from day one. And he says that the investigation has been handled properly since Haverhill Police Department responded to the initial calls about a car accident in Swiftwater.

Williams said that Haverhill Police Department did all they could the night of the accident. Standard procedures were followed and photographs and documentation were made of everything that they found that night. The only thing he said he wished was different that night was that they could have made contact with the Murray family the night of the accident.

Lt. John Scarinza of the New Hampshire State Police added that the combined law enforcement agencies have put in thousands of man hours on this case with no cost spared to find Maura Murray and he added that all agencies have worked well together and within standard policies and procedures expected of them.

As part of an interview with Williams, the Haverhill Police Department provided the following timeline of the early stages of the investigation into the car accident:

On Feb. 9 at 7:29p.m., a 911 call was placed by residents on Wild Ammonoosuc Road about a motor vehicle accident. At 7:46 p.m., Grafton County Dispatch received a call that Sgt. Cecil Smith arrived at the scene. Smith found the vehicle locked and without a driver. He had dispatch run the license plate for the black 1996 Saturn 4-door. He was informed that the car was owned by Fred Murray of Weymouth, MA.

During the first stages of the investigation into the accident, photographs were taken of tire tracks in the snow leading into a stand of trees on the side of the road and showed that the vehicle struck the trees with enough impact to deploy both airbags. Williams noted that taking photographic evidence and documentation at the scene of an accident are standard operating procedure.

Smith later began to question neighbors about the accident. After questioning a school bus driver who stopped to inquire if Maura needed assistance, Smith learned that a woman in her 20’s had been seen at the vehicle. According to a statement given the police, the witness stated the woman’s speech was slurred and she had to hold on to something while she stood. “She begged me not to call police,” according to the witness’ statement.

While still on scene, Smith requested that Grafton County Dispatch call the residence listed with the car’s registration and to inform local hospitals to be on the lookout for a young woman with a description supplied by one of the witnesses. This broadcast was put out to responding units and the dispatch center called Fred Murray’s residence in Massachusetts and left a message. At 7:57 p.m., according to Grafton County Dispatch, Woodsville’s Fire Rescue Pumper Truck arrived with the department’s officers. They were holding a monthly meeting when they received a call about a car accident in Swiftwater.

They first cleared the car of any leaking fluids. Woodsville Fire Chief Brad Kennedy said that it is standard procedure with any vehicle accident called in to 911 that fire rescue are dispatched autimatically. There is only one person authorized to turn around a fire department responding to a call-the fire chief.

Once it was ascertained that the driver of the vehicle was not at the scene, Haverhill Police Department, New Hampshire State Police, fire and EMS personnel along with several neighbors began a brief search of the area surrounding Route 112 and Bradley Hill Road.

A local towing company was called in to remove the vehicle, which according to Williams is part of police policy to impound and store in locked facilities any and all evidence. Upon removal of the vehicle from the accident scene, Smith retrieved a Coca-Cola soda bottle with a strong odor of alcohol which was filed as evidence.

At 9:26 p.m., Smith was dispatched to Pike and left the area. Later that evening, at 11 p.m., Smith made a second attempt to phone the residence of Fred Murray, owner of the vehicle, listed on the Department of Motor Vehicle records. He left a second message that the Haverhill Police Department needed to speak with the car’s owner.

About the same time, at 11 p.m., Cpl. Byron Charles and Officer Mac Cashin assisted Smith in the accident investigation as well as working on securing a search warrant for the black 1996 Saturn that was now impounded.

The following day on Feb 10, at 9:30 a.m., a search warrant was issued by Judge Timothy McKenna of Haverhill District Court to search the impounded black 1996 Saturn. Charles and Cashin then completed a search of the vehicle.

At approximately 1:30 p.m., a be-on-the-lookout (BOL) communique was issued throughout Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts for Maura Murray.

At 3:30 p.m., Smith returned to duty and called Weymouth Police Department requesting they check the residence listed on the DMV information. They still had not heard from Fred Murray. Weymouth PD instead directed Smith to contact Laurie Murray’s phone number.

At 3:40 p.m., Smith spoke to Laurie Murray who informed him that the black Saturn belonged to her ex-husband Fred Murray but is driven by their daughter Maura. Laurie gave Smith the number to Maura’s cell phone and to her dorm at the University of Massachusetts. Right after that conversation, Smith again tried Fred Murray’s phone number and left another message. He also spoke with Hanson Police Department again at 3:51 p.m.

Smith called Maura Murray’s sister, Kathleen Murray at 4:40 p.m. requesting a photo of Maura. Kathleen said she would email one to Haverhill Police Department.

At 6 p.m., Grafton County Dispatch was contacted by Fred Murray. And at 7 p.m., Smith called the University of Massachusetts (UM) campus security and requested that they check Maura Murray’s dorm room.

Smith was able to speak to Fred Murray at 8 p.m. on Feb. 10. In the initial, official police statement, Fred Murray stated that his daughter, Maura, was depressed and he was fearful for her safety. He informed Smith that she had an accident in Hadley, MA on Feb.7, 2004, wrecking another vehicle of his and totaling thousands of dollar’s worth of damage.

Murray told Smith that he hoped Maura wasn’t doing the “old squaw walk” which Murray explained was something the two of them often joked about. The squaw walk referred to when it came time for the old Indians to die, they would walk off into the woods and die. Fred Murray requested that HPD call in the FBI, state police and a search began immediately for his daughter.

At 8.25 p.m., Haverhill Police called fish and game authorities to advise of them of a missing person situation and possible search as it had just become apparent that they may have an endangered/missing person.

Haverhill Police Department received a call at 8:40 p.m. from UM campus security to report Maura Murray’s belongings were all packed in her dorm room. Campus security had evidence that she was last seen Sunday morning by a fellow student and that she was carrying a backpack, box of wine and a large hockey bag of beer. Fish and game informed the HPD at 9 p.m. that if the driver was not located by the morning of Feb 11, they would begin a search at daylight.

The next day on Feb 11, fish and game officers, state police, local police, along with family and friends of Maura Murray began one of the first of many searches at the Wild Ammonoosuc Road accident site.

Williams said he contacted the FBI early on and he, the FBI, New Hampshire State Police and UM campus security all met in Keene to confer about the investigation.

After four years of searches and heartache, no answers have been found. It is heart-wrenching for family members, friends and the community where the accident occurred that Maura’s whereabouts are not known.

Still, the investigation continues and it will remain open until Maura Murray is found. Scarinza said that there is still the possibility that someday this could possibly become a criminal case.

“If that is where the evidence leads us,” he said. “There has been such a push by some to have the case become open to the public. This would totally jeopardize any good investigation done by all agencies involved and who, in reality, would that serve justice to? Certainly not Miss Maura Murray.” If you have any information about Maura Murray or the night of the accident, please contact NHSP Troop F at xxxxxxx or the Haverhill Police Department at XXXXXXX

                                    What does the slang term whitewash mean?
To whitewash is a metaphor meaning “to gloss over or cover up vices, crimes or scandals or to exonerate by means of a perfunctory investigation or through biased presentation of data”.

Focus on Massachusetts Because it’s Making People Nervous – – – – UMass – The Damaged Saturn – Petrit Vasi – The Unknown Cadet – Phillips St – The Other UMass 3 – Maura’s So Called Friends and more……

Trapped in the Vortex – Lost in the Deceit


I am working on this blog post and hopefully it will be out later tomorrow or Wednesday. We need to refocus our energies on Umass and the days leading up to the Disappearance of Maura.

Almost everyone looking into this case is trapped in the Vortex, unfortunately that is the case. The answers are outside the Vortex and unable to grasp. You need to dive deep and swim under the force and reach the calm outside the Vortex….Here you will find the answers and eventually the Whirlpool that has become this case should subside.

Some of the things in this blog post are going to cause some ripples, some will cause waves and others will create a Tsunami of sorts but it is time to …..Again ‘Question Everything’ and ask the tough questions that others have avoided. This will be an in depth look into the Murray family, Friends of the Murray’s, Friends of Maura and all the people involved in helping to investigate this case including the Haverhill police, NHSP, Attorney General Jeffrey Strelzin & the FBI. This will probably be the hardest post I have ever written over the past 16 years and will ask the hardest question of all…….

Have We all been lied to, duped and bamboozled in an effort to create a narrative so complex and with very vital missing pieces that there is ‘NO CHANCE IN HELL’ for this case to be solved.?

After being involved since April of 2004 and dealing with all the players, I have come to the conclusion that something much more elaborate and possibly even sinister is at play in this case.

Stay tuned…….I will not be holding back on this blog post.

Nobody is off limits……NOBODY..!

Prepare for some stormy weather…..!

Man w Umbrella in storm

I am still working on this blog post……But still have 4 items that need to be vetted and verified.

The release of this blog post will also be contingent on and upcoming Sit-Down with the FBI. Some of the content may be too sensitive to share, but I will post as much as possible without compromising the information and those people connected to it.

Please be patient

Thank You


But……Not All Trees Are Fruitless

It would seem that everything connected to the Maura Murray case leads to a dead end. Today’s meeting was fruitless as far as the GCSD dispatch logs go……

……But although the meeting was fruitless does not mean that nothing was gained from Shaking-the-tree.



If We Are On The Road To The Truth – We Must Not Stop

There is no short stop on the road to truth. That is the only track that you have to go all the way on. Once you have put your feet upon that road, you have to walk to its end. Otherwise, all manner of difficulties and upsets will beset you. —L. Ron Hubbard

On Feb 20th 2019 Cecil Smith committed suicide by shooting himself. RIP

There were 2 guns found.

There was no note.


Cecil Smith

Condolences to the Smith Family and friends

On Feb 20th 2019 the NHSP and a cadaver dog was at the location where Fred and his professionals came up with 2 positive cadaver dog hits and a conclusive GPR scan.

cadaver dog at work

gpr machine

Cecil Smith was visited by someone from the NHSP on Feb 20th 2019. It is unknown WHY or what was discussed.


According to locals from the area on Tuesday March 5th 2019 the New Hampshire State Police and the FBI were at the location. *Verified*


What was the actual Catalyst for the FBI to finally step into the picture.?


Has the FBI take over the investigation Into The Disappearance and murder of Maura Murray..?

Does the post below have anything to do with the recent events and the FBI entering the case.?


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